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The rule of collective consciousness

In the path of self-realization, there are no things to DO to become something “special.” On the contrary, we are taking away those learned things which have been imbibed through centuries of conditioning.
In a nutshell, part of the path of self-realization is to be aware of the influence of the collective consciousness without rejection.

What is referred as “mass consciousness” has been identified by thinkers, philosophers, etc. However, for them it may be a reaction towards it, a rebellion as when a kid finds out that Santa does not exist. That kid could make a religion, a life purpose, a goal to “save” other kids from the lie of Santa… That is until he becomes an adult and has kids of his own, then he will support that “lie” when he sees the eager and happy faces of his kids as Christmas comes around …Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa is there to give gifts!

That is Life. If we reject, we will accept. That is the full range of experiences. If we neither reject nor accept; then there is a quality which cannot be described through words. You are out of that duality, but if we must describe that; we have no choice but to call it “acceptance, openness,” although it is not.

So there are 2 “acceptances” in the world of the mind. The one with a duality and the one without it.
The collective consciousness is goal oriented. It has to have a purpose. However, any activity with a goal in mind is void of enjoyment.
Enjoyment in Life is not just a phrase to make a religion out of it. It is BEING which comes through taking away the clothes of conditioning. Your underwear, the most intimate attire,  is collective consciousness.

John says that he likes sex. He says that he enjoys it. Nevertheless, he is concerned about “not lasting long enough” and to satiate the sexual appetite of his lover. His ego is searching for self-esteem through the recognition of his lover. He wants to be called a “stud,” he wants to be recognized as a fine lover. That is what John has learned. His fear is not to comply with that ideal, to “fail.”

How is it possible for John to enjoy sex? Mentally he is stuck in reaching an objective. His DOING is object oriented. That creates stress, anxiety and even emotional resentment to women, although John may not be AWARE enough to perceive it. John will look for “solutions” which in turn will support his conditioning, his belief system. Otherwise, John wouldn’t be interested.

To truly enjoy sex or any activity like eating or sleeping, the mind needs to go away. Far away. Sex is a discovery. Anything could happen. It is an opportunity for expression without frontiers of learned behaviors. It is an opportunity for trust, for opening to the possibility of being vulnerable. It is in that newness where enjoyment resides.

The collective consciousness has ideas, beliefs, moral values which are held as monuments of “Truth.” However, like Santa Claus; those ideals are just a matter of utility.

Enjoyment is a word with experiential depth. That depth is not known by the collective consciousness. 🙂

Unconditional awareness of conditioning

The word AWARENESS has become accepted by the collective consciousness (masses) as a viable method for self-help, but the application of that “concept” to “improve” lives (help others) has become difficult.
Because intellectual understanding does not bring change in BEING. That is the main reason as to why all “methods” are only palliative in nature, like putting a bandage on a deep wound.
“So… there is no need for methods?”
Please don’t allow the conditioned mind to believe that it is either “no-method” or a particular method the “only truth.” It is neither following Krishnamurti (no-method) or Osho’s ideas (method) what brings “enlightenment.”

The word “method” and the word “enlightenment”  are the obstacles to move forward. A “method” is mass produced. Enlightenment is individual. If you search for enlightenment, you will never find it. It is not found. It happens as a fruit ripens through a process of living life experiences.

The word AWARENESS is only a broad pointer. That is why, I’d like to narrow it down and use the pointer AWARENESS of CONDITIONING.

If we are not aware of our conditioning in our everyday activities and ideas, then we are sleeping and for that reason, “methods” become important. “Methods” to get out of our drowsiness then we may become aware, awaken…  Aware of what?
Of our conditionings. No methods needed anymore.
Now, you see how the question: What is the truth: To follow a method or not to follow one?… Is truly a conditioned question.  It all depends on your BEING awake or BEING asleep , not on a method or lack of it.

As a kid, did you ever want a skateboard or an expensive shirt that your friends had, but your parents could not afford?
Do you see the conditioning? Probably not as a kid. Then, it became a trauma.

What about if you are well into your 20s without a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Do you see the pressure that society inflicts on you? The labels that you may get? That is conditioning. That collective pressure changes individuals against their will.

What about if you are married and do not have kids, or only have one. Don’t you feel the pressure to have kids or to have the “couple” and to buy a pet for them? That is conditioning. Observe how it manipulates.
What about your profession? Are you happy but not paid well? That will be the source of social pressure for you or your family. Conditioning.

Do you believe in God even though you have not seen him or experienced him? That is  a well known conditioning. Why do you believe in what you believe? What happens if you drop it? Can you do that without feeling guilty? The feeling of guilt is behind conditioning.

Do you see money and power as the only worthwhile things to pursue in Life? That is heavy conditioning. Buying defines you. You are what you own. Nothing else.

