Consciousness, God, religions, children and G.I Joe :-)


There is a child inside every one of us. Even when we “grow up” and become serious about “winning or making money,” the child still remains there but somehow repressed.
There is a part of us yearning to let that child express itself again. The world of “serious business” may not be that appealing after all, and the wish to go back to that innocence of childhood remains latent in our souls.

Believe it or not, a great set up to direct the child in us to a fantastic world of “good things,” has been claimed by all religions. That is why all the elements of a “normal” childhood are there:
A “father,” who represents the “head of the world household,” which many times will be followed by a “mother” and then us… the kids.

In this family, we go back to being told what to do, what to dress, what to eat, etc. If you do those things, you will get a prize. That is called heaven. Otherwise, you will be punished, that is hell.
A great family for the “inner child” inside! :-)

When we explore consciousness, we will find out many of the answers that we were looking for about life. Those answer are never intellectual. You cannot think about them. You just realize them and that realization cannot be communicated. Only those who are in similar consciousness will be able to “see” what you see.
As your consciousness, so your life.

When we find many individuals in the world with such variety of consciousness, then we could observe that “reality” is not one thing or another, but it is what we are capable of seeing.
A perception.

A child can only see what is going on in “his family.” That is his world. His point of reference.

It is in that child’s mind when “G.I Joe” the fantastic toy; becomes anything that you may want him to be.
G.I Joe can fly. He can appear in another planet. He can save humanity from the evil “Cobra Command.” :-)

Even though there is one “G.I Joe,” the “reality” is that there are many. :-)

Every child who knows about the prowess of “G.I Joe” will have one. That child will become an automatic believer.
That particular “G.I Joe” may have different powers, different stories and adventures…. Different experiences.
In the mind of the child there is no such a question as to who “has the true G.I Joe ” among his friends (That is a grown up question.)
For the child what matters is to enjoy, to play. To have a good time!

The same idea could be related with our notion/experience of God.

According to our consciousness, we will have a different take on God.
When that individual experience becomes a collective possession, then a dogmatic view is created and with that a structured religion is born.
A “new” family for “new” kids. :-)

To have different beliefs is not “bad.”
Different children will have different adventures with G.I Joe. :-)
Beliefs are just an important part of expressing the feelings of that caged child, who lost his charm and innocence just to be “successful” in life, in his search to be “someone” in life.
That experience of believing in the comfort that God brings, is meant to teach us something in life.

The issue to keep in mind, is when someone wants to generalize his experience and make it the “truth” or when that belief constricts the horizons for growth of that child.

That is when the child goes back into the “successful” adult mentality who is interested in “proving” himself to be “right.” A source of egocentric mind.

In my experience, there are beings of light at this time who are helping humanity to move into a different consciousness. If there is a human being who is a believer of heaven, then that consciousness will be used to give support, assurance and benefit to those individuals experiencing that consciousness. That is how people from different walks of life have different “divine” experiences according to their beliefs or according to what these individuals need to experience.

For example, you can see this in this movie trailer (This movie is being played at a theater near you…) “Heaven is for real.”

The movie clearly gives hope and happiness to believers. If we understand consciousness, we will see how positive this assurance will be for those believers in that state of consciousness.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that this particular belief is “the holy truth.”
The point in spirituality is not to define and spell out what is the “truth” (for the understanding of it depends on the location of our consciousness;) but to “open” our consciousness.

Now, someone who professes atheism will believe that he does not have a belief.
He does. Not believing in a belief is another belief. :-)

Please see that “reality” depends exclusively in the location of our consciousness. ( As explained in other articles)
If hard-core scientists tell me that science is “real,” then I could easily point to them about quantum physics “reality.” There is nothing that could be called “real” there, unless we use a point of reference. Our senses will perceive what they are “designed” to perceive. That is not “reality” but a perception of it.

The interesting aspect is that many human beings according to their consciousness have gotten trapped into their own “Godly” experiences. Something like :”I have seen God” or “I have gone to heaven,” or “ I had an experience with God or Jesus, etc.”

Those are great experiences! However, those experiences do not mean automatic change in consciousness.
Please see this, for without a change in consciousness we will be psychologically, the same individuals with the same fears and the same hopes and the same attachments, etc. no matter what we practice or believe in.

