The paradox of knowing the “self.”

Just before deadline - time, stress or rush concept.

And just when we thought that we have “arrived” by “knowing the self” and its great amount of beliefs, ideas, biases, fears, judgments, expectations, disappointments, and so forth …which are obstacles in living life to the fullest; then we could realize that all of those things are truly what make up our personality, then in a moment of high “illumination” we could wonder: What could happen if all of that junk is miraculously erased from our minds?

Ah!! Then we become empty. Clean. Clear…. But only at the mental level. You see, the mind does not have life in itself although the illusion resides in making us believe that “life is mental.”
For most, life is information, analysis, judgments, choices, moral values, traditions, etc.

To feel is to live. When those feelings are “pure,” that is clean, clear due to a clear mind; then those pure feelings become you own “morality” in life, at that point there is no need for “mental” commandments and codes to follow.
Finally you have connected with the Totality of life, the source or even for some, with the Almighty, with God. No more words to “prove” something. You are the proof.

Please see that nothing here is intellectual. Nothing here is a mental paradigm to follow or a “fool-proof” prescription for everyone.

In the path of the spiritual walker; You find yourself just so you forget yourself. Isn’t that one of the most exciting paradoxes ever devised? 🙂

That is the witness. The detached observer. The “equal to the Father.” The “ego-less,” the “soul conscious,” the …. Come on make up a label to call it!

Of course, experience matters! This is not something that I could “get” by “making effort”… or by “trying hard,” or by “praying to God,” or by … Come on, make up a label!

This just happens as our awareness, our consciousness increases according to time. As we become aware of all that heavy junk residing in our minds… then we could liberate ourselves from being a slave of our own fears.

Because “you” and “me” come from the same source, the same components which make the clock of life to tick, tock… we cannot pinpoint a single component of that clock which is responsible for the “tick tock” but is the togetherness, the Totality of all components making it happen… To feel “I am the one” is meaningless when Oneness is the “One” making things to tick tock… and so the tick tock shall continue despite my beliefs, ideas, taboos and dogmas… Isn’t that fantastic? 🙂



  1. vvrisor

    “To feel is to live. When those feelings are “pure,” that is clean, clear due to a clear mind; No more words to “prove” something. You are the proof…. witnessing as a detached observer and experiencing the life…liberating yourselves from being a slave of your own fears…and living a life to the fullest…….as “you” and “me” are from the same source”…..REALLY REALLY… IT IS FANTASTIC….. avyakt7!

  2. Tony Nguyen

    I think it takes time and patient to have the vessel “cleaner” so it can contain this “holy water”. Before our consciousness upgrades to another level, there are still beliefs, dogmas, labels, aims,… in order to keep us “on track”. When there is understanding, there is no need for any explanation.
    No wonder God came and taught even the uneducated old mothers. They only can understand with “words”, “labels”, “explanation”. But when the intellect becomes cleaner through yoga, they are able to understand as deeper level.

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