Comments on Sakar Murli – January 30, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, in order to claim blessings from the Father, follow shrimat at every step. Keep your activity good.

Question: Who can climb onto Shiv Baba’s heart-throne?
Answer: When Brahma Baba guarantees that a particular child is serviceable and gives everyone happiness, that he doesn’t cause sorrow for anyone through his thoughts, words or deeds, when Brahma Baba says this of him, he can sit on Shiv Baba’s heart-throne.

Question: What service are you spiritual servants doing with Baba at this time?
Answer: You are spiritual servants not only to purify the whole world, but also the five elements. This is why you are true social workers.

Song: Claim blessings from the Mother and the Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t upset anyone. Make everyone happy through your thoughts, words and deeds and claim blessings from the Father and the family.
2. Become worthy and do the spiritual service of Bharat. Have a merciful heart and become a spiritual social worker. Serve through your body, mind and wealth. Remain true to the true Lord.

Blessing: May you be one who follows the highest code of conduct and, together with having spirituality, also have an entertaining nature.

Some children joke a lot and consider that to be an entertaining nature. Generally, the virtue of being entertaining is considered to be good. However, to be entertaining, according to the peoples, time, gathering, place and atmosphere is considered to be good. If even one of these is missing, then that entertaining nature would be considered to be something wasteful. That one would receive the certificate: This one makes everyone laugh a lot, but he talks too much. This is why an entertaining nature that also has spirituality and benefits other souls is considered to be good. When the words arc within limits, that one would then be said to be someone who is following the highest code of conduct.

Slogan:In order to remain constantly healthy, increase the power of the soul.


In this Murli we can really appreciate the type of audience that Brahma Baba was dealing with.

Lots of devotional feelings, lots of traditional Hinduism, and a child-like understanding of spirituality. That was the setting and it was good. Just as the blessing today mentions when referring to having an entertaining nature, we could apply this to everything, including the understanding of the Murli. There will be different understanding according to time, setting, people involved, traditions, cultural background, etc.

This does not mean that the “teachings are being changed.” We need to understand that repeating something literally is what is expected out of a parrot, not out of a human being who can understand Gyan based on his own experience with it. All spiritual teachings have the same nature, that is to become elevated. Every teacher has his own particular style to convey that message. In the case of Brahmin souls, the gist of the matter in this Murli, was to follow Shrimat.

Note how the importance of a family relation is so important for Bharatwasis. Other “off-shoots” understanding (well known branches of Brahma Kumarism, according to the Drama) who has originated in India as well, have their “new knowledge” based on who is the “true” “Mother and the Father.” Needless to say, in a closed relationship as a family unit, the world will be left out. Unless the whole world in considered in that relationship, any sort of understanding of gyan will be “limited.” The idea of the “elitist family,” those who are the only ones who “truly” know God, should be over by now; when “pure” gyan explains to us in the picture of the “inverted tree,” that the world family has a certain view according to their “location” (time when the soul arrived into the unlimited play) in the inverted tree. That understanding it is a fixed role.

Below some points to churn.

“When children kneel at the feet of their mother and father, they are blessed by them. Those drums are not beaten for a worldly mother and father. The-beating of drums means that many are able to hear this. It is sung to the unlimited Father, “You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. Through Your blessings and mercy we receive limitless happiness.” This praise is sung in Bharat. Surely this must have happened in Bharat which is why it is sung here. You should go completely into the unlimited.”

Note the traditional “kneeling down.” It is a devotional activity. Some will call that respect, others will call that an “outdate practice.” The important point is that Baba compares those blessings received with the blessings from the Unlimited Father. To claim blessings is to follow Shrimat.

“Because human beings now have stone intellects, they don’t understand anything. In the iron age, there is infinite sorrow. There is so much fighting and quarrelling. No matter how learned scholars are, they don’t understand the meaning of these songs at all. Although people sing, “You are the Mother and Father’1, they don’t understand which Mother and Father it is that they are praising. This is said for many people. Although they are all children of God, everyone is unhappy at this time. No one has unlimited happiness.”

Understanding is a matter of a role. Someone could have a great understanding of gyany things, which others may consider to be “wasteful” due to their CURRENT understanding. The beauty is to wait until the “time is right,” for then all of the sudden, more people will have similar understanding. This phenomenon has happened throughout history. If we believe that running a mile should be done by everyone no faster than in 5 minutes, then we are setting a limit. All organized ideologies have those limits for the organization to survive “unchanged.” Change will only happen when it is extremely necessary and under great pressure. To better understand this phenomenon, I would suggest to read this link:

Note that to be able to break the 4 minute mile was considered to be impossible until someone did it. Then from that point, many were able to do it without a problem. The same happens with understanding. It is a “trickle-down effect,” when it is aligned with truth. Otherwise, it will not prosper.

“When there are no blessings, there is sorrow.”