Changing our consciousness is not related with giving hope or assurance to our beliefs. Changing our consciousness is a new way of looking at life so the perception of misery and suffering is constantly reduced, but not out of a belief or a thought, but just out of our own day-to-day experience in openness and trust to life.

Greater consciousness means greater reduction of that perception of suffering, which in turn means greater enjoyment.
Greater joy. :-)

Life is a marvelous experience once we truly see our own “interrelated” eternity. (Totality) We are tourists in life. Every passage in this life is there to be experienced. Once we are able to perceive that the answers in life are not “black or white,” then our consciousness has increased, it has opened up!

We experience “death,” but we are eternal. Thus, there is only life.
God is a belief for some, a reality for some; but nevertheless a “gift” for all the grown up “children at heart.”
What is that gift?
The adventure of living and discovering life, with playfulness.
Life is a game. :-)

Collective beliefs: Comfort in numbness

collective belief

In the “game of consciousness,” when we are looking at ourselves, we could perceive that mental dependency with various beliefs which are part of our surroundings, our circumstances, our context. To be able to perceive this without denial or rejection but merely as “things that I may need to consider,” is a very important step in opening our consciousness.

“Opening” does not mean to reject but to embrace. To be inclusive.

If Avyakt7 needs to put this in a phrase, it would be something like:
“What I was taught to believe in the past about me, may not be what I perceive to be true in myself now.”

In the statement above, I am not labeling things as “bad” or “lies,” etc. But rather I am acknowledging the value that those preconceptions had in my personal upbringing, in my own path. Things change. We are constantly becoming… thus, “I” am not the same ever.

Caroline Myss has described the above in a very touching manner. If you have experienced her explanation, you will understand. If you have not experienced that, at least you may experience some benefit by “listening” to her viewpoint.

If we cannot see “Totality” in “Individuality” due to some ingrained collective belief; perhaps the vivid description of J. Krishnamurti, may spark that understanding…

Enjoy! :-)

The “keyword” is consciousness.


Explaining the word consciousness is an impossible venture. It is in our experiences but we do not recognize it many times…. Perhaps because we are unconscious… :-)

The dictionary will define consciousness as: “The state of being awake and aware of one’s surrounding.” Get it? :-)
Now every one of us will interpret that definition. Some will venture into becoming gurus and explaining their own take on that. They will have followers who will merely repeat the “concept” and if they stick around long enough, then they will become the next guru in the “lineage,” full of dogmatic concepts to repeat to potential followers.
“We have the truth,” they say. In truth, just a bunch of concepts, definitions and so on.
Their task now is to fit the perception of “reality” into their dogmatic views. Quite a task.

And that is how we “think” that spirituality is another “concept” gathering deal.
You got to know the keywords: “ Consciousness, live in the moment, soul, God, eternity, etc.”

Do we remember the time when we played with dolls?
I mean, most girls have played with them. Also boys: The popular “G.I Joe.” The exclusive image of a super macho guy with his impeccable wardrobe to fight evil through muscles and guns. The “fun” was to change his clothes according to the appropriate circumstances, according to the “adventure.”

Do you remember the time when you decided to stop playing with dolls?

Most probably not. There wasn’t a single moment which indicated that change of…. consciousness.

Granted. If your “Grandpa” caught you playing with your G.I Joe doll, he may have said something to you, like: “Boys do not play with dolls” and just to make sure that you got his message, he may have added a group of things that “boys are supposed to do.” That probably stayed in your memory banks, so you could repeat that to your grandkids. :-)

Then, at that point; even though we may want to play with our G.I Joe exclusive edition, we were repressed thanks to Grandpa. Our consciousness did not change, but our behavior did through a “commandment.”

See where am getting at?

Another example.
Let us say that Annie was a meat eater. She decided to become a vegetarian because she wanted to “eat healthy.” According to her views, to eat healthy is equivalent to be a vegetarian.

That means that whenever she is not feeling like “being healthy,” she could go back into her old self.
Her consciousness has not changed.

What about if Paul is told by “eminent, respected individuals” about how animals are mistreated, even as pets when he attended a talk given by XYZ organization. Paul felt that he had to do something about it. He joined the organization….”I am for fair treatment of animals,” nevertheless, he could not stop eating a “big mac” on a daily basis. His consciousness couldn’t see the relationship between his “ideal” and his behavior.

