Question on Awareness and Thought

“Higher consciousness/awareness – again starts with a thought isn’t it.. awareness is knowing, which comes from knowledge, which again requires you to use your mind/intellect – Your thoughts? Thanks.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your very good question!
Higher consciousness is not related with a thought. Basically, we use thoughts to communicate and to realize the workings of our own mind. For instance, you read about “positive thinking” somewhere, which makes you think about your own “negative” thoughts. Then, that realization (at the thought level) will bring you some knowledge; however at this point “nothing” has happened. No change in consciousness. Just information, knowledge. It is all theory.

But, when the mind is clear from those thoughts, there is a different awareness. This is the practical aspect of this.
Then the question is : How do I get to experience “clarity from thoughts”?
The answer is by being aware of them. Being conscious of them. You get to this by observation. This is an on-going thing, a “practice” if you would like to call that, but that brings greater awareness.
Observation is a very important “keyword” in Spirituality.

For example. I eat something which brings some sickness in me. Two days later, I eat the same thing. I get sick again. Two weeks down the road, I eat the same thing. Then, I get sick again….
When I realize that a particular food item is the culprit, I call that “being aware.” However, notice that it took me 3 times of experiencing sickness before I became “conscious.”
That is because I used my thoughts. I will be relying in the “process of elimination” until I come up with the food item that made me feel bad. This is probably what you refer to as “consciousness started by thought.”

However, for someone who is fully aware, that person will be conscious of the moment that something did not agree with his body. It is not a thought in itself but immediate “knowing.” That knowing does not need any information.

It is like when you start your car early in the morning. You know already what sounds “good,” without knowing a thing about cars. When you are aware, you could pinpoint a noise, which is “funny.” You know that you need to see a mechanic right away.

Please see that, there was no thought “process” here. No “process of elimination,” or “troubleshooting” involved; just simple observation.

That is why, it is said that knowledge brings greater confusion when it is about “knowing” something. 🙂 For your knowledge gives you a reference to believe in. When you do that; you close all other possibilities as you already have something in mind to believe in. Your knowledge.

Avyakt7 is sharing with you his thoughts. These thoughts are not able to fully explain something, which does not require thinking. If these thoughts were able to give you the experience; then thinking would be all we need. But that is not the case. Thoughts are just ideas, concepts, like the concept about higher awareness being related with thinking.
A different thinking comes out of higher awareness, but higher awareness is not related with thinking differently.

We need clarity, space, lack of noise in our minds, tranquility, serenity to be able to perceive something different. That awareness does not come from thinking. We just become conscious of it when the “inner noise” is over, then our “inner-intelligence” kicks in, that which is clouded by so much thinking. 🙂

Best wishes!



    • avyakt7

      Yes, Vvrisor. Anything that is taking you away from experiencing the moment, the “now” as it is. If you are walking by a park and your mind is thinking about something else; that is noise which is not allowing you to enjoy the present.

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