Here we can see the devotional way of understanding. Good wishes and pure feelings are like opening a door for someone to go without obstacles. Certainly, lack of obstacles does not mean to be happy either. Sorrow not only comes out of opposition but it comes when we are not aligned with wholesomeness, when our personality is fragmented, when our feelings are in one direction and our thoughts in another. Sorrow as we understand it now, is our own “creation.”

“However, if someone is clever, he would ask that if the Supreme Soul is called God, the Father, how could He then be called the Mother? Their intellects go to Jagadamba (World Mother), and so they should also go to Jagadpita (World Father). Brahma and Saraswati are not a god and goddess. This praise cannot be given to them. It is wrong to call them the Mother and Father.”

This is the theme of the Murli. To make sure that the understanding of who is the “Mother and Father” could be clarified. There is interplay of “relationships” to make it a game: Brahma the Mother, but the father of Brahmin clan, Shiva the Father but also Shiva could be the Mother and the Father as well as the Grandfather; Saraswati as the “mother” although Brahma is the senior Mother, etc.

“Now, you children have been told to claim blessings from the Mother and Father, that is, to follow shrimat. If your activity is good, you automatically claim blessings. “

To claim blessings means to follow Shrimat.

“You understand that, according to the law, your true mother is this Brahma. It also has to be understood and remembered that, as well as being Brahma, the father, he is also the mother.”

Brahma is also the senior brother, the mother and the father. If a Brahmin is born out of Brahma’s lotus lips, then is Brahma Baba a Brahmin? :-)

“Whatever you express through your thoughts, words or deeds, it should give happiness to everyone. Don’t cause sorrow for anyone. The thought of causing sorrow first enters the mind. However, when you put that thought into action, it becomes a sin. Storms will definitely come in the mind, but you must not put them into action.”

This is one of the items to be understood. The mind has thoughts. Those thoughts could become actions. When a thought intensifies, it becomes a sanskara waiting to be put into action. The return of karma deals with activities. However, a thought is the seed for an activity.

“To speak is also an action. If you children want to claim blessings from the Mother and Father, you must follow shrimat.”

Therefore, we need to be careful with what we speak for there is a return on that.

“Worthy children always think about .how they can become worthy to sit on a throne. This is the deep concern they have. There are eight thrones, numberwise. Then there are 108 and then 16,108. However, you have to claim a high status. It doesn’t suit a soul to sit on a throne when there are two degrees less.”

We can perceive the mission of father Brahma. He is pushing his children to the best that they can give, even though knowing about being numberwise and that someone has to sit in the other thrones as well. Unfortunately, this way of teaching has been understood as a source of “tension” and anxiety; for only one aspect is being stressed, that is to be “part of the 8.” Nowadays, BapDada recognizing this, speaks about a “first division” rather than just the lucky 8.
It is important to recognize the role of BapDada as the Father; but at the same time to see that this Drama is a numberwise game.

“If you don’t become threaded in the rosary of victory now, you won’t be threaded every cycle. This race takes place every cycle. If there is a loss now, there will be a loss every cycle.”

“Now” is being made. However, it is the same thing that was “before.” The understanding of “if there is a loss now, there will be a loss every cycle” is the origin of “effort making.”

“Shiv Baba now says: Remember me in the incorporeal world. Krishna would say: Remember me in heaven. He also says: You must conquer lust, the greatest enemy. You will not receive poison there. Therefore, renounce poison here and become pure. “

Note that our activities now are based on Golden aged sanskaras. The only sanskara which I am aware of, that is a Golden age one which is not encouraged at this time, is the one of living as a couple. Certainly, this path is about improving the self and not to remain at the same level for our entire lifetime.

“Baba works so hard so that you children can go to heaven and claim a high status. Otherwise, you will have to go and work for those who claim a high status. “

“Baba works so hard..” :-) Baba is making plans for transformation…. Baba is really coming up with unusual strategies to conquer Ravan.. BUT at the same time, there is the Drama; siting in an incognito way, in the last seat of the last row. No one credits “her” but “she” commands the whole game…

“Sannyasis never have satopradhan bodies. They only come when it is at the rajopradhan stage. “

Sanyasis come in the Copper age when it is the Rajo stage of the world; however, for a “new” soul that is his “satopradhan” stage, his maximum. Food for thought, drink for feelings. :-)

“This wonderful mummy doesn’t have a mummy, just as that Father doesn’t have a father. However, out of the females, Mama is number one. Jagadamba is praised in the drama. She did a lot of service. Just as Baba used to go out, Mama too used to go out.”

:-) It should say “mommy.” (From Mother rather than a “mummy” from a horror story- a preserved death body through chemicals.)
Note: Stand corrected. That is the British spelling of the USA, “mommy.”
If mummy is equivalent to mommy, could it be that mommy is equivalent to mummy? :-)

Brahma Baba really enjoyed those family riddles.. :-)

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