Question by reader: Does God ever become “imperfect”?

Note: The question will not be written for it is of little benefit to the “common good,” unless you belong to a particular religious path related with the question. This blog does not have a particular religious belief to support or defend.

Dear reader,

The aim of this blog is not to “debate” about belief systems.
Avyakt7 is not interested in any beliefs. Avyakt7 is interested in self-realization and self-transformation and those are the topics of this blog.

Avyakt7 is finding through his own spiritual work, that to bring forward ideas, beliefs or intellectual arguments about God has no benefit for my spiritual work. However, everyone is free to believe in their own beliefs.

Believe in your beliefs, but note that those are “your” beliefs.

Spiritual teachings are there to be understood and practiced so our consciousness can open up. They are meant to awaken us. That is all.

Intellectual theories or speculations about God or the Divinity are useless to Avyakt7, and thus; this blog will not go into that.


Perfect and Imperfect, Duality.
God and Devil. Duality.

Let us go beyond that.

Best wishes!



      • Tony Nguyen

        But we need belief in order to get into the feeling. Go slowly from thought level into being level. And when we get into it then that’s it, we stay in the stage of knowing, not believing any more. But again that realization with in 1s is just the beginning of a new life. There will be the need of transformation after that.

        So when I go along the way, there will be “challenge” which urge me to find the answer, a new belief.
        For example, when I don’t believe that I am a soul, there will be no realization. Even that “soul-consciousness” is just another aspect of the coin which the other side is body consciousness, duality. I will still believe that I am a soul in duality until I experience soul consciousness in oneness.

        Anyway, my question is not for me to have a belief directly. I am just an effort maker and I just want opinion from the seniors that’s all. If your role is not to give intellectual answer for intellectual mind then I still accept the drama as it is.

  1. avyakt7

    Beliefs are like training wheels to learn to ride a bike. When we ride the bike with training wheels on, we are not truly riding the bike as it is meant to be. Many have learned to ride a bike with training wheels, but there are some who have not. 🙂

    • Tony Nguyen

      To be honest, I “like” those who know how to ride a bike without the process of learning, but I really appreciate those who make “difficult effort” in learning. I mean they really push themselves so hard although they don’t get much benefit.
      At the end, that’s why we are all numberwise (number one in our own part), are we not? 😀

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