When everything is lost…


A metamorphosis does not happen by just reading spiritual books, attending spiritual classes, performing a ritual or praying. It usually happens when there is a deep life experience, which is able to move a person from its comfort zone. Those triggers could be for instance, a disease, death of a loved one, disillusionment in a relationship or some sort of perceived loss.

For many individuals in this experience, that becomes a time of desperation, a time of grief and anger, a time to wonder about the “reason” of living… But also, a time to suffer to transform for those who have that capacity.
Growth comes with suffering.

It may be hard to wake up the next day. It may be a fight to go through the day with a smile on the face. The pain could be felt as if a knife is opening our guts without compassion or bleeding our heart in a slow death… It could be perceived as cloudy shadows in the mind continually fogging our vision, day after day…

We become a piece of wood and life is carving us, sculpting us as long as we hold on, as long as we resist… That is what it takes for the metamorphosis to occur!

That catharsis happens slowly. It could be very painful, but without a doubt; it is very rewarding.

We can “lose” many things in life. In fact, things come and go; thus there is nothing that we could really “have.” We can learn to perceive that experience as devastating when in fact, it is just the opportunity to change; it is the time for the metamorphosis to take place only for those who are aware of it.

The Spiritual walker needs to have the strength to taste the yin and the yang in life without preference. That is, the plentiful and the insufficient with the same intensity.

For some individuals, that is a sure path to transform with acceptance and appreciation of the moment, while for others it could be a trip to insanity.

In this experience of losing everything to be someone else; what is the hardest thing to let go?

Our beliefs.

That is why only those who are able to free their minds so the heart could be open, could learn to live with spontaneity and not by some artificial rule, regulation or moral dogma. Goodness is not a law; it is a sentiment a feeling naturally flowing out of someone with an open heart to life; and that could happen when there is no longer a need to protect anything; that is, when there is no perceived self.

Good and evil are just labels. Your own darkness is your capacity for light. Nothing is bad for those who know how to transform. All experiences are part of the movie of life and because of that, they are sacred, unique and divine.

Just like your own life.



    • avyakt7

      Thank you, “Conqueringyouremotions” for dropping by! I looked at your blog and you are sharing the most valuable experiences… your own.. and with that touching others… All the best to you! 🙂

  1. Joseph T D

    Every sentence is GOLDEN!
    “Your own darkness is your capacity for light. Nothing is bad for those who know how to transform”–I liked this more.
    I have found people who are grateful over what life give them (whether blessings or lessons) are more creative, bounce back more quickly from adversity, have a stronger immune system, and have stronger social relationships than others.

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