Are you over 40? Not “good looking”? Do you have a handicap? under tall? Are you homosexual? Middle class? Do you feel that you fit in society? That is conditioning.
No one could ever fit the ideal of the “perfect citizen/person” that society unconsciously is putting in our minds.

Observe how those traits bother you. The buttons that it pushes. Observe your efforts to deny those things, to cover them up. Observe the traumas. Do you want a “solution”? Do you want to change “what is” into something else just to blend into the conditioned collective consciousness?

You see, the “solution” is not to change to the whims of the masses and the collective consciousness, but to merely be AWARE of the game, so you can play in it, and not be played by it.
Become aware of the conditioning and AWARE of how your actions, your DOING are not made through “free will” (you may think you have free will) but through conditioning.
That is the starting point of awakening.

The world is equal to our consciousness


The paradox of being and not being is the beginning and the end.
Some say: “You are a soul. A spirit. A person. An individual. You are a thing separated from everything.”

That consciousness will become aware of “his” actions. When living in society, a line must be drawn.
That is the beginning of the duality of “good and bad … right or wrong.”

With that duality the representatives of those extremes will arrive: God, the angels the seraphims, the religion which represents them on Earth are “good.” The Devil or Maya or Lucifer or Satan along with everyone who opposes a Godly religion are “bad.”

The above is the collective consciousness of the majority of individuals on this planet. It is so easy to follow. It is so easy to understand. Very logical. Very reasonable.. It is the “battle” between good and evil!… but yet that consciousness is just a perception of “what is.”
Major religions, cults , sects and philosophies follow that line. In “Democracy,” majority rules. Therefore, that collective consciousness rules.

In the above, the need to reward some and to punish others arises automatically and with that the sense of guilt, forgiveness and fear. The need to create this “system” for the afterlife is imperative.
Otherwise, there is no motive to obey.
That is the bottom line.

It is that “self” which has been nourished by that conditioning.

When consciousness changes, then perception changes.

The monotheistic God all by himself as the “superior” being does not need a believer or a non-believer.
It is not about that. That is to be trapped in duality.

It is about that which we call “I.”
Other religions and systems will take the opposite approach.
“The “I” does not exist. We are empty;” will say.
When this description becomes just an intellectual exercise to believe in; the “concept” is completely worthless.

To believe in whatever without an experience… it is a trap, which will teach us about self-honesty. That is why beliefs are not “bad.” 🙂

“I believe in this. I believe in that.”

“God is not omnipresent” is as good as “ God is omnipresent.”
Senseless , meaningless words.
It is not about an intellectual exercise to debate about and to proselytize a dogma. It is about that “I” which can be perceived without the mask of intellectual knowledge, thinking and reasoning. Can we see that?

As some individuals have experienced another “reality” beyond the collective, their words have been misinterpreted.
Grossly misinterpreted, by those who only excel in intellectual endeavors but have no “real” experience on what they are interpreting.
Then, the “belief” must continue. The Intellectual “steps,” the Do 1 then step 2 and then you will be enlightened if you do them right...That “catch” makes the game interesting.

Let me quote this guru. Let me read this “best seller,” let me watch this “spiritual movie,” let me believe that “I am learning.”

Nothing wrong with the above; but consciousness does not change through those means. Consciousness changes through life experiences and there is no life experience which is the ultimate, for life does not evolve into perfection when it is already perfect, as it is.

“We” are not separated from life. We are life itself and because life changes, we need to change.

It is in the contemplation of that “perfection” how we realize that if we feel like worshiping someone or to practice devotional love… we should start with life itself and by doing so, God is included and so are “you” and “I” as well.
That is called Totality, completeness… Perfection.

The religion of perceptions


I wonder how many readers are able to perceive the depth of Blavatsky’s quote above? Wish I had the words to explain it…and if so, wish that I couldn’t be misunderstood… 🙂

The way we have perceived “reality” is not “real” but just a perception of it.

Ananda may not be understood with the above or in this article, but in fact; this could be one of the deepest realizations in his experience so far.

Let me expand on it.
The “collective consciousness,” the “normal Joe” is typically engaged in supporting “free will” or “predestination.” Philosophies and religions have been created to support both beliefs. This is what is being taught at school or the “office mentality” as an intellectual concept to memorize and to repeat, just to sound smart and educated… 🙂

In that consciousness, the depth of thinking can only go as far as the “I.”
Is the “I,” “Me” a puppet of destiny or not?

1. To be able to grasp that predestination and free will are just conceptual views of the “I,” requires certain insight.

2. To be able to perceive that predestination and free will are the 2 sides of the same conceptual coin, is another notch of depth into that insight.

3. To be able to perceive that free will and predestination are only “non- existent” concepts, is for sure, a different notch of insight.

