Reader Remarks: Free will and Predestination

Brother not a question but just truly heartfelt gratitude for posting J Krishnamurti’s video and the service that you are providing. Many many thanks! Not just this post, I am grateful for the gyan, everyone’s effort and the knowledge that you are sharing. This post feeds my enquiry about the origin of thought, the very reason that led me to a chance encounter of an advert on a talk being organised by BK’s in my city titled ‘Destiny: Is it a choice or chance’. A similar worded poster adorned my university room few years back! I wrote an email to the organisers post the programme which I would love to share. I had a question which I had given the very next day of the programme but even while writing it I realised that the particular forum may have been inappropriate for the answer as it is a bit complicated. Would truly appreciate if you could provide some clarity or point me to some matter/talk and I shall totally understand if you may not be able to address it as I could comprehend that you must be inundated with numerous requests. I had attended the programme with a particular aim and intention i.e. to understand the role of chance in Destiny as the choice aspect is something which I have experienced and is quite clear. Your talk resonated with me as I truly understand and accept responsibility for my life and the decisions that I have made. I have very strongly experienced in the past and in my present the universe providing a subtle hint to lead you ahead and you need to be in tune with yourself to receive those signals. So I do believe that you create your life with the choices you make. However, what I find interesting is that any given point, where do my thoughts originate from? My awareness at any given point would base my choices and hence, the situations/people that would come into my life based on that choice. Now if I have karmic accounts with certain people/situations would that automaticaly lead me to make that choice or do I have the memory/awareness when I encounter them and decide which path to chose? At every cycle do I keep doing the same thing/meeting the same people as a saying goes ‘History repeats itself?’ and do you keep doing something till you learn? Is that true? What are you meant to learn? To clean your sanskaars? Am I not my sanskaars? Like the analogy that we are here to play a game, but do I chose the game/team etc. I may not be aware of all the games that exist etc etc so do I really chose? Or does at each stage this world drama keeps unfolding and I just play my part? Its just super interesting. This question had been nagging me for a while. So was it by chance that I encountered an advert for it? Yes, I chose to act on what I saw but was it because I was meant to be there? Its refreshing that what you described as meditation is something that I have been doing diligently without fail just talking to myself and a supreme power without knowing that it could be termed as meditation. I am just begining my journey of self transformation and many many experiences are happening, the jig saw puzzle is not yet solved but shall. Thank you once again!

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear soul,

Thank you for your kind words. For the type of questions that you have, I can see that you are a soul with a sincere “need to know.”
Even though, this blog has many articles on predestination, free will and the Drama, this time, this role will try to synthesize all of those articles into this reply.

The questions that you are asking, no one could answer to you in a satisfactory manner unless they have this knowledge.

Let me explain why.
Usually we have the two opposite “thoughts,” there is “free will,” choice OR there is predestination. Fixation, determinism and things happen because there is a “higher consciousness.” Many feel like “puppets of destiny.”

Recently, however; I have seen some who have combined both “thoughts.” That is, yes we have free will, choices but to a certain extent. We need to be aware that those choices come from our “background” which we haven’t chosen.

Therefore, between those 2 thoughts, philosophers and religions as well had their input, even blaming “God” as the creator of our free will or predestination. God is used many times as the “escape goat” when there is no way that “reason” could take us into a “reasonable response.”

Dear soul, when we understand that existence has always existed, we will not “abuse our brains” by searching for a “beginning.” That word is “flawed.” Every beginning has an end and every end is a beginning. The mind needs to make those differences, but in reality is all continuity. A circle. It has always been like that. When we understand that we are eternal, then the word “beginning” is completely senseless. Therefore, to find the “beginning” of your thoughts, falls into this category. Of course, if our consciousness is in the “limited” the body and the experience of “living and dying,” then we see “beginnings and ends.”

The majority of the population of the world has that consciousness. That is why, for them, eternity is just a concept which cannot be understood, for the understanding of eternity is not intellectual, since our own intellect has been trained (as J.Krishnamurti pointed out) to “see things” in a particular way by means of logic and analysis, using reasonable premises which come from our same understanding of the world. The same kind of thought. However, in Spirituality we will find out sooner or later that “realities” are paradoxical and seemingly contradictory. The word “contradiction” is by “normal” intellects recognized as “false,” when it is not like that but the recognition of 2 seemingly opposite experiences which complement each other. Phases of the same process.

When our consciousness is full of ego, we “want” to think that we have “free will.” When we realize that things happen by “chance,” we wonder about our “power of choices.” However, ego does not exist, it is an illusion and that illusion is ruling our lives, so paradoxically; giving us a “reason” to live.

When we have the knowledge of the Drama, we see that what we call karma is just part of the Drama. We can separate that into “good or bad,” this is part of our “understanding,” our moral view of things, when in reality; in the unlimited of the Drama, there are no such concepts. It is what it is and it is beneficial.

Those “karmas” come from “sanskaras” and those sanskaras express themselves through thoughts. Our lives are just “thoughts.” However, please see that there is no difference between thoughts and the Drama. Just like there is no difference between the Ocean and a drop of water. That drop is part of the Ocean, just as we are part of the Drama. However, ego wants to separate that into “Me” being different than the rest. Then, we need ‘free will’ to make ego alive. See that?

Similarly with predestination. Our ego feels like a puppet. The drop of water which belongs to the Ocean doesn’t want to become part of the wave and because of that, it fights against the Ocean. Therefore, it suffers.

Neither free will nor predestination exist. Those words are just concepts, mental ideas which are out of the “reality” of knowing the Drama through BK gyan. Those concepts are driven by ego; thus, are illusions.

Nevertheless, we need those concepts to express ourselves through this limited language, for those concepts are known by the majority and those concepts are just approximations to what “really exists.”

Dear soul, we need to get out of the “box,” to see more.

It was in your role to meet the Brahma Kumaris. It is in your role to understand this knowledge with greater depth. However, intellectual knowledge will not allow us to experience the “truth” of inner transformation.

Accept your role. Move along. Have faith in the Drama. Move with the Ocean, experience what the Ocean brings and it will take you to your destination, which is the one that you have been looking for. That is what BapDada calls, “surrender yourself to God.” or “give your ego to Baba.”

All we need to “do” is become egoless… then we will understand from “another” point of consciousness.

All the best to you!

Response by inquirer:
Thank you brother! Many many thanks for the service that you are doing, the clarity in your answers removes my doubts. Wish you the best always.


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