Positive I-ness

“Life works for you” is an example of positive I-ness; and so other common “spiritual phrases” such as: “I am the master of my destiny.”  “ I am with God and God is with me always,” “Everything that is happening is only for the highest good of me,” “The universe provides for all my needs,” “My mind and body are in complete alignment with the Universe and I am always in the flow,” “I let go of fear. I let go of pain. I live in love.”

Did you notice how many “I” and “Me” are in those phrases? Those “positive affirmations” support the existence of the “I” as if the Universe was there “just for ME.” That sort of egotistical belief in being the navel of the world, it is like opium for the mind.

A honest person knows that those phrases do not necessarily reflect who he IS.
BEING does not change by repetition of words. BEING does not change by “practice” of mantras or holy words or positive affirmations. Change of BEING does not depend on any action or DOING of the “I.”

“Positive I-ness” is the game of the mind. To manifest something in our lives does not depend solely on repeating words, believing in ideas or worship. There is causality in every step and that causality is moved by the way we ARE and FEEL rather than by what we DO or repeat. 

The use of “catchy phrases” only entertains our minds with the belief that by understanding something intellectually, we automatically become that.

If “I want to be peaceful,” I believe that if I imitate someone or behave according to my idea of what a peaceful person is, with practice; I will be peaceful.
That is childish, but it sells a lot of “best sellers.”

PEACE is not something to accomplish. It is not an objective to pursue by the “I.” Paradoxically, it comes when the “I” diminishes.

To “work on” getting rid of the “I” is silly. The “I” cannot get rid of himself.
For the tricky mind, that is possible and “methods” will be invented along with “positive affirmations” to feed the hungry mind with beliefs of BEING something that it is not.

“To repeat 1000 times per day that I am fearless, have helped me tremendously to deal with my boss at work. This stuff really works!”

Nevertheless, the fact is that you ARE still afraid. FEAR is in you. Repetition can divert your mind by numbing it, but fear is not an idea, a word to repeat. Fear is an experience, it IS you… your mind is unable to touch who you ARE.

However, “Positive I-ness” is a step forward into knowing the mind, for those who are aware of it. For those who are not, it becomes another religion, another “solution” to make the white rabbit of fear disappear, by covering it with the magic hat of beliefs,  and by uttering  “positive” words… Then,  presto! The rabbit is not there anymore…

Nevertheless, we know that it is only a magic trick, it is not “real” for to be “real” means to be AWARE that rabbits do not disappear when covered with a black hat…followed by dramatic spells of “positive affirmations.”

Life works for you… not against you

The origin of that phrase may be a “best seller” book, highly recommended by many well known “spiritual” gurus.
Nothing wrong with that phrase. It is “good” for those who perceive Life as a hard experience, a traumatic journey. For those who are not yet AWARE of the intricacies of the “I.”
The great majority of “best sellers” are meant to encourage, support the existence of the “I” in a “positive” way.

Positive “I-ness” is supposed to give certainty, encouragement and a feeling of being taken care of.
If you had a dog and a car ran over it, then you may feel that Life is unfair.
If your boyfriend left you for another girl, you may keep that experience as a hurtful trauma.
If you got fired from your cushy job and forced into manual labor, you may feel that Life sucks…
Therefore, when you hear: “Life works for you, not against you,” a sparkle of illumination may surround your face.
Even though, you don’t have a dog, a boyfriend, a job … there is hope! Life works for you… You may find a mutt down the street to feed, the bag boy at you nearest superstore may become your friendly boyfriend, or you may find a job as an actor in a Marvel comics movie… Life is great! Yeah… You didn’t know that “losing” the former, will allow you to “win” all of those new and neat things later on… A success story! Close your Life right there before “bad” things arrive again.  What a great phrase!

Now, consider this.
“You” are not separated from Life. “You” are Life itself. Sounds pretty metaphysical, huh? That is why “best sellers” sell books…
Life does not work “for you” nor “against you.” Life is not your employee or your nemesis. Easy to catch that, huh? I wonder why it wasn’t included in the “best seller”? Probably, because it wouldn’t sell otherwise.

