Caught up in feelings to “feel” Spirituality


“The beauty of your celestial face
shines in the softness of your skin
that is your everlasting grace
which makes us lovers akin

Mystery is your Divine name
your beauty is worth a golden frame,
to me there is nothing but your heart
that is what keeps our passion alive.”

The above piece (written sometime ago and re-arranged) may bring certain feelings. It may bring a closeness to an ideal, an experience, a wish, a desire.

In feelings, we can open a different world of experiences. We could be finally “alive.”

In Spirituality, God has taken that pedestal of perfection, of totality, of fulfillment.

A “lover pursuing the beloved” is the story of human beings looking to meet their complements for the experience of completeness.

Even though romantic feelings will take us away from the common “primal instincts” and put us into the plane of deep sentiments, closer to “real” spirituality; still there is the need to recognize that unless we are complete in ourselves; there cannot be the experience of two equals complementing each other in a “healthy” relationship.

If there is no “self completeness,” God is “up there” even though “here.”

That is what makes God unreachable. For the moment we could reach that equality in our beings; that is the moment where the need to feel fulfilled through another, magically dissapears.

Then, being “merged,” being equal, being complements, is the natural relation. Oneness.

Oneness starts with the Universe inside ourselves. When feelings and thoughts align in this Oneness; then there could be the opportunity to complement that oneness with a greater one… 🙂


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