Being “someone” in life


When we are “someone,” our possibilities for being something else are cut off.
Most individuals in life have a “dream” to become someone. To become an actor, to make millions of dollars, to be popular, to become a King or Queen, to be a congressman, the president etc. That is “someone.”
That is fine. Great.

However, those labels imply a certain look, a certain life style, a certain background, etc. which paradoxically will limit the possibility of being a “regular joe” out there who enjoys his time without other witnesses around him… or just being someone else…. The possibilities are limitless without trying to be “someone.”

Some individuals usually believe that this “arrival” at being “someone” equals to “being successful” in life. That is a valid point.

However, there is no “arrival” for an ambitious mind. There is always something else. To be “successful” is just an idea. Collective idea may be, which does not mean “reality.”

It appears that most would like some sort of objective in life, a goal, something to achieve. That is part of our educational system, a way of looking at life. Be a “go getter.” “Show them who you are.”

Even in religious spirituality, it is about being “someone” in the after life, whether that is an angel, a deity, etc.
It is the same ego centered ambition dressed up as “spiritual.”

It seems that we are unable to be fully alive in the ‘now,’ even when knowing that this ‘now’ will be the origin for the future.

We have forgotten about ‘being and feeling,’ and we are continuously embracing ‘doing’ that is, getting things the “way I want them” which conflicts with the way someone else “wants them,” and then competition arises which in turn, brings the idea of “winner and loser,” which brings further conflict.

As long as someone wants to become something “fixed,” that person will not be able to enjoy the “now.” Forcing things to fit our ideas means to interfere on what is naturally happening. This will bring a consequence in our lives.

In other words, to be open to the tides of the ocean of life.
If it is a low tide enjoy that, knowing that things will change. If you were looking for a high tide, when the time comes be ready to enjoy it as well, knowing that it will not last forever. Enjoy the change. Low tide does not mean “bad, hell, sinner, devil.” Just as high tide does not mean “good, heaven, saint, God.” Embrace life. Embrace the Totality.

Those changes in life are what typically bring unhappiness to people. Life means changes. That is certain and for everyone it will be different.

The above brings me to the following clarification to some readers of this blog who would like to vent their feelings and opinions in the “comments section.” (I had to delete those)

Some individuals have fixed Avyakt7 in their minds as a representative of a particular religion.
Avyakt7 does not represent anyone.

In his life, Avyakt7 had many spiritual teachers and many religions that he belonged at one time or another. All of those experiences make up who he is today.
That is his personal journey in life. It does not have to be like yours.

This blog represents just that change, that movement.
If someone chooses to label Avyakt7 as being from this religion or that philosophy… That is fine with me, if that makes you happy.

Avyakt7 is happy being a “nobody.”
Nothing to represent. Nothing to believe in.
Nothing remains the same.
Always open. Always joyful. Always at ease.

Thank you! :-)

The bottom line


We can believe in whatever we want. That does not mean that it is the “truth.”

It may be “our” truth, but please realize that it could change at any time. We could be stubborn, but that is our issue. We have the right to be stubborn… and the consequences as well.

As a matter of fact, as our consciousness changes, so our understanding will change.

We are never the same. Ever. We are always changing, always evolving, always becoming….Propelled by the quality of our feelings, which in turn become our actions.

If we change our actions but we do not change our feelings, we will be acting as repressed individual.

We could look “honorable” under the eyes of others, but we will be burning inside. Ready to explode at any time.

There is no activity, which is “pure or impure” in the “movie of life.” Unless we believe otherwise.
It is just the feelings that we have about that activity which makes things ugly or beautiful.

Love between human beings is beautiful but not so much when our feelings are “ugly,” when that “love” is based on neediness, when it is just about expectations.

A greedy person cannot know what love is.

That greed is not just about money or power, but there is greed in our ideas about becoming someone “special,” an angel or a saint or a deity. That is, our life will be focused on “achieving something” in the future based on an ideal, forgetting about living life in the present, where our feelings reside. The now.

Let things happen uncalled, as they have to happen without trying to control the outcome. That ego driven self who thinks that spirituality is like going to school and earning a grade when you “study more,” is a self-deception. There is no homework to achieve. It happens… all by itself, when you relax, enjoy and allow your “pure” feelings to blossom.