Now, the hard part: “YOU” is not a static entity, like for instance a label: YOUR name is Peter Prune. That label is static, it will not change; but “YOU” is a dynamic being: Always changing, always moving, evolving, becoming… therefore, “You” don’t exist….
” Say, Whaaat?”
I said, It wasn’t going to be easy… No “best seller” material.  :-)

Life is change, so are “YOU.” Language is static and structured, so to say “You” defines something different than “I.” When we believe and solely focus on the labels, we are stuck in separation, but in “reality” you and I are quite connected… only our physical bodies disconnect “you and I.”

There is Life. “YOU” are Life itself.
Therefore, there are 2 ways to understand “YOU” by using our rudimentary language:
1) By negating “you” as : You are nothing… Thus, there is only Life.
2) Asserting “you” as : You are everything… For you are Life itself.

Isn’t this logical? How is it possible for “you” to be “nothing” and “everything” at the same time?
That is called a Paradox. Life is a paradox at a mental level… but it is not, when “you” are living it…
“YOU” are the “yes” and the “no” together, not separated. Content and emptiness at the same time.
Definitely, the above is not “best seller” material.  (To be continued.)

The shortcomings of rationality

Most “educated” individuals have been trained to follow patterns of thoughts labeled as “logical.”
Logic and rationality are important “tools” in the “Office world.” Our minds have been conditioned to accept rationality, analysis, logic as sources of “truth.”
It shouldn’t be a surprise that most of us, pretend to understand Life by following that conditioned pattern.

Life presents uncertainty for many. It is hard to “trust” when we are not sure what will be Life’s new move or change. That is why, the “office world” creates that “secure” environment, where we can “buy” everything we need, even for the afterlife.

The mind yearns for that security, where “I” will have “control” and “I” will be “safe” by DOING what “I” am supposed to DO.
In that mirage there is deep disappointment. It becomes a traumatic experience.

Ralph was an “A” student. He graduated college with honors. He could have a brilliant future ahead in the “office world” … but he stepped on a banana peel and earned instant “flying miles” points for the afterlife.

That sort of trauma was unforgettable for Ralph’s folks. His parents became bitter with Life. Their desire of seeing Ralph’s “success” was frustrated.
Then, the blame game comes around.
Blame it on God. Fight with him. Blame it on Life. Bitch about it. Who threw that goddamn banana peel on the floor!
Anger comes out… and then, surrendering… like heavy rain eventually will go away… 

Rationality will only look at the surface. It is linear. Ralph died because …. Put whatever “reason” there. Actually the laws of causality which were triggered before Ralph’s birth, are completely unknown. Just as Ralph “was” before he became Ralph… he “will be” after Ralph. It sounds like another belief, right?

Because we lack observation, we are unable to see how Ralph brought into his existence items that he wasn’t taught. Ralph did not come as a “tabula rasa” a “clean slate.” We could call that “his personality” but now, dear reader; after more than 1000 articles here; hopefully you could observe that circumstances, settings around Ralph’s life will definitely influence him. Thus, the simplistic “ that is him” is of no use once we see that we cannot separate Ralph from Life itself.

“So why everyone has different personalities?” Obviously, different settings, circumstances, Life itself….
“So why twin brothers are different?”
Because before becoming twin brothers, they were not. Rational enough?🙂

How could we not trust Life? Observe that we are already taken care of. Observe that “chance” is a word invented in the “Office world” which cannot apply to Life. “Serendipity” is a nice label for causality.

The weaving threads of Life unites everyone, all the time.
When the “I” feels alone… that is a “good” thing indeed.
Because loneliness will make someone AWARE of relationship. One experience is there to make us AWARE of its opposite. Loneliness brings relationship… all by itself.

Fantastic, indeed!


Life is not meant to be understood

When a human being starts the journey of self-realization, many things may happen externally: Meetings with ‘God,’ ghosts, near death experiences, close encounters of the third kind, the Kundalini rising and the chakras aligning, etc, etc.

Those “experiences” are meant to motivate the seeker.
Internally, that individual is not aware of his emotions due to living Life experiences.
Emotions have a body response. They come as a consequence of a growing ego. Feelings are well beyond the “traumatized” individuality.