Another example?
Petra joined a religious group. She had an “experience” in that group. She believed that to be a Godly experience.

Petra couldn’t understand how her folks were against her joining that “cult.” (The label given by those who do not like a religious group.)
Obviously 2 different state of consciousness.

Petra found some “support” from others which had similar consciousness. Their main task was to stay in that consciousness without further change.
They felt that they “have arrived.” They felt that their consciousness was the “highest.”

That is how there are many religions. Those only pinpoint the difference in consciousness.
Nevertheless, ego could be so great and then the point becomes in believing that “my consciousness” or “our consciousness” is the greatest. The truth… and “I am part of it.”

Notwithstanding, that type of consciousness may become a “life style” rather than a necessary experience in our paths to open up our consciousness even further.

That opening comes “naturally” when we are not entangled with beliefs, just like when we stopped playing with that G.I Joe doll…. It just came the day when we decided to stop being part of his awesome adventures… :-)

Everyone of us, is a “work in progress.” There is no “arrival.” The issue is when we see something, when we realize something and we are unable to live according to that realization due to different fears.

Moreover, there are some who believe that the “time when we played with a G.I Joe doll was a waste of time.”
Obviously those individuals do not realize that everything has its own timing in life…. And for everyone that timing is different… all according to their own state of consciousness.

Observing Life and Death on the road

car and squi

Michael was driving to work happily. In his driving path he saw a little squirrel jumping from one side of the street and quickly running towards the other side. The squirrel did not stop when a middle-sized red car was coming.

The squirrel tried to run away from the car as soon as possible. But it was too late. The car run over the squirrel.

The squirrel seemed dead from Michael’s perspective, when he was about 20 meters away from the “action.”

It is interesting to notice the thoughts coming in that moment and after the “action” was over in Michael’s psyche.

Michael realized: “Everything was so quick. I didn’t have the time to think. But after the fact, many thoughts entered my mind.
What about if the squirrel is still alive?
Why that driver did not use his horn to stop the squirrel?
How is it possible for such a squirrel not to see an upcoming car?”

Michael wasn’t able to realize how his mood changed at that time. He became depressed in a few seconds. He became a “philosopher of life” trying to figure out the “reason” for that incident and why God allowed such a cute little animal to be killed in such a hideous way.

Michael accelerated his car and passed the person driving that red car. He wanted to see him.
The driver was an old individual. He looked all tensed up, holding the driving wheel with both hands and leaning towards it. He had a bad posture.

That individual probably does not even know about that squirrel!

End result:
The driver is gone from the scene. The squirrel is gone from this physical existence. Michael, the observer; is completely angry and depressed… even though he was not involved in this incident.

In life, we are always observers. Things happen and there are no evident “reasons” for them to occur.

We could say: “I think this is the reason why that happened.”
Ok. If others agree, then that becomes the official “reason.”
So what? :-)

Michael observed life. Michael could have acted in other ways. That is his “choice.”
However, Michael was influenced by the scene. He lost his happiness.

Question: Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that Michael should be a robot and just live life without feeling anything?

Answer: No. Michael could feel happiness. If that is who he is. That happiness is not related with whatever happens “out there,” otherwise; he cannot be happy.

Question: Yes.. I understand. But… I cannot try to cut myself off from “others” just like that. I need to practice…

Answer: No… You don’t. This is just a change of consciousness based on being aware of the Totality of life.
Question: It doesn’t make any sense…
Answer: That is right. It will not. Consciousness is not a “logical reason.”

Discovering Ego step by step


We have developed a society where the consciousness of individuality is prevalent.
We can only perceive separation from “me.”

As every individual realizes that to “play” in this world in a “smart fashion” is about making sure that “I” get things/privileges/ options/ positions/money/Paradise before “you” then, a “sharp” individual will make sure to get the “job done.”

This implies the “art” of convincing others that “I” am in the right path, that “I” am arriving someplace and at the same time, convincing myself that “I am happy.” :-)

If we cannot achieve some goal that we have in mind, then there is a “guru” available for us who can show us how to get there… We have self-help books, we have “coaches,” we have subscriptions to the “top minds in business,” and of course, we have religions as well if our goal is beyond this “materialistic degraded world.”

Someone could show you even God. Think about it!!
However, as great the possibilities may be…there is no change in consciousness.

