Question: I’m very much interested in following BK principles like Celibacy. But, my friends always tell to me that celibacy can backfire and they question the values of BK. I don’t know the reason or logic behind following the principles.However, I love following the principles. How can I tackle my friends?

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

The “principles,” are meant to reform the self from its current “normal” state of being; that is typically; being insensitive, ego driven and lustful human being. That is “normal.”

If you are looking to transform yourself spiritually, you need to make some changes in your life that will allow you to build that space of spirituality.

Let me start here with the principles:
1) The more obvious is our food. The level of a self-realized being like a Gautama Buddha cannot be reached is we are still meat eaters and take all sorts of food items which are non-satvvic. What you eat will influence your body and when you are beginning spirituality, your body is basically what goes on in your mind. Your food needs to change, what you drink, etc. I do not understand for my “tongue’s sake” how is it possible for a BK to ingest “spicy food” and believe that this will not have an effect in their anger “management.”
Food is your building block for greater awareness and sensibility to vibrations.

2) Sleep hours: Discipline is something that will allow you to use your time is the most fruitful way. Going to bed early and waking up early will allow you to have enough sleep to be awake and aware for work on the inner self. If you sleep whatever you like, then the aim of awareness which starts with meditation, yoga; will not be followed correctly. If you do not use the time of amrit vela to meditate, you will be throwing away the opportunity to find out how proper your day went the previous day, for the quality of your amrit vela is related with your previous day’s activities. If you eat too much or if you eat too little, you will not be able to enjoy your mediation time. The same id you slept too much or too little. Balance is needed. That is the importance of that.

3) Class every day, is the discipline to hear something uplifting and spiritually related. In this world if we don’t do anything and just sit there, entropy will still work on us, that means; declining. Therefore, we need to keep our minds with something helpful for the day. The discipline of going to the center, will instill the healthy habit of waking up early every day.

4) Celibacy: To know sex lust as it is, you will need to practice this principle. Without this practice, you cannot totally become a master of the senses, for we are at the mercy of sex which surrounded by all the other vices that we have, make a good “soil” for further suffering. Sex is not a “must have it” to survive. It is not like drinking water or breathing air. It is not shelter or food. To go beyond it without repression shows mastery of the self. It is not something that everyone can do.

Through celibacy, the doors for feelings and higher awareness could be opened.

It doesn’t matter if your friends do not understand this. That is “easy to understand.” It is easy to talk without the experience.
Hopefully you are able to understand now the need of following the principles, that is if spirituality is your goal in life at its highest level.



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