Empty yourself so there is no “self” to adore or to support, so you can surrender to life, be part of that totality without trying to become “someone.”

That “trying” is just the game of an egotistical mind. We will change by itself… We just need to look at our feelings so they direct the changes in us. It is cause and effect. It is not something that appears from just this life. We are eternal.

If we believe in God. That is great! We are never alone. We live in relationship. If you believe that God will help you just because you joined a religion, you are deceiving yourself. In life, you can only get what you deserve. You earn that help. How?
Through your “pure” feelings, which became actions at one point. Those activities became the “law of karma.” The origin is in your feelings.

You may misunderstand my words. Beware of that.
That is because unless you have experienced what I am trying to convey through limited words, you will not understand. That is, you will interpret these things according to what you know. According to your consciousness. That is how nothing written or spoken could contain truth. It is just a perception, adulterated by language and limited consciousness.

That is why Avyakt7 does not teach anything. He only shares his experiences, realizations and such in this blog.
You are free to read them or not. Free to interpret them as you wish.
There is no expectation in this “game.”
Hopefully you will enjoy this “game.”! :-)

Life has its own intelligence


Being an eternal being means that every one of us will experience different experiences at a certain point. Usually we call those experiences, “good” or “bad.” That is only a limited perspective, a still picture in the movie of life. When we only see the still picture; we could suffer unnecessarily. When we see the movie of life and the message behind it in an “unlimited” way, we could understand the “timing” for a particular being and the experiences, which are necessary for their growth.

We need to learn to trust life and in the meantime, to be joyful of the moment which is not related with circumstances or a context around us, but just because we are living life.

Jesse was born with a handicap. His brain lacked a supply of oxygen for a couple of minutes during his birth.
This event had a consequence in his development. He had speech problems and his physical age did not match his mental age.

He was a teenager mentally when he was physically a middle-aged man.

As we could foresee, Jesse had problems relating with people. When he was a kid, some “mean people” used to make fun of him and his speech pattern.

His mother over protected him in such way as to completely void him from being able to take care of himself.

Jesse was growing up with a sense of self-pity and some anger for not being accepted by all.
Jesse felt either sorry coming from others or derision.
Jesse was losing his mind as he perceived the world as being too harsh for him.

Ananda was Jesse’s friend.
Ananda went to see Mathias, the wise tree. He wanted to ask him about his friend, Jesse. Ananda was concerned about helping Jesse.

Ananda: I have a friend who is living a pitiful life. I mean, what is there for him to live for?

Mathias: You are sad about that, right?
Ananda: Yes. Even though I understand that every human being needs to perform a particular role in life which happens due to cause and effect and the capacity of that particular being to experience duality, I feel sad when something like this happens to someone who is close to me.

Mathias: Tell me some good things that you see about Jesse’s life.

Ananda: Well… He is alive. He is still living with his parents, which is something that many people would have loved to but at some point they have to depart and forget about being kids. Jesse likes to help animals and he has a good sense of humor….

Mathias: Good! Then you are starting to see the complete picture from your perspective.

Ananda: But still… Why he has to go through that type of life?

Mathias: There is a tyrant that at one point in time destroyed everything which was at his service. The experience that Jesse is going through is neither “good,” nor “bad,” but necessary. If you just look at the still picture you can get lost in it feeling pity when there is no need for that. See the whole movie. Be unlimited.
Jesse is an immortal being as you know. He has to go through a particular experience to let go of his own stubbornness and for that, he needs to give up, open himself to life. Until that does not happen, he will only experience the same thing, over and over.
He will have that openness when his time arrives. That is why those experiences are there for. Every being is unique and every being needs particular experiences.

Ananda: how can I help to make his experience easier on him?

Mathias: Love and discipline. He only understands those 2 sides. Be his friend, his brother, and his father at certain times. He will listen.

Ananda: But many times he does not listen what I tell him…
Mathias: Drop that ego my friend. You can only communicate your feelings with love. He will do the rest when the time arrives. In the meantime, you could be joyful… and smile… :-)



Stuart was driving his car on a rainy day. He was driving to work. On the way over a thought got into his mind: “ I am all dressed up, I am going to get wet. My umbrella will not open. How do I solve this problem?”

