Comments on Avyakt Murli 9-16-12

Two short Avyakt Murlis this time.

9/10/75 A knowledge-full and powerful soul is successful

Interesting teaching in the first avyakt Murli. Baba mentions that the aim of yoga and gyan is to be successful. That success is not something in the future but something that we can attain “Now.” (Reminds me the “Power of Now” by E. Tolle.)

BapDada mentioned that in this study, those who sleep, “lose.” Meaning that those who are careless will not get their full attainment.

BapDada contrasted the “sleep of ignorance” (carelessness) with being “awake” that is to have attainments. This is the fruit of this time, so the fruit of the Golden age could be enjoyed.
For this we need to “check and change.”

It is interesting how a typical Sakar Murli concentrates on a future reward: “The Golden castle, the kingdom, the subjects, ruling that kingdom, etc, etc.” The aim seems to sacrifice “now” to get the fruit in the future, whereas in this avyakt Murli, it is clear that without attaining the fruit “NOW,” we will not receive a full attainment in the future.

This makes complete sense, for “success” is the proof that we are doing things right and by the law of karma, the future automatically will be taken care of.
BapDada’s “yukti” to avoid that carelessness is to be “tireless;” meaning, to be “awake” as to avoid being careless.

9/13/75 – World Transformation is the special task of Brahmin life.

The experience of obstacles in our efforts means lacking the power of transformation.
The power of transformation is the most important power to become closer to God.

Desires, hopes and wishes will appear constantly as storms, when the power of transformation is not there.

We need to bring transformation in a second, because the final paper is of a second.
A world transformer needs to be able to transform the self first.

The blessing mentioned about being “double light” by remaining a trustee and experience the “flying stage.”
Basically, without the consciousness of “mine” we become free from any burdens.

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