4. To be able to perceive that free will and predestination could be perceived in any of the above 3 ways by different people at different times and that this perception will shape their “reality”… is surely a deeper notch of insight.

It is in this perception, when we realize that to affirm: “This is the truth” is pointless, useless and even ego-centric.

Even to say: “God said this, therefore it is the truth” is obviously, a perception for as mentioned before, our reality is shaped by our consciousness. Our consciousness will give us a perception of reality… and consciousness is changing all the time…unless the “I” cling to a belief system to stop the natural change of consciousness.

Let the river flow.
That can only happen when there is no ego in us.

Consciousness is all there is. That consciousness manifests through different species in different ways according to what is needed at the time.

When Ralph brings in his belief of individuality, ego; a personality is born by using that consciousness. That is how “Totality” is perceived as a fraction of it, that is individuality.

The Universe, Nature, etc. “uses” consciousness to recycle itself.
“We” are the agents of that eternal recycling.

Because consciousness is all there is, how there could be “predestination” or “free will”?

That only exists when the “I” arrives into the picture.
When “I” arrive, the world of separation, antagonism and compulsive thinking appears…

Dissolving the “good words.”


As individuals discover that their minds are engaged with lots of “negativity,” then the “logical” step is to embrace “positivity” and reject and remove everything that is “negative.”

Isn’t that Pavlov’s training going on at “the Office”? That training is so easy to understand for mainstream, so “good” that someone could even package it with a nice paper wrapper… and voila! A new religion/ self-help/ philosophy is born…

In the business world, mainstream also known as the “masses” or with a nice pretty word, the “collective consciousness” is very important, for profit is there.

If the “collective consciousness” can embrace a “concept” then my book/CD/ training/ talk, etc. will sell after my advertising campaign is focused on the needs of “my target” audience, then “my services” will be on demand. That is the “bottom line” of “spirituality” at this time.

What are those “positive” selling words for the masses?
How about, “positive thinking”? That is the deliberate use of duality. The “bad guy” vs. the “good guy” syndrome. Why not teach instead the value of not thinking? Probably because there is “nothing” to offer. 🙂

Martha says: “ The truth is in you. I like to pick bits of truth from every group I meet.”

The idea is to collect “truth” as if “truth” was a paragraph or a nice quote from Mr. Somebody. That is the beginning of a dogmatic view. Words can only point to something and our interpretation of that which is being pointed out will change according to where our consciousness is located. An intellectual exercise of “researching and gathering data” is not the experience of living life with awareness.

How about “ You are the ones who will change the collective mentality”?
Many religious groups/self-help groups are into the belief of being the “chosen” ones to change the world.

If we understand that we perceive the world as we ARE, then we could see the “positive” idea of manipulation according to a belief. We cannot help mankind for “We are” it. That is why, “help yourself” is the beginning of further insight.

Someone says: “You divine self.” I ask, Is there something which is not “divine”? Someone says: “We need to develop patience in life.” If we grasp that life “is” but paradoxically changes all the time, what is the meaning of “patience”? What do we need to wait for? Why is our enjoyment of life being delayed?

The “positive” mentality of the “achiever” may need to be explored a bit further.
No doubt, we have been trained already with that mentality which impregnates even religious teachings… Avyakt7 is not saying “not to achieve something,” Avyakt7 is merely pointing out: Is our quest for achievement not allowing us to “take the time to smell the roses” and to let things manifest at their right time without our expectation?

How is it possible to enjoy the present, the now; when our minds are busy in the quest of the belief of achievement?

Avyakt7 does not recall achieving anything in life.
On the other hand, if we consider the “world at the office” as the “real world” then perhaps Avyakt7 has been an “achiever.” 🙂 Is Avyakt7 an achiever or not? 🙂

Let us put words in perspective. Let us experience that Life is not the world at the office but yet the world at the office is part of life.

Last but no least, all marketing tools selling “change and self transformation” are geared toward the existence of the “I.”
That is just one side of the coin. The other side is its “non-existence.”
There is no marketing tool that could make up something to transform the self into no-self, for then there will not be an ego around to applaud for that “transformation.” 🙂

On sadness


If little Jimmy experiences to be lost in his own shadow despite the light of a bright day; then that knowing will be invaluable. That knowing cannot be “taught” to another.

“Knowing” cannot be passed down onto another. It needs to be discovered by ourselves.
Intellectual information could be passed down, but not knowledge.

“Water reflects the consciousness of the being surrounding it. Water is deeply connected to the individual and collective consciousness.”

This is the discovery of Dr. Masaru Emoto in a nutshell.
The “New Age” media made great hype on that.
Water crystals were changing its form according to the influence around them: If a meditator or a depressed individual were around water, the crystals showed different patterns: Harmonious or chaotic patterns, respectively.