The external experiences are enticing but lack inner knowledge. Without inner knowledge there is no self-realization.
Thus after the external experiences have worn out in the seeker’s consciousness; then to deal with the mind becomes the first step into grasping “inner” rather than “outer.”

Most individuals at this time are lost in their own minds. Life is a concept to analyze. Purpose, meaning becomes the driving force. The ability to enjoy Life is almost gone.
“What is the purpose of stopping and taking the time to smell the roses?”
“What is the reason?”
That questioning destroys our wonder, our appreciation, our zest for Life.
Although some may want to tame and re-train the mind, there is no realization that it is the mind coming up with that “solution.”
The mind is trained to fight. Life is a struggle.
“We will fight for peace and the betterment of the human race.” Out of that political correct but meaningless phrase, a spark of intuition may appear: Harmony does not require a fight. It is not an inner struggle. It is to learn to use the inner audio “equalizer” according to the song that it is being played in Life. Some may call that “intuition.”

That “art” requires the ability to listen beyond what we have been taught, for Life will play songs that have never been played before. Therefore, there are not set “methods” or “rules of thumb” capable of dealing with such newness.

At this point, we may learn to feel. We may have been trained to believe that reasons are “better” than feelings. But, we may learn now that “better or worse” are inventions of the mind.

Life plays a song. It will change soon. Better or worse is of no consequence, when we understand that one song is related with the other, although they are different.
Isn’t that mind blowing?

Harmony. Hopefully that is more than another “spiritual” keyword.
Mind, body and soul. Heart, mind and gut/intuition. Aligned, together.
The concepts trying to separate which one is which, are useless mental constructs.
In a human being, those labels which separate are in “reality” intermingled, together, one.
Hard to understand? That is because it is not meant to be. Feel it.🙂

Question on Overeating

“What are the causes of overeating and being overweight? I am curious to know about it from a spiritual angle.”

Thank you for your question.
First, Ahnanda does not write from any particular angle. You may believe that this is the “spiritual” angle; but then what is “spiritual”?
What is spirituality? Who decided to coin that name related with “spirits” rather than human beings?

When we are aware that we are endlessly dividing one self into body, spirit, soul, etc. we will realize that one “part” cannot be without the other.
It is senseless to “limit” spirit from the body out of a mental idea. In “reality” body/spirit/ soul are together for human beings to manifest in the physical realm.

Ahnanda writes about Life and is interested in living Life in a sensible way. For me, that is the art to know and “practice.” That is why this blog is titled “Exploring the depth of Living” rather than “exploring spirituality.”

Now into your question…
“Overeating”is the keyword in your question.

“Why do we overeat?” Some anxious belief in being “better,” a need of being rewarded, the compulsion of savoring a permissible pleasure of Life which is “OK” in our society, as many other pleasures may be considered “wrong,” “bad,” “taboos.”

Observe that I am not telling you the “cause” or the “causes.” I am just observing your question in myself. That is my experience of overeating.
No need to find “reasons” and be “rational” about it, when dealing with “emotions.”

If we were AWARE that our hands are feeding us and then aware of how we eat our meals, then that AWARENESS will cure us from overeating. But because we are not AWARE, our compulsions, anxieties and need for gratification will cloud our consciousness. Our emotions will dictate our compulsive behavior.
Did that sound like “Psychology 101”?
Sorry about that. It is not. I am not researching “others” and testing on demographic samples. I am just observing, watching myself.

How do we label that? Under which angle do we classify that “activity”?

Curiosity is a good thing to “get the answer,” but to wonder may be the key to “have the answer.”
Because curiosity looks for answers. When we wonder, we are observing, fascinated by just that. It is in that AWARENESS how the answer arrives, for there is no need to answer what haven’t been questioned.

You just know.🙂


100% “good” and “real.”

“I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.” Agent Smith – in the movie the Matrix.

If you look at the above statement, it has some “truth” and some “falsehood.” Just like everything in Life. There are 2 extremes and everything in between. It just depends on which side someone wants to take.
For an “android” like Mr. Smith it is easy to separate himself from the human species.
For a human, the above may be an extremist perception.

