Question: Brother Awesome site.. Keep it up.. What specie points of knowledge do you churn.. I understand you mainly try to experience self and feel it. Would like to know what specific points read in Murli that u churn constantly. Do u have a list that you revise that can be shared here. Most importantly to keep away from maya Om shanti

Thank you for your question and kind words!
This site is “awesome” thanks to all of you who participate by sharing your experiences and asking questions for further realizations.
That has been one of the main interest in this site, to share information which typically we will not see any place else, because it comes from our own experiences in this path, when applying this knowledge.

Dear soul,

I do not have a list of topics to “churn,” or realize. The inspiration comes and “I” write. Many times that inspiration comes while hearing a Sakar Murli. As a matter of fact, many of the things shared here as “intellectual gyan” was because of the realization that there was “more to churn” and not just take things as a “finished product” by repeating things literally. The Drama has given this role the time and the experiences to realize things from another perspective, what is known as “out of the box.” That is all.

However, in the last few months, different experiences and information has arrived which has increased my interest in Avyakt Murlis, for they really have lots of “hidden” information which many times our devotional sanskaras will not allow us to see. To find out that Spirituality is universal, explained in different ways through different experiences at different times, is one of those realizations.

From that an “openness” to what life brings has allowed me to change from “intellectual gyan” into practical Gyan. Thus, many of the sharings here are based on experiences.

That is how we arrive at what you have described as my main interest: To experience the self. The soul.
It cannot be otherwise, once we realize that “we are not the body. We are souls.” Intellectually, that sounds great but it doesn’t do nothing to change me into that awareness. It becomes just dead words to repeat in another talk and to debate about in another forum.

If there is no experience of the soul, we will not know God. Even though, we have the “theory,” even though we have experiences or we see BapDada in the meetings in Madhuban, we will not really know HIm but just know ABOUT Him.

In spirituality to know means to “be.” In our case, to become. It is not related with thoughts and words to debate about.

That is why the emphasis in knowing and experiencing the self. Because if I do not know the self (Being it) how can I know others, How can I know God if the point of reference, which is the self is unknown? 🙂

To study the self, to watch our own thoughts and emotions arise and to be able to detach from them as when watching a movie or a TV for we have the knowledge of being eternal, is something to be experienced and not just talk about. To be the embodiment of that.

Therefore, the “churnings” will come on that as the Drama brings the necessary information for me to understand and share, not as the “truth,” but as my experience.

Best wishes!


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