Purifying through Catharsis


In the world of spirituality there are many religions and many teachings from many teachers. Many self-help books and experiences to relate “how to become a better person.” Nevertheless, in the world of catharsis there are significant emotional and mind changes which just arrive at the right time.

Once a tree starts to grow up twisted, there may be a need to attach a straight pole to it, so the tree becomes straight. This is the teaching on “how to correct” someone. Correction is not about punishment and using fear, but to give a “real” opportunity to follow another behavior. That is the purpose of the pole, to show what is “straight,” to something which is growing twisted.

In the spiritual world that straight pole is made up by religious beliefs. Religions have beliefs. “ I believe in this and that.” If you do so, then you belong. A belief is merely that pole meant to straighten up something which is growing twisted. The practice and following of a belief will accomplish that “change.” However, there is another crucial and deeper change and that is when the pole is taken away… when that happens our emotions may appear unsettled.

Here is when attachment is known, not as an idea but we could actually feel it. The same thing with a sense of insecurity, a sense of not being able to stand up straight in life without that pole which has helped for many years or many months in our journey.

In reality, it is the world of our emotions and the perception of our mind on things around us, which are capable of twisting our path, twisting our world… thus, a process of catharsis becomes a healing aid. Once those emotions are captured, once those emotions are understood, through a sensible mind; then our behavior, our personality will change.

Note that this is not about following a regulation, a rule or a commandment. There cannot be a lasting change, a full catharsis until our own emotions have been healed, and our mind allows our feelings to take over.
Then at that point, a transformation will follow by itself, naturally out of that new openness. That is when the heavy emotional burden is let go.

If there is a word which could convey what is like to experience a catharsis; that word is to “let go.” Let go of that previous self, let go of old ideas and beliefs. Let go of old impregnated emotions and mindsets.

To follow a commandment or a rule cannot accomplish that lasting change for it is just about convincing the mind to stick with something. Nevertheless, that pole meant to straighten the growing tree is a first important step but not the end result.

A tree will grow nevertheless. Being twisted or straight it is a matter of our own vision; but happiness can come when that tree is following what is meant to be.

This is not a decision coming from a thinking mind, but rather, an open heart.


Note: Tomorrow Friday at 5 PM there will be a “live transmission” via blog talk radio. It is titled: “Spiritual truth and the conceptual mind.”
If interested, you could participate by calling:(347) 826-9965 from any place of the world. The number will be given during the transmission. This sharing will be recorded as well.


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