As he was thinking and thinking on ways to protect his clothes from the rain, Stuart totally forgot about the enjoyment of driving on a rainy day. It is an unusual day. The sound of the rain could be very soothing if you listen to it. To look around in a day like this, could bring a different experience.

No. That is not how Stuart’s mind works. Forget about the “stupid” rainy day… Stuart is going to get wet… That is the end of life as we know it! :-)

Stuart thought about different ways to protect his designer made clothes from the rain and as he was getting near the parking lot… the “stupid rain” stopped… :-)

Stuart, buddy…look at all that precious time that you spent thinking about nonsense, “preparing for the future.”

“Don’t cross the river until you get to the bridge.” Many times our minds do not know the simplicity of those wise words.

Valuable time is lost in analyzing things before the fact, in anticipating the future when joy is something that could only be experienced “now.”

No one could be joyful by thinking about it. It is an experience in the “now.”

Our minds will steal that hard-earned joy that we deserve to experience.

Observe people around you. Look at their faces. Most are like thinking machines unable to drop everything at once and become empty.

Their fashion resides in thinking. That incessant thinking is blocking their hearts.

Stuart could say to his wife: “ I love you, dear.” But that was etiquette. Empty words coming from empty feelings. Sometimes those words could be said with emotions but that becomes too “needy.”

Have you ever experienced talking with feelings?

Your voice will change. Others will perceive you as “original.” That is ‘out of fashion’ these days….

To be joyful is to be awaken through feelings. As feelings overtake our little thinking minds, then easiness will appear.
The pipe of joy is currently being clogged up by thinking, analysis, logic and reasoning.

Cleaning that out will truly change someone into a human BEING.

We ARE because we feel. Feeling joy then is to BE in fulfillment.

Breaking free from the eggshell of beliefs

Many times, we meet the new through the “old.”
We pretend to understand something “new” based on our previous experiences.
We try to make sense of life based on our own preconditioning.

The above is neither wrong nor right. It is just a way of meeting life and newness. A limited way.

For instance, every religion has beliefs. Those beliefs will shape up the way we perceive life. A collective perception of life will give the illusion of “rightness.”

A desire that we have may bring an expectation, which needs to be fulfilled. A human tendency is to manipulate the events occurring in “reality” to fit our own beliefs.
That is why, honesty cannot survive along beliefs.

For example, we typically believe that Science is the yardstick for “truth.” We may fail to realize that scientific instruments measuring something are just an extension of our senses and those senses that we possess have a particular way of perceiving “reality.”

That is why, it is said that the only thing that we can “know” is ourselves. That is the ultimate. That knowing takes some “time” to be alone with yourself.
It takes time and patience to peel off the layers of beliefs, traditions and cultural upbringing, which are latent in our personality as a way to meet “reality.”

Let me give another example. This link will show the basic Christian beliefs. This could be for any other religion as well.

All of those beliefs are fine if someone wants to believe in that. However, there is nothing for self-knowledge in those beliefs. That is, there is nothing that I could experience as true in myself. It is just intellectual stuff.

The above holds true for every monotheistic religion. It is about worshiping God and forgetting about “you.”
This is one of the most conflictive items in the conscience of individuality.
“I” forget “myself” to remember and worship what “I” believe to be God. That is the “method” offered by religions to forget “yourself.” To conquer what is believed to be “ego.”
If God is not meant to show you the beauty and potential of who “you” are, then who needs God? :-)

Another King to worship? Another Queen to be fearful of? Another Lord to serve in His quest to conquer evil?
If you refuse… You are doomed…. for eternity :-)
Do you see from which beliefs the above come from?

Your belief could be “real” for you, but it will not make a change in your consciousness. You may be able to look at the world and “reality” in a determined way, however. All according to your beliefs.

For instance, I could believe in predestination and time being cyclical and repetitive. This belief will not make the change in consciousness necessary to live a life of fulfillment.
It is merely intellectual information, which is unable to change consciousness; but information that could bring however, intellectual answers for a curious mind or intellectual doubts as well.

