Question: “According to the drama, they attain the status according to the effort they have made” Concept of Drama is very mind boggling.. Does this mean – say a Soul gets introduced to BK teachings and say if his/her role does not have it in them to follow them or transform self – Is it the choice of the soul or is it something that has been recorded.. Do we as a soul still have a choice to apply this knowledge and truly transform self – is effort making still a choice or is it already pre-recorded in the souls role? Om Shanti

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
There are plenty of articles in this blog already dealing with he topic of the Drama, predestination, free will, etc.

To understand the Drama, we will not be able to do it with reason and logic and all of that “intellectual” stuff. 🙂
It is simply “what it is.” It is not “recorded” as many take literally. Roles are part of the Drama. As a matter of fact, roles are the “movie,” the actual Drama. As we know when we attended the “7 days” Raja Yoga course at the BK center near you; we are not the role, we are the souls. Therefore, it is in the experience of the soul to see the roles as something “there” which is not us. If we try to intellectually understand this, we will not, for our minds cannot distinguish practically the roles from the soul. That is how ego is born… and we are full of ego at this time… See now the importance of experiencing the self? See why this point is emphasized all the time rather than just being a God devotee?

Once we see the roles as they are; simply a theater performance, then the concept of “good and evil,” will not seem too dramatic for it is only a play after all, a game; where at the end no one gets hurt for we are eternal, but whatever we do… we pay for it..”no free lunch” 🙂 In that sense, whether some souls self transform or not, is of no consequence, see that? 🙂 unless it is in their role…

But, for spiritually aware souls, it is in their role to “do” that (self transformation,) to perform that part and these souls “like it.” They “like it like that!” Therefore, in this vision it doesn’t matter at all whether we believe that there is “predestination” or “free will,” whether they have a choice or not… for at the end, it is a big repetitive circle and everyone “likes to be us,” one more time… 🙂

“Effort making,” is what you make of it according to your capacity and role. Some just “talk the talk,” others; “become” without talking. Different roles. Which one is yours? Ahhh! That is “your choice.” 🙂

Best wishes!


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