On Love in Valentine’s day!


We are love undisguised as a feeling of openness to life. As human beings, we could manifest this feeling to all creation as well as to particular individuals. There is no limit but the one imposed by our own minds.

In every human being there is the dichotomy of individuality with belonging to the totality of life.
Thus, love could manifest in both ways.

There is love to individuals, which is known by most people. In that, love is about a particular relationship with that “special” one.
In life, there is “uniqueness,” but to be “special” means to bring the knife which separates that “special” one from those who are not.

That “special” one could have many names. Some even use the name of God.

To experience “uniqueness,” brings the door of openness to life,
that is not to be attached to a particular knife!

In a loving relationship, we could learn about the game of “yin and yang.”
When we learn about duality, we could learn about life.

Male and Female are different polarities which are meant to complement each other.
To complement is to love.
That is a hard lesson to learn!

For most, a relationship with someone means to dominate, to possess, even to compromise.
Little is known that our mental separation of “you” and “me” gets in between.
Then, the feeling and the expression of that feeling becomes incomplete, unfulfilling.

Even love between individuals is meant to be the One!

“It takes 2 to tango.” We learn about a dance… by dancing.
That is the journey, the path… to find out that 2 dancers could become one!

This mental ideal, “utopia” may be hard to find, for to give love means to experience that which we are!
We could only give what we have.
We could only have what we are. 🙂

Love life, express those feelings.
Give, that is share yourself, don’t be afraid!

God is with you, when you are with Him.
That is, when you are love within!


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