When our consciousness is stuck in individuality anything that we “do” will be about “ourselves.”
We will be full of ourselves. :-)

“Show the world who you are.”
Who are you? What is so great about you?
In a different consciousness, we are part of the totality of life. Another piece in the giant puzzle.
Isn’t that great?
I guess, that does not fulfill our ego, right?

“I want things to be perfect.”
Isn’t perfect what we think it is? Is there only one way to perfection? Probably that way is “our” way, right?
Isn’t perfection at the mental level nothing else but the rejection of something that we consider to be “imperfect”? :-)

“Compete and win. Winning is everything. You are a fighter.”
:-) If you can run faster than another human being, that is great… if someone’s gift in life is considered to be the “thing to achieve” by all, then we are in trouble.
It is another display of “me.” My “country.” My “national anthem.” “My flag.” “My people” is the best…. :-)

If doing something in life is about “winning” that is one of the most “devastating” things that we can think of and that we can do to ourselves. It is just another way to strengthen our ego. The joy of doing something is beyond the duality of winning and losing.

When we are all tired of “seeing how this world is all about getting to be someone and to get more money” then we could pursue a religious belief in the after life.
Granted some of us had an experience from God, signaling that we are part of the “selected ones.” Our lives are meant to be “different” and to have a “greater meaning.” We are here to “help others.” We are here to “teach others.”

When our consciousness is stuck in individuality all we could achieve is to strengthen our ego. It doesn’t matter if we are “fighting” here in the material world to be “someone” or to “fight” out there in the world beyond.

Please see that as long as we could only see separation and individuality we are “doomed” to “achieve” a greater ego. It does not matter what we do in life. It does not matter what we believe in. It is the same consciousness after all.

Perhaps to “build up” our ego is “bad” for us?
Not at all. Everything has consequences though. An ego out of proportion could do lots of harm to the self and to “others,” because that ego is unable to see interdependence.

“I won a prize in a competition but I did not want to claim it for I want to be humble and want others to enjoy the prize.”

My thought of being a “winner” conflicts with my thought of being humble. The result is another thought which denies itself the experience of winning a prize for the continuation of the “ideal” of being “humble.”

That is called repression not being humble.

The word “humble” in the consciousness of individuality is just a misinterpreted word. A senseless word to repress through thinking something which dwells in a different consciousness.

To be “humble” naturally happens in the consciousness of Totality without thinking about it, without looking for a dictionary definition of that word.
Paradoxically, to be “humble” is a word, which does not exist in the consciousness of Totality.

A tiger is humble, and so a bird and a flourishing tree, but not a thinking human being.

Fixing values in our society


It was another beautiful day in the park were Mathias, the wise tree lived. Flowers were blooming there; the wind was flowing in harmonious movement caressing the faces of the by passers.
You could see green everywhere in that park. It was a landscape to appreciate and admire without comparison.

Many times we could try to ask a “brainy” question such as: What is the cause of this problem in life and what is the solution?
Nevertheless, that question may need to be rephrased.
Because the way life “works” may be different from what we perceive due to our upbringing, learned traditions, our conditioning.
In other words, a logical, reasonable question; may not necessarily fit the “reality” of life.

Ananda: Hello Friend! I have a daunting question in my mind. It is about the significance of human values.
You see, everyone has a list of what they consider to be a value in life. Those lists could change according to cultural upbringing, life setting, beliefs, etc. Those are non consistent.

Is there something that we could consider a consistent value for everyone?

Mathias: Yes friend. To live life and to be happy are appreciated values across all living beings. Every living being values life and to be happy.

Ananda: But yet, some people argue that “our values” as a society are degrading….

Mathias: Lesser appreciation of life and the experience of unhappiness. That is all.

Ananda: That is bad! I think human beings need to shape up their behavior and become good-natured again! Spirituality is the path for that. I think our own ego is the cause of that suffering; and the solution of that degradation of values will be in conquering ego. Everyone has to make effort for that!

Mathias: (smiling) Friend, Have you seen a snowball?
Ananda: Yes, of course! How is that related with values?
Mathias: Is the snowball able to remain in that same form forever?

Ananda: Of course not! The seasons will change and that snowball will become water once the heat increases.

Mathias: Very good friend! Mathias is impressed with your knowledge!… And once it becomes cold again… What could happen?

