I want someone like ME

someone like me

A Spiritual aware individual will take the opportunity to experience a relationship as a way to know himself.

Life is a relationship. That relationship could be viewed in different ways, as plentiful as the people on Earth. Only our beliefs will put an end to that diversity.

When a relationship is taken to the personal level, the opportunity to see those unknown “issues” in us popping out like hot pop corn, is there.

Unfortunately, for most it is not about seeing ourselves through the reflection of others, but is the game on how to change someone else, how to manipulate someone else to fit our standards; that is how to make someone an extension of “me.”

“I want someone who has the same qualities as me…how lucky they are!”

The game is about becoming like the other. Whoever is dominant, wins.

This game creates expectations, which will backfire the “players.” Those expectations are translated into feeling hurt, feeling deceived, feeling betrayed.

As long as our emotional health depends on another to give our life some sort of meaning, we cannot be free to enjoy life. There cannot be enjoyment but dependency.

It is the game of the “master and slave.” The pleasure of the master resides on the existence of a slave. A slave, wishing to be free, will suffer until he gets out completely from the claws of the master. Wishing, longing to be free is just part of the game of still being a slave. Part of the emotional drama, which makes some individuals alive…even when experiencing suffering.

A relationship of that kind could be labeled as “love.” But it is far from that. It is called a symbiosis.

Symbiosis is what many relationships are nowadays. Nothing wrong with that, for it is in “fashion…”!

Once we realize about that symbiosis, we may want to change it…. that is when “problems” start…
The expectations to demand attention, the rules, the regulations spoken or not; and the game of blaming the “other” is then played. The “winner” is the one who collects more “evidence.” 🙂

Some like flattery, praise, and adulation. They will readily take it and believe it. It is about building up an image. Nevertheless, belittlement, condemnation, insult and offense will not be far behind, the opposites are always shadowing each other.

It is fascinating to watch what comes out of us when in relationship with others. If we like what comes out, we found a trigger which has the same potential to bring rejection in us.
Like it or not, is the same thing… Please explore this sentence.

We can learn many things about ourselves by being with people who are not like us.
For the “normal” individual looking for “ another Me,” that is something unheard of.

For an aware individual, it is the golden chance to learn… and go beyond “me.”



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