The “self” needs to be saved in duality


Roy was waiting for his laundry to be done when a person came by and approached him:
“ Sir, I have some important literature for you to read.”

When Roy read the front page of the little pamphlet, he encountered the following:
“Why did God gave the commandments? Can I go to heaven if a follow them? What if I break the commandments? How can I be forgiven of my sin? Look inside for the answers of these questions!!”

Roy looked at the contents inside observing a typical “life insurance policy” for the afterlife.
“You cannot go to heaven if you trust the wrong thing. If you have been trusting the commandments, you are not saved. Will you repent right now and only trust Jesus for your salvation?”

Once our consciousness changes, “high pressure, save yourself ads” will not have any effect.
If our consciousness on the other hand remains at a certain level of influence, that is in the “I” awareness; then the above will be enough to make someone act.

For example, Robert knows about the keywords of “spirituality.” Sin, God, Salvation, Hell, Heaven, etc.
The moment Robert identifies himself as a “sinner” due to some guilt complex for lack of understanding about consequences in life, then that is the moment where the other keywords will automatically pop up.
The little child who has disobeyed God’s orders and thus feel utterly in shame, needs salvation.

However, the above is not “bad” at all. That is the starting point for Robert to search and find more about himself. First, Robert will believe in someone who can “save him” for he does not know where to start. Robert feels hopeless and he cannot even quit his drinking habit, smoking or sexual addictions. At that point, Robert’s mentality will turn into the “black and white” understanding: “This is bad, that is good. Smoking is bad. Sex is bad, drinking is bad, etc.”

The idea of “purity” may arise out of all the denials, the “bad things” in his ever growing list.

In a different level of consciousness, we could see that any thought, philosophy or religion stuck in the level of the “I” is merely the starting point of the journey.

“I need to be saved. I must go to Paradise. I am a sinner. I need to become pure. I am an angel. I must do good actions. I will experience punishment if I disobey God’s law. etc.”

The sense of guilt, shame and worthlessness is part of the package as “motivators” to do something about changing the life of a “sinner.”

The point of this article is to share, what is already evident: Everyone has his own journey and a starting point. We may go from the “inside” to the “outside” to search for a savior, just to come back to the “inside” again and perhaps to recognize that there is no “inside”… but there is 🙂

If for some reason “I” find that “all of that stuff which I believed before is childish” and then go against that which I embraced before as a self proclaimed “savior to others;” it only shows that my consciousness is still dwelling into the “black and white” mentality. It is the same consciousness but in a different extreme. Duality.

To respect an individual and what he finds in his path for self-realization is very important in life. The “seeker” needs to become aware of his own findings.
It is his life. It is his experience. It is his journey. This life is another chapter in the book of life.

When “self” finds that there is “no-self” then another set of beliefs and religions will appear and that which was embraced before, may be despised as “childish.”
At that stage consciousness haven’t changed. It is the same duality between self and “no-self.” Many individuals could have a great intellectual understanding of “no-self” but their consciousness is still residing in the same duality.

Consciousness does not change by thinking. Our thinking is only a reflection of our consciousness.

When we have the courage to leave everything we have learned and put it aside, not as a rejection; but as a continuation of our own journey when the time comes, then there is an opportunity for our consciousness to change by itself and to realize new things. Life is change. Consciousness changes.

Any rejection of life will continue duality in our perception of reality.


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