Juggling balance in life


My mother sent me this link where we can appreciate the sense of balance of this professional juggler.

Take a look at it if you would, by clicking here.
I was mesmerized by his ability.

There is no method to accomplish exactly the same thing as this professional juggler. Moreover, his act is pretty unique even tough there may be similarities with others.

Balance in life is also a feeling, a sense of what is going on and to be able to harmonize everything in the moment. Life itself will give us the practice.

Please watch the video before reading the following paragraphs to understand practically the mind and our sense of enjoyment and appreciation.


When you watched the video, where you conscious of “you”? If you weren’t, if your mind was not there but your attention was totally focused on the juggler, then you probably enjoyed the video tremendously. The same is in life, when you are not there (your mind) all of a sudden, appreciation and enjoyment of that newness appears. It is magic!

However, some may have been analyzing the video. Something like: “You know, I have seen something like this before. It is not a big deal…” That is a comparative mind. Or, someone may even say internally: “It is just a role to be a juggler. It is predestined. Rather than spending time in learning how to juggle objects, he should spend his time in spiritual matters… ”
That is a judging mind.

Moreover, some may not even finish to watch the show. Their minds will say: “I have no time for this. I got more important things to do.” Yet for others, their minds will be looking for “faults” in the juggler. Something like: ”He didn’t inflate the balloon completely. He had help when he threw the little glasses away. We didn’t see how the big cup returned to its original place. “

That is the mind of the critic.

See how all of those inner chatterings, will take you away from what is going on and the enjoyment of the moment. See how there is no religious recipe needed or enlightened book to read to get the sense of enjoyment back to us. It is just to observe and understand our own mind.

When that mind is not there, we could smile while looking at the different faces in the show audience being at awe; we could appreciate that this act of the juggler helped to bring a smile in some, it helped to inspire a writing in others and a teaching about balance and the mind for yet someone else. His time in learning that trade, was well spent.

If we just realize how toxic our own mind can be by taking us away from enjoying life in the moment, through beliefs, we could do something about it…
Realizing it is that “doing something about it.”



  1. joedalio

    Thank you for this excellent reminder of the simple two words that can virtually guarantee success….”being present”. I am learning this more every day and reaping its benefits as well 🙂

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