This is good information, but it is not knowledge.
What is the practical meaning of that?

The Oceans are charged with “emotionality” at this point in time.
Obviously because of us…human beings. Our influence is great in the environment and as a result we will get back what we put in. Karma.

We are made up of water. We are water itself… What we put in us, is what we get. No need of “karma” (action.)

There is no separation between “me” and water. We are “it” in a very practical level.

Sadness as an emotion is there, floating in the air as water! 🙂
It is not just about “my” sadness. It is the world. See?

Until there is no consciousness of that “me” as an illusion, there will be sadness. It is that heavy “me” creating its own shadow. It is our minds taking us in a dark road trip by default… for that is in the air. We cannot be separated from the Totality.

When we are unconscious, we become in tune with whatever is on the “air.” Some individuals are more sensitive and they will pick up that vibe… right away.

Sound in this physical life, has an enormous power. Every song/music that we listen has the ability to change our emotions when we listen unconsciously.

A friend of mine mentioned that when experiencing sadness, he used to turn on AC/DC ‘s “Back in black” in high volume “sound effect.” His mood changed… at least during that song.. 🙂

Nevertheless… sadness will come back. Do we know why?
Because we are still unconscious of the environment and… there is a “me,” a personality build up with its own expectations, desires, hopes, dreams, dramas etc.

To learn to be empty, becomes of paramount importance.

When the door of our personality is completely open, then anything that goes inside will go away for there is no “me” to stop that. Nothing to hold on to.

That emptiness is what is in between the molecules of water, which make up our physical bodies.
To learn the art of emptiness is good! 🙂

When that “self” disappears, there is no shadow. No sadness.
No wonder, highly depressed individuals’ thoughts are considering committing suicide. That is a violent way to terminate the perception of the “self.” In depression, the “self” gets magnified.

By experiencing emptiness, the sense of self goes away and with that, there is a break to observe the pattern of thoughts, feelings and attitudes, which bring that state of sadness. It is in that consciousness, when we realize about the external “vibe” around us and how those vibes filter inside us.

This practice means to change our consciousness. It is practical awareness.

Many individuals try to change the location of their consciousness by drinking alcohol or by taking drugs even though secondary effects will be felt. That is all they know to forget themselves which is needed to experience something different.

Empty the “contents” of yourself. That is “clean that up.”

No side effects. No beliefs to believe. No money to spend.
All natural… all green! 🙂

It is in that adventure how “knowing” will appear. It will be discovered.


The thought and the thinker


Let us put everything together. Let us add some depth to these sharings.

Reality is what we make up of our perceptions. There is a collective perception, which many times is called “reality” but that perception comes from a certain type of consciousness which is fed through information.

That is, what we have learned is merely agreed upon information.

My eyes can see. I do not know if someone else can see exactly what my eyes are able to see. I may call “reality” to what my eyes perceive, but it is far from “reality.” My eyes are able to perceive something according to the way those eyes were designed to “see.”

The same is for every sense, for every perception. When we identify this in ourselves we could have a greater openness, greater understanding.

Someone may spend their life trying to find what is truly “reality,” but how is that person able to perceive that reality? Through the same senses which are designed to see in a particular way.

Mathias, the wise tree; was speaking with his friend Ananda about deep things…. 🙂

Ananda: Friend, I can see now, how a belief may not necessarily be my experience, but in a collective consciousness, that belief must be accepted to belong.

Mathias: Who are you?

Ananda: If I do not use any belief system and just out of my own realization; I am pure, dynamic consciousness.

Mathias: Dynamic?
Ananda: Yes… it is continually evolving, changing.

Mathias: …but what type of consciousness are you?
Ananda: type? I don’t know.
Mathias: Just feel it, friend. Forget about thinking.
Ananda: … well, nothing comes up…
Mathias: Look… Tell me what do you see?
Ananda: I see a tree.
Mathias: You have a thought of seeing a tree, which automatically makes a separation between “you” and the “tree.” Those labels, “you” and “tree” define and separate.
Is there any separation between the thought and the thinker of that thought?

Ananda: No! There is not.
Mathias: Friend, then what are you?
Ananda: Everything!! Now I understand! 🙂
Mathias: That is Totality. Only labels and the thoughts about those labels separate things.

When we talk about thoughts, the question could be: Am “I” truly, willingly creating those thoughts? If “I” am then how is it so hard to stop them? 🙂

Please consider the questions above. If you go into it, you may find out your relationship with life and you may know for yourself as to why, enjoyment of this experience of life is important.

Many have “knowledge” about the movie of life, but they do not see the relationship between thoughts and that movie of life.
Many have a belief in God, but they do not see the relationship between the word God and their beliefs of what that word means.
Buried in beliefs then, it is impossible to see that we cannot define, the indefinable.