When consciousness changes there is openness to see in different ways. A belief merely narrows down the options. Obviously, we could start our own path of Spirituality from a belief, but a belief is just like an eggshell.

It protects you from something, but it does not allow you to grow.
That is why, it could be necessary to break free from the eggshell.
That is if you are ready.


Different consciousness

black elk

Every human being has a way of looking at things. That is what could be called their consciousness. When human beings decide to live together, then a collective consciousness arises.

That collective consciousness is a particular way to look at things. It is “their truth.” That is how “being right” or “being wrong” arises.
We only have perceptions and when we strongly believe in a perception, that becomes our reality.

For instance the Inca Empire had a particular belief system. They worshiped Nature and their God Wiracocha was a representation of Nature, especially related with the sea. Once the Spanish conquistadores assumed control of most of South America, then their collective belief system was imposed to the indigenous people due to a ‘religious purification policy’ ( Religious beliefs which in turn came from the Roman Empire) that was going on in Europe at that time, against Christian non-believers.

The queen Isabella from Spain, claimed the indigenous people as their subjects and that is how Christianity appeared in South America.

The above example is not meant to exemplify “good people” and “bad people,” because that does not exist. What exists however is fear to accept someone who is different. The Inca Empire was built by conquering and killing “others” as well. Many smaller cultures were wiped out by the Inca Empire.

Similarly, we have seen the same behavior portrayed by the “ great protagonists” of World History: Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, etc.

It is the belief of historians that those who have destroyed the most, should be remembered the most. :-)

This is a clash of consciousness. Nevertheless, in such events what prevails is human brutality. The “change” of someone by the use of force.

That is the way people act even now. It is what is mildly called as “survival of the fittest.”
This is the culture of competition, the ‘winner’ mentality, the ‘cool’ but heartless fighter, the business deal with a kickback included, the “take care of number one” culture, etc.

As our awareness increases, then a sense of openness to other types of consciousness arises. That is not meant to “change you” but being open means to give yourself the opportunity to know and experience things which will be invaluable to understand “others,” by having a first hand experience.

Spirituality at this point in time, is about opening our consciousness from that individuality and rather than “tolerate others,” there is a sense of togetherness.

Reasons and logic do not change consciousness. Neither force or a belief in a particular God.

A logical and reasonable dishonest person could do harm when he only perceives “him” as being the world.

A brutal army can only kill to stop opposition when they perceive “them” as being the world.

A religion can become a tyranny once there is the perception of “them” being the only ones having the truth. The chosen ones.

However, those who have a violent life will experience a violent death.
That is the “law” in life. Not a human law.

As the consciousness of the human being remains unchanged, deeply settled into individuality and his own cultural beliefs, even though technology evolves, “progresses;” then that human being with an egocentrically babyish consciousness, will have the “toys” to continue his tantrum of destroying “obstacles” at a greater scale…until he realizes that the world is him.

Let us hope it is not too late.



Typically a “normal” person will go through life without having “realizations” about his own life or life in general.

For most people, it is about using their own experiences based on the location of the consciousness that they currently have. That is their “truth.”

Their life “catalog” is usually tinted with the colors of “bad,” “good” or “neutral” experiences and through them, there will be a reaction towards life.

That reaction becomes their actions and thus, because they come from a certain location of consciousness, the consequences of those actions are “limited.” They are unable to see the overall picture.

In which way are they limited?
My religion is the “true” one.
People who wear several rings in their hands are tacky.
Einstein is the greatest scientist in the world.

All of the above beliefs are limited in their scope because they come from the perception of a limited consciousness.

Generalizing something or segregating are two sides of the same coin originating from the same type of limited consciousness.

Please see that the above is not a religious thought. It is not a “dogma” or an “ism.”
It is just a realization coming from observing life through observing the self without being colored by defending a particular belief system or making life fit my belief system.

That is what I call being “honest.”

A realization typically impulses someone to perceive things in a different way. Those realizations are not intellectual reasons, but a perception, what is called an “Aha! moment“ which is driven by your intuition and supported by your feelings. There may not be a way to put those realizations into words, but it is not necessary unless you want to write those in a blog… :-)

Depending on the integrity and self-confidence of the individual, then his actions will be according to those realizations. Nevertheless; a realization cannot be set up as the “ultimate truth.” It is evolving as our circumstances and consciousness changes. It has a timing and a purpose like everything in life.