Mark and his wife decide to have 5 kids. They want to enjoy their growth and they know that this episode of raising kids will be relatively fast, therefore; they are willing to “sacrifice.”
That is “good”! What a “happy” family!
In the bigger picture, however; Agent Smith’s description is accurate.

That is how we find that something considered “good,” may not be 100%. Likewise, something considered “bad,” or “wrong” and “right.”

Every duality has a point of union. That is a gray area for our “black or white” morality.
This will bring us to another “revelation” of Life: Something which is “real” has the equal potential to be “good or bad,” “right or wrong.”
You have a knife. It has the same potential to be helpful or harmful. It just depends on your viewpoint, your circumstances, your previous experiences… and your intention.

“So what about God? Isn’t “Him” 100% good?”
Ahem… yes… what about “Him”?

Those who have ears will hear.

A belief is neither “right nor wrong.” It has timing. When timing is not respected then that belief is not according to the movement of Life. It becomes antiquated.

The “black or white” mentality and morality is the disease. Why? Because it does not fit the “reality” of change, movement, but it supports stagnation, through the belief of static ideals which cannot be “true” in a world of changes.

The “reality” of Life cannot be understood by those who are conditioned through static ideals, extreme beliefs and ego driven minds. It is all in the mind.

Of course, the above may be misunderstood by many. It could be labeled as “bad.”
It is “natural.” That is why, a “best seller” may be “good” for you…
Something that may tell you how “good you are.” Something that may teach you how to “materialize your desires.” Something that may give you the key for wealth, happiness and love in your life… 100% good and “real.”  :-)


The reality of the “game.”

To delve into the ideals of society will bring greater understanding of the “game” being played. That understanding can take someone into the realm where “good and bad, right and wrong” are just infantile ideals.
There are rules in society, yes… as in every game. Be aware of the rules to play the game.

Observe Life. There is low tide and high tide. Both are the full experience. Labels are merely to identify things. Low tide is not better or worse than high tide. It just depends on how “what is” is affecting some and not others. A city overflows through high tide. Is that “bad”? Is that “wrong”?    Life does not work under those limiting labels.

Most could say that human actions are “good, bad, right, wrong,”  but again that is a very infantile way to look at things. In Life, every experience has benefit even though we may label them as “bad, ugly, wrong, devilish, etc.”

“But… Why… Killing people is wrong!! What is the benefit of it?”
🙂  Observe the world. You and I are here today because of that killing of the past.
Is that hard to see? Could you appreciate the connection of all lives?
Someone is killed. Due to that there is a change… a change which could benefit many in the long run and which others will oppose. Everyone looks at their own benefit so there is struggle of the “I,”  and through that struggle, there is suffering… Through that suffering comes understanding; dissolution of that “I, ” through that understanding… struggle ceases to be…
Just like high and low tide. Do you see that? That is called a full circle, a Life experience.

I am not saying that we should kill. Please do not misunderstand me. I am saying that whatever is happening … all is well; all is good as it has to be. I am not telling you what to DO. As we know there are consequences to every intention behind an action, and those consequences will drive further change.

Did I share that newness, creation can only come out of destruction? There is no “fixing,” that could create newness. That is the story behind the mythical Phoenix bird.

While ideals of our society are fixated in “low tide is better” than “high tide,” the separation of a natural continuity is made. That separation is only mental; it is a wishy washy belief supported by most religions through an unhealthy duality.

That is why, embracing all and everything, opening to “what is” without labeling it and trying to escape into some human morality to feel “holy than thou” becomes the most important step into inner honesty.

We can play the “game.” Yes. It is there to be played, to have fun, to enjoy it. If you make that “game” your reality, then you will be “happy” if “low tide” is there as that matches your expectation, your training, your belief. Don’t talk about “high tide.” Make it a taboo… and when “high tide” appears, deny it… That is “morality.”

The game of “reality” is a game which is not meant to be defined through infantile labels. It is only meant to be enjoyed, marveled, appreciated. Nothing to change, nothing to fix; for that feature comes already in the game. Observe it, sit back and relax….a feeling of gratitude arrives… Now, we are getting someplace.    :-)