Ananda: We will see snowballs again…

Mathias: Those snowballs are like “values.” They will diminish; degrade as time goes by, as heat increases in the environment.

Ananda: Wait a minute! What you are trying to tell me is that “degradation” of values as experienced now, indicates that those values will be “full” again at some point in time?

Mathias: Don’t you know that everything in life is cyclical? Just like the 4 seasons. There is no season that will remain the same for good. Seasons change by themselves. No “help” needed for that!

Ananda: Yes, but that doesn’t mean that someone who lacks values will change into a person full of values by himself without doing something, right?

Mathias: My friend, that depends in your role in life. You know that, don’t you? That is called the Drama of life. In that Drama, changes do not necessarily happen in one lifetime. Everyone has a different role, which will allow for changes in consciousness to gradually occur at the right time. There is a process, just as when wintertime becomes spring again! In this process, a flower dies and a tree loses its foliage little by little. For someone with a limited vision, that is “bad.” For someone who is able to see the whole “movie” every activity has an ordained purpose. Everything is “good”! :-)

Ananda: But…then what I am supposed to do now… to wait around until the “values” in people become full again? I want a solution now!!

Mathias: Do all snowballs turn into water at the same time? Every one of them has its own timing. What you can do is to learn to appreciate the process. Life is a journey and not a destination. As you become aware of your own process, then your consciousness will open up; and with that opening, you will be able to enjoy life and become a living example for others; in a way, like giving others the courage to change as well. In that consciousness, there is no longer a need for beliefs.
Many fear that change, you know…. That melting of the snowball is necessary for springtime to occur.
Let me ask you a question:
What comes first the melting of the snowball or springtime?

Ananda: Both are interdependent.

Mathias: Great answer, my friend! Remember that interdependence, for everything that happens to you has a relationship with everything else, with the Totality; with the Drama of life!

Ananda: Ohl! then, I can see now how my change will affect everything else as well. Then, I can say, “I am” the solution of the problem of “degeneration of values”!!

Mathias: You could. But also you could say that there was no problem to begin with, for that called “degeneration of values” is merely a stage in life. Only a still frame in the “movie of life.”
Like everything else, that picture will change at the right time.

Ananda: Ha! That is why predestination is needed for things have their own exact timing…

Mathias: You could say that. But also you could say that because you have free will, you have chosen to change… :-) and to become the “solution” of the problem…

Ananda: Friend, then how I am supposed to change? What do I need to do?

Mathias: Nothing. You do not need to do anything. You only need to be happy and to enjoy life!

Ananda: Do nothing? I have to do something!! Otherwise, how change could happen in me?

Mathias: Your consciousness will open once you accept life as it is, for what it is. Once you learn to move along with the direction of the current in the river of life. Your life experiences will teach you if you are willing to learn. Those experiences are designed just for you! Then, a smile will appear in your face with no reason… Trust life!

Ananda: That is the time when I will know that I have learned?

Mathias: No my friend… That is the time when you will know that you have recuperated all your values! With that experience in your consciousness, then you could share that with others. That is how the chain reaction will happen at its own time.

Ananda: It seems that everything in life is about timing.

Mathias: …And patience my friend… lots of patience… You are the cause and the solution of any problem that you could think of in life. When you realize that, the search for a “culprit” is over and then you could look at you… get to know you.

You could enjoy life and be happy! In the meantime… :-)

Mock Measures By: Precious Pearl

“Here is where you fit in the scheme as I see”
The disgruntled Mind declared to me
Stoking discontent it worked hard to compare
The skills, the smarts, the gear and wear!

A Perennial Pilgrimage, it seems of sorts
To prey on the self, size up and report
With unavailing solicitude
To classify, it continues.

“Distinguished! You’re a cut above!”
Or quips with scorn “Nay! Bottom Rung!”
Around the clock this manic mind
Collects, collates, assesses, derides!

Let me hear your story, I ask today
Reveal to me the seeds of decay.
You impinge on my being with your rationale,
Why use yardsticks that measure the depths of my hell?

“Look around you”, it said, “Am I really to blame?
As far as I know, that’s all there’s in the game.
The class, the caliber, famous and first-rate
Don’t we celebrate and rest disparage?”

“From the womb to the tomb don’t we use someone else
As a benchmark to gauge our worth and express?
Pitting you against you, is my forte
In the world of clans and cliques I play.”

