How to put the immensity of life into a religious teaching?


Mathias the wise tree, explained to Ananda that he had a deep connection with his ancestors. Our family members are not there out of a random pick of destiny. There are many threads in the family clan, which will be entangled and disentangled, as life in the physical world manifests.

Raysha and Ananda are siblings. They have a relationship of many lives. Mathias acts as the “coach” at this time. However, Mathias has mentioned that they are all related.

Raysha’s father is in the hospital, almost ready to “take off” into another experience. Due to the high sensibility of Raysha to energy, she was able to feel in herself how death appears and how the body shuts down, the fear of change, of not being there anymore with the “loved ones,” all of that.

Raysha had more than a vision. A lively experience. She experienced her father, herself and Mathias walking through a beautiful valley. Raysha knew that his father was there in that experience with her, even though his body was at the hospital.

Mathias explained to Raysha’s father that there is a parallel experience of life. There, in that “place,” there is no time. There is no matter in that realm; accidents do not happen. In that realm, there is no need for breathing air… but breathing happens through the feelings of the heart…love.

Raysha felt like a “medium,” half in that world and half in this one.
Raysha’s father asked Mathias if his wife could be in that place as well.
Mathias answered: “I assure you that she will be here.”

Perhaps, everyone will go there…

In that experience, Raysha understood that his father will continue on. Her role was to help him to go across and with that to close a chapter of the family clan.

In the meantime, the experience of suffering in the physical world, at the hospital… was the urn to change.

Suffering is the ultimate purifying experience when nothing else will work to change our consciousness.

“Life is suffering” is what the Buddha said. However, to interpret that as “living life is suffering” is the door to ascetic practices and stoicism. It is a misinterpretation when there is no experience and recognition.

With experience, we could recognize that suffering is the door for a different consciousness. The life of a dedicated seeker will be about embracing suffering, not as a “bad” thing or “good thing” but as a way to find that “I”… which avoids that very same suffering, for the fear of change, of being “nothing.”

A day later, Ananda asked Mathias about an explanation of how his father was at the hospital but also there, walking with them.

Mathias answered: “ Ananda, that is like pretending to understand the immensity of life with a book. Just have faith in life.”

Many times we pretend to understand intellectually things that are well beyond intellectual understanding. We ask questions, but the question defines already the type of answer. The best answer, is the one the questioner could understand. “Truth” is bound by that understanding.
Happy with information, definitions and concepts, we think, “we know.”
That is furthest from the “truth.”

Can you imagine if Ananda with his “intellectual ability” and religious experiences interprets the experience that Raysha had?

“Raysha and his father went to heaven. They were walking with an angel, Mathias. His father had to go through suffering in the hospital to burn his last karmic accounts before he could be free from his karmic debt.

That suffering is actually the tribunal of the God’s from Olympus. Mathias had the role to present Raysha’s father to them. If the Gods found imperfections in him, then he would have to go back to Earth to burn his sins. He may go back to suffer in his old body.”

Obviously, the above is just an interpretation made out of ideas, hand-me-down religious stories and a “black or white” consciousness.
Raysha did not put her experience into the framework of a religious view, she did not label it a “miracle;” she merely had an experience which explained her about the whereabouts of his father and life in general.

That experience does not have the seal of approval of the scientific community, for them it may be “nonsense.”
Nevertheless, that experience changed Raysha’s consciousness.
If that change of consciousness is nonsense, perhaps we may need more of it.
Consciousness is such a delight to be aware of.

The doctors at the hospital have a different role, which add to the experience of this episode: To maintain Raysha’s father artificially alive as long as possible.
They are the “good guys” of the movie, turning away the “claws” of death.
If they only knew…

For Raysha’s father, that experience of being semi-conscious but without the ability of expressing himself, is another experience.
Who knows what is going on inside Raysha’s father?
Only he knows but that experience will pass, it will move on like anything else in life.
Change of consciousness is guaranteed, whether he stays “here” or “there.”

In the meantime, Ananda could create a religion. Make Mathias as the “new savior.” Put his teachings into a dogma and get the worshipping started… but he will not do that.
How to put the immensity of life into a religious dogma?
The answer is open to interpretations. 🙂



  1. samira

    i can t write in en englesh but thank you for your sharing.i am baba s child since 14 years i try to inderstand by myself not through the organisation

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