Comments on Avyakt Murli, May 5th 2013

This Murli had 2 “small Murlis” in it. Those are related.
The overall picture on this Murli could be understood with 2 words:
1)Support 2) Surrendering

Both aspects are very important to understand in our effort making life.

The first murli mentioned the 3 stages of taking support. The “stars of hope” are depicted as those who still do not have “judgment power,” in other words; they need directions from someone who “knows,” that is the first stage of taking support. We take support from the BK family and the instruments.

Then comes the “lucky stars,” which are praising Baba and their support becomes their connection with Baba… and finally the “stars of success;” whose activities become successful. Success is their shadow. Note how in this category, Baba is not really in the picture. Those souls are able to support themselves. They are “equal to the Father.”

That is the cycle of growth in spirituality. Not to be dependent like a small child but to be able to walk in our own 2 feet.
On the second Murli, our level of surrendering is what will allow us to “die alive,” and experience a “new” self. BapDada explained that using the figure of a spiritual moth who dies in front of the flame (Baba.)

We should know that this “dying” means living a new life. In that surrendering, we have 3 levels as well; those who “are no longer there” for ego has been given to the Father; those who are in 2 “boats” the old and the new, and those who are still questioning everything , still at the mental level.

BapDada has explained that “our number” depends on that level of surrendering, but at the same time; let us see that in that surrendering a “new” person, a self sovereign being needs to appear, not a dependent one.

Total freedom is the source of “real” love.

On the blessing, we could have experienced that in a way. Let us say that someone has an argument with a soul at the center or a karmic account with someone. Then, with force we will “pull” ourselves out. Even not participating anymore in the BK family. That act of using force will do the opposite and will make our mind spin aimlessly with waste thoughts which will not allow us to have yoga and which eventually will take us away from the path. That is why, it was mentioned to check with the “instrument” or if that is not possible, with another soul who could take that role.



  1. Protim

    Dear Brother, can you please explain the blessing a bit more elaborately.. I cannot understand using this ‘instrument’ thing..
    Best wishes and thanks. 🙂

  2. avyakt7

    Dear soul,

    The blessing states 2 things: Anything that we do out of force or compulsion will bring further karmic accounts. If i don’t get along with someone at the center or if I remove myself from the center to avoid being too close with someone who we feel attracted, in both cases we could “remove” ourselves from attending the center in a compulsive way. The karmic return will be that we will be thinking more about those souls and that will not allow us to have remembrance.

    The second part of the blessing is that before taking that decision of using a compulsive “force” we should check with an instrument.

    Best wishes!

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