So you’ll just follow suit, ‘coz bulk of the state
Files inadequacies and impersonates?
It’s a losing battle, I hope you can see
Why not for a change, come be friends with me?

Don’t labor so hard, to self-sabotage
With care and compassion repair shattered shards
Of self-love, self-acceptance, approval and worth
It’s time to desist keeping tabs on the world!

Being “someone” in life


When we are “someone,” our possibilities for being something else are cut off.
Most individuals in life have a “dream” to become someone. To become an actor, to make millions of dollars, to be popular, to become a King or Queen, to be a congressman, the president etc. That is “someone.”
That is fine. Great.

However, those labels imply a certain look, a certain life style, a certain background, etc. which paradoxically will limit the possibility of being a “regular joe” out there who enjoys his time without other witnesses around him… or just being someone else…. The possibilities are limitless without trying to be “someone.”

Some individuals usually believe that this “arrival” at being “someone” equals to “being successful” in life. That is a valid point.

However, there is no “arrival” for an ambitious mind. There is always something else. To be “successful” is just an idea. Collective idea may be, which does not mean “reality.”

It appears that most would like some sort of objective in life, a goal, something to achieve. That is part of our educational system, a way of looking at life. Be a “go getter.” “Show them who you are.”

Even in religious spirituality, it is about being “someone” in the after life, whether that is an angel, a deity, etc.
It is the same ego centered ambition dressed up as “spiritual.”

It seems that we are unable to be fully alive in the ‘now,’ even when knowing that this ‘now’ will be the origin for the future.

We have forgotten about ‘being and feeling,’ and we are continuously embracing ‘doing’ that is, getting things the “way I want them” which conflicts with the way someone else “wants them,” and then competition arises which in turn, brings the idea of “winner and loser,” which brings further conflict.

As long as someone wants to become something “fixed,” that person will not be able to enjoy the “now.” Forcing things to fit our ideas means to interfere on what is naturally happening. This will bring a consequence in our lives.

In other words, to be open to the tides of the ocean of life.
If it is a low tide enjoy that, knowing that things will change. If you were looking for a high tide, when the time comes be ready to enjoy it as well, knowing that it will not last forever. Enjoy the change. Low tide does not mean “bad, hell, sinner, devil.” Just as high tide does not mean “good, heaven, saint, God.” Embrace life. Embrace the Totality.

Those changes in life are what typically bring unhappiness to people. Life means changes. That is certain and for everyone it will be different.

The above brings me to the following clarification to some readers of this blog who would like to vent their feelings and opinions in the “comments section.” (I had to delete those)

Some individuals have fixed Avyakt7 in their minds as a representative of a particular religion.
Avyakt7 does not represent anyone.

In his life, Avyakt7 had many spiritual teachers and many religions that he belonged at one time or another. All of those experiences make up who he is today.
That is his personal journey in life. It does not have to be like yours.

This blog represents just that change, that movement.
If someone chooses to label Avyakt7 as being from this religion or that philosophy… That is fine with me, if that makes you happy.

Avyakt7 is happy being a “nobody.”
Nothing to represent. Nothing to believe in.
Nothing remains the same.
Always open. Always joyful. Always at ease.

Thank you! :-)

The bottom line


We can believe in whatever we want. That does not mean that it is the “truth.”

It may be “our” truth, but please realize that it could change at any time. We could be stubborn, but that is our issue. We have the right to be stubborn… and the consequences as well.

As a matter of fact, as our consciousness changes, so our understanding will change.

We are never the same. Ever. We are always changing, always evolving, always becoming….Propelled by the quality of our feelings, which in turn become our actions.

If we change our actions but we do not change our feelings, we will be acting as repressed individual.

We could look “honorable” under the eyes of others, but we will be burning inside. Ready to explode at any time.

There is no activity, which is “pure or impure” in the “movie of life.” Unless we believe otherwise.
It is just the feelings that we have about that activity which makes things ugly or beautiful.

Love between human beings is beautiful but not so much when our feelings are “ugly,” when that “love” is based on neediness, when it is just about expectations.

A greedy person cannot know what love is.

That greed is not just about money or power, but there is greed in our ideas about becoming someone “special,” an angel or a saint or a deity. That is, our life will be focused on “achieving something” in the future based on an ideal, forgetting about living life in the present, where our feelings reside. The now.

