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Meaning behind “Living in the now.”

It is amazing how the “keywords” are more important than the experience itself.
“You have to live in the now.” “Women want a sexual partner who has presence, who is fully present in the act.”
Those phrases sound amazingly good. Knowledgeable stuff. Best seller material, but…. what is presence and what living in the now mean?
Do you know? Do you practice it?
There is no definition. There is no practice.
Do we need steps or methods to get there?
How can we explain something which defies our language?
Through a common Life scenario.

When we drive a car, as we become familiar with its operation, things become “second nature,” that is “automatic.”
We are driving for some time and our thoughts will appear and process some incident of the past or fantasize about something in the future, or even create a story out of some current Life episode. Have you noticed that?

If we haven’t noticed that, we are not ready to live in the “now.” We don’t know what that is, even if we repeat the latest definitions and use the more hip-hop terminology. At that point, we need to read “best sellers” on how to practice “presence,” and how to live in the “now.”
We need definitions, we need “how-to’s” and ideas to make this practice permanent in our everyday life.

However, a time will come when we notice our fantasizing, our dream world or tele-transportation into a remote past… then we are AWARE. No more “best seller” material needed. 

When the mind is full of thoughts, we are not living in the “now.” When we drive the car in the “now,” we are automatically alert, even though it is the same avenue that we drive every day to work. Thanks to our mind, we can remember the familiar sight. But, thanks to our mind, we will snooze into unconsciousness due to the familiarity of the sight. It is the same old thing. No need to be alert.

When the mind is empty of thoughts, we are alert, aware, conscious. When we add content thanks to the conditioned mind; that pristine moment is not. Then, we do things in “automatic mode,” thoughts take over and we forget what we did 10 seconds ago.

After hearing this “revealing” explanation, some will say: “From now on, I will practice to empty my mind of thoughts, so I can live in the now.”

Please don’t put yourself in that stressful situation. Observe that there is no practice whatsoever. AWARENESS is not a practice. Emptiness of thoughts is not a practice. As our consciousness and state of BEING are in a tranquil state, the necessary space to separate ourselves from the mind will appear, then we could observe the mind.
Ahnanda is not saying “my mind,” but just the mind.
At that point, we will become AWARE on how we have obeyed the dictates of the conditioned mind for so long, thinking that THAT was ME.
No wonder, the greatest teaching of all time to remember is “Know thyself.”
Paradoxically, it is not a “Best seller.”  🙂


On God, atheists, devotional cliches and scriptures: Reality check for you and me.

For many people, God is just a definition. An idea. Something to fight for and to make parties. Something to differentiate people: Believers and non-believers; theists and atheists, etc.
If you are in the “theist,” group; then further division is needed; therefore, religions will appear with their different flags and symbols. Further division. “We have the truth. You don’t.” 🙂

God is not an idea. It is an experience and as such, it changes from every individual.
When we use language to define God, we will be “boxed in” the limits of our language and understanding provided by…our own experiences and perceptions. See the circle?

If a Guru thinks that God is everywhere, for God is being and not a being; then I would gently add that this experience is not according to “my” experience. Moreover, their definition does not match mine as well. See the problem?

Then, we have the group of those who have experienced something different, and a religion was made out of that experience, where believers were needed to maintain their “dogma” (for a dogma is needed when we try to “standardize” an experience, meaning everyone has to say and think the same way if you want to wear the” t-shirt” of this organization or church; that becomes then “sacred” and we forget about the experience in itself.)

And as mentioned before, the group of those who do not believe in anything because they have not experienced anything other than the “concrete,” material world which is given life by science. They have a neat label to differentiate then as well: “Atheists.” That becomes another belief.

Here comes my take on this seemingly conundrum.

Ready? Forget about concepts of God. Forget about religions. Forget about scriptures. Forget about science. Forget everything. : -)

Just look at you. The self.

That is it. Discover it.

How is that?
You will die. Death is unavoidable. Do you feel that in your, in your core? “that is it.” If so, what is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of being an “ignited candle” ready to be blown away by the winds of destiny through a secure death in less than 150 years? What is the meaning of working at the office, in that cubicle for 30 or more years of your life? What is the meaning of being busy in meaningless things? You see at the end all of that is not important. Meaningless. Getting busy by marrying and having 2.5 kids and a cat, will not help either. You are stuck for whatever you do in this life. You will die and that is the end of it all.

The ignited candle is just waiting for the time to go away .. That is life. Moreover, anything that we do with the intention to preserve our selves, is futile. We have not control over destiny.
How about that for a reality check? 🙂

If believing in a God helps you to cope with the unavoidable, good for you. Keep that “handkerchief handy.” If believing in science keeps you “updated” with the latest geek device or facility; keep at it… At the end it is just another handy handkerchief to keep in case there is a need to cry in despair. Are your ready for the time when you will be gone? 🙂

That is why experience is important. For that is the only thing that will fulfill our hunger for “security” in a changing world. Experiencing the self, the true self, is the experience which will bring that “security” that we are eternal beings. Without that experience, I am afraid, we will be just dealing with more words, discussions and politicians with parties and dogmas. Emptiness.

More books to read. More CDs to purchase. More “ashrams” to visit. More Gurus to hear.

“Know thyself.”

That is it folks! The rest will come when the time arrives, but there is no better time to know thyself than “now,” for it is the only “time” we have.