That is what I call “openness.”

The above may not be for everyone. For it entails a life of discovery. There is nothing there to take as a dogmatic truth or as the “way things ought to be.”

It is far easier to accept something coming from someone else. Someone who we may see as “illuminated,” or “awakened.” We could just follow and relinquish our own life of discoveries.

Nevertheless, someone who is already awakened could see that not everyone is in the same conscious level and rather than proselytize to feel good about his own “truth” or ideas, that individual may want to allow for every person to discover according to their particular capacity.

That is what could be called a “spiritual teaching.”

A teacher in spirituality is not someone who necessarily has the gift of gabbing or someone who has lots of information in his brain. It is not about reciting a dogmatic view of the world either.

A teacher merely gives the environment for realizations to occur. A teacher does not give the “truth” but the initial soil for a new seed to grow into a tree.

That tree ultimately will need to feed itself through its own foliage, that is; those things which it left behind through realizations, will be the leaves falling around that tree in time, which paradoxically are the true source of nutrients for that tree to grow strong, beautiful and happy.

Methods for opening our consciousness


There are no methods. :-) End of report.

Every human being is a manifestation of the Totality of life. Every human being is a singularity with different experiences, beliefs and emotional culture.

Thus, there cannot be a method for everyone to follow.

The idea of a “method” is coming from that consciousness of individuality. In other words, someone who may perceive himself as “having arrived.” (where?) or “illuminated” may try to describe his experience by compiling those life experiences into a method for “others” to follow.

Please see that we can only follow behavior but we cannot follow a different consciousness.

Religions, intellectuals, scientists, philosophers are keen protectors of the “methodology.”
It cannot be otherwise, when there is the idea of “massification,” that is to “make everyone the same.”

That is how our educational system works and once we go through it, a “new” consciousness is developed out of the experience of going through it and not because there was a particular element, a particular method which is the cause of change.

Going through the whole experience could be considered the method. :-)

Lucy shared: “ My son (Billy) adopted Buddhism and he became a vegetarian and stopped smoking. He was very happy with that change, but then he met his old girlfriend again; who was a smoker and meat eater. My son went back into smoking and eating meat.”

For most, the culprit is the girlfriend. She is a “bad” influence. Nevertheless, once Billy abandoned the “Buddhist method,” he went back into his old ways, which made him unhappy; but at the same time, he was helpless to change.

That is how we arrive at another spiritual premise: If you really want to know if your “change” is just behavioral or a conscious change, then abandon the method and you will find out.

If Billy liked to eat meat and to smoke, then the method was merely a temporary “fix” which was causing repression in him. His girlfriend was the right excuse to go back into his “old” ways.

That consciousness will take Billy into a set of actions, which will have a consequence in his life. Those consequences may trigger a change in consciousness. Nevertheless, those consequences in life are not part of a “method” created by a human being.

As we peel off the layers of beliefs, dogma and emotional culture in us, then we could discover another “reality” which is fresh and pristine, “pure” from mental conditioning.

That experience may change our consciousness. However, that is not a method. :-)

It is a consequence to be experienced by those who are ready to wake up from their long sleep. Those who have already slept enough and are ready to get up from their cushy beds and comfortable beliefs.

If you try to wake up others who are sleeping deeply, they will fight with you. They will hurt you, for their consciousness is in a different location.
Neither “good” nor “bad,” but just a different location.

Catharsis: Short sharings via MP3 files


Since there is a recurrent issue with the quality of the audio in the “BlogTalk radio” website; there will be a change in the format of sharing.
Avyakt7 (Ananda) will be recording for 5 to 10 minutes only. Short sharings in different topics via MP3 files.
These sharings will be available through a link here.

The purpose is to fully express what cannot be put into written words.
Hope you enjoy it!

Totality and Individuality:


La Individualidad y la Totalidad: Las 2 caras de la moneda en la Espiritualidad.(Spanish)

This is the last one via BlogTalk radio.