Let things happen uncalled, as they have to happen without trying to control the outcome. That ego driven self who thinks that spirituality is like going to school and earning a grade when you “study more,” is a self-deception. There is no homework to achieve. It happens… all by itself, when you relax, enjoy and allow your “pure” feelings to blossom.

Empty yourself so there is no “self” to adore or to support, so you can surrender to life, be part of that totality without trying to become “someone.”

That “trying” is just the game of an egotistical mind. We will change by itself… We just need to look at our feelings so they direct the changes in us. It is cause and effect. It is not something that appears from just this life. We are eternal.

If we believe in God. That is great! We are never alone. We live in relationship. If you believe that God will help you just because you joined a religion, you are deceiving yourself. In life, you can only get what you deserve. You earn that help. How?
Through your “pure” feelings, which became actions at one point. Those activities became the “law of karma.” The origin is in your feelings.

You may misunderstand my words. Beware of that.
That is because unless you have experienced what I am trying to convey through limited words, you will not understand. That is, you will interpret these things according to what you know. According to your consciousness. That is how nothing written or spoken could contain truth. It is just a perception, adulterated by language and limited consciousness.

That is why Avyakt7 does not teach anything. He only shares his experiences, realizations and such in this blog.
You are free to read them or not. Free to interpret them as you wish.
There is no expectation in this “game.”
Hopefully you will enjoy this “game.”! :-)

Life has its own intelligence


Being an eternal being means that every one of us will experience different experiences at a certain point. Usually we call those experiences, “good” or “bad.” That is only a limited perspective, a still picture in the movie of life. When we only see the still picture; we could suffer unnecessarily. When we see the movie of life and the message behind it in an “unlimited” way, we could understand the “timing” for a particular being and the experiences, which are necessary for their growth.

We need to learn to trust life and in the meantime, to be joyful of the moment which is not related with circumstances or a context around us, but just because we are living life.

Jesse was born with a handicap. His brain lacked a supply of oxygen for a couple of minutes during his birth.
This event had a consequence in his development. He had speech problems and his physical age did not match his mental age.

He was a teenager mentally when he was physically a middle-aged man.

As we could foresee, Jesse had problems relating with people. When he was a kid, some “mean people” used to make fun of him and his speech pattern.

His mother over protected him in such way as to completely void him from being able to take care of himself.

Jesse was growing up with a sense of self-pity and some anger for not being accepted by all.
Jesse felt either sorry coming from others or derision.
Jesse was losing his mind as he perceived the world as being too harsh for him.

Ananda was Jesse’s friend.
Ananda went to see Mathias, the wise tree. He wanted to ask him about his friend, Jesse. Ananda was concerned about helping Jesse.

Ananda: I have a friend who is living a pitiful life. I mean, what is there for him to live for?

Mathias: You are sad about that, right?
Ananda: Yes. Even though I understand that every human being needs to perform a particular role in life which happens due to cause and effect and the capacity of that particular being to experience duality, I feel sad when something like this happens to someone who is close to me.

Mathias: Tell me some good things that you see about Jesse’s life.

Ananda: Well… He is alive. He is still living with his parents, which is something that many people would have loved to but at some point they have to depart and forget about being kids. Jesse likes to help animals and he has a good sense of humor….

Mathias: Good! Then you are starting to see the complete picture from your perspective.

Ananda: But still… Why he has to go through that type of life?

Mathias: There is a tyrant that at one point in time destroyed everything which was at his service. The experience that Jesse is going through is neither “good,” nor “bad,” but necessary. If you just look at the still picture you can get lost in it feeling pity when there is no need for that. See the whole movie. Be unlimited.
Jesse is an immortal being as you know. He has to go through a particular experience to let go of his own stubbornness and for that, he needs to give up, open himself to life. Until that does not happen, he will only experience the same thing, over and over.
He will have that openness when his time arrives. That is why those experiences are there for. Every being is unique and every being needs particular experiences.

Ananda: how can I help to make his experience easier on him?

Mathias: Love and discipline. He only understands those 2 sides. Be his friend, his brother, and his father at certain times. He will listen.

Ananda: But many times he does not listen what I tell him…
Mathias: Drop that ego my friend. You can only communicate your feelings with love. He will do the rest when the time arrives. In the meantime, you could be joyful… and smile… :-)