Reader Remarks: Don’t know if it’s just me or anybody else feel the same way.. You are attributing any “thinking” as something that is not normal and against being – You wanting to be good and do good to yourself/others initially starts with a thought..

Thank you for your feedback!

Dear soul,

As mentioned in one article here, thinking is just a small part of being. However, it has been used in our society in such a way that most do no longer live life but as a “mental” idea, instead. The “normal” part of thinking nowadays, is our tendency to “think too much.”

As you mentioned, “your wanting to be good and do good initially starts with a thought.” Yes, that is the “normal” way and historically, that way is the one who “has promised a lot” but failed in the delivery somehow. Just a thought. All you need to do is to look at political talks /thoughts about change or religious talks/thoughts about “morality.” All thoughts about being “good” but not much about actually being that.

According to this knowledge there is an innate “virtue” of the soul called knowledge. There is inner knowledge which is not accessed by thinking, for it is not about the past or the future, an idea that we have of what “being good is” according to our past experience (thought) but something that comes in the present and not at any other time.

That is not the “normal” way of thinking. 🙂

Best wishes!


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