Paradox: All paths will lead to our destiny


Living life is about experiencing life to gain valuable insight, thus any path that someone takes to search for answers about their own life will eventually lead that person to realize the self. It all goes back to the self, but that needs to be realized and not conceptualized.

It all depends on our state of consciousness. That consciousness is not modified by “following teachings,” but by gaining insight.

In this way, there is no repression in the self.
We could do something out of compulsion. That is not honest. We could behave in ways that we truly do not feel.

Heckle and Jeckle went to a “spiritual/meditation” class.
Jeckle wanted to help himself to gain “peace of mind” as he was going through “problems” in life. Jeckle started his search for meaning at that point. Before that “problem,” Jeckle had no desire to listen to anything “spiritual” as that was “boring stuff” for him. :-)

Heckle on the other hand, was very experienced. He had experienced different religious groups, spiritual groups, self-help groups, new age groups, metaphysical groups, psychic groups, etc. Read many things, realized others and so on. In every experience Heckle gained valuable insight to continue in his personal path.

Jeckle was listening attentively to the teacher in that “spiritual” class. The teacher was wearing a particular robe which gave him an air of importance.

The teacher spoke about the mind in that class.

“What is the mind? What is its origin? What is its function?” He went on to explain his beliefs as if they were “facts.” Those beliefs were backed up by a book that he was reading to the audience. The book was written by his masters.
“The mind leaves the body. So if you are sleeping and then you think about India and then you die during your sleep… Guess where you are going to live in your next life?”
The teacher went on: “ Life is not just this experience that we have here, but there will be plenty of other lives in the future and the time to be engaged in making those future lives happy, is now; through pure spiritual practices. All problems are just thoughts created by the mind. A feeling of love for someone is just another thought.”

The teacher finished his class with a meditation in which he repeated the same concepts for the audience to repeat in their minds and thus, “realize” those concepts for “themselves.” :-)

Heckle observed that what this teacher called the “mind,” that was called the “soul” in other religious views. He also realized that this teacher was giving importance to the future rather than the “now” and that this teacher wasn’t aware of feelings but only about emotions.
Finally, Heckle concluded that the teacher’s set of beliefs and concepts were not useful for him.

What is the purpose of having a concept about the mind or to play with concepts or beliefs about its origin and function, if Heckle had an experience of it…of what this “thing” is without further labels?

That first hand experience is what is useful to realize the self as an experience, not to have a concept about it or theoretical knowledge.

Heckle was waiting anxiously for the teacher to end his talk, to ask questions and to debunk that “teacher” who was talking “useless stuff” from his viewpoint.
After all Heckle was in favor of the “truth” and not in beliefs and stories based on “hand-me down” teachings. :-)

When the teacher finished his talk, he asked everyone to speak with their seating neighbor about their own realizations in the class.

Heckle heard Jeckle’s viewpoint first.
Jeckle said: “Wasn’t that a great explanation about the mind? I never thought that the mind was so important. I ought to watch my mind from now on…”

When Heckle heard that from his friend; Heckle did not have the courage to debunk the teacher.

Heckle learned through that experience that life teaches everyone in different ways. From that moment, Heckle learned the importance to respect everyone’s path.

When we hear about “Tolerance” of faiths, that is just a concept. We could learn to tolerate someone who thinks and feel different from us, without ever listening to what that person is conveying.

That is “conceptual tolerance” that stuff we can learn from a nice book or a “teacher.”

However, when we experience the need to respect someone’s path in his search for meaning in life, then at that moment; tolerance becomes an unnecessary word. :-)

Jeckle learned about his mind.
Heckle learned from that teacher something about himself which was very important in his self-realization.
Thus, everyone learned something new.

Jeckle is just beginning his journey for meaning in life. Jeckle is acquiring information to feed his mind with “new things” to think about.
Heckle has already gone through that and now Heckle is learning to free himself from that information and letting life itself be the teacher. Heckle is learning to trust and not to think too much.

Different paths. All going to the same place but with different timings.

The flowers in a garden will blossom at different times. The gardener’s job is to respect their personal timing.

Discovering the covered self


The world as Nature or the Universe showcases only “what is.”
This statement may seem too obvious or senseless, but to understand “what is” without beliefs and preconceptions could be a challenging task which comes when we start to “unlearn.”

Some may label “what is” with colorful names: Beautiful, ugly, good, bad, correct, incorrect, etc.

The paradox to keep in mind is that this “giant mirror” only reflects the viewer.

Question: What do you mean?
It reflects what the viewer “IS.”
It doesn’t reflect what the viewer will become or what he has been. It only reflects “now.”

The “problem” arises when “I” become someone rather than “being”… The Universe itself.
A flying bird does not even have the label of being a bird in its awareness. A bird “is.”
Human beings on the other hand, are pretty good about coming up with sophisticated labels to segregate and separate. Some labels are enticing while others denigrate. Duality.

And here is one of the greatest paradoxes of all time:
“The more “I” go away from “me” to search for answers, the longer it will take for those answers to come to “me.”

Do we see the extreme depth of that paradox?

It is “Me” in front of the mirror of life. What do we want to “see”?
Reality? :-)

Are we ready for it? If we are, the “world at the office” may lose its grip on us.
We will be different from “others” perspective, although paradoxically; we will be more in tune with the birds and other “non-office” dwellers. :-)

If we truly understood even intellectually, that we perceive things as we “ARE,” then let me ask a couple of innocent questions:

1. Who is God? Is our understanding based on what we “see” which is based on what we “ARE” or it is another hand-me-down concept to repeat which by necessity is “static” and will not reflect the nature of life, which is changing, dynamic?

As we reach another consciousness, could “our concept” change? Or it is supposed to be a “dogmatic” non-changing truth in a changing Universe?

My last innocent question is:
2. Could a belief distract us from knowing the only thing in life that we could truly know that is, ourselves?
Answer: You bet.

The paradox is that a “distraction” is also another path to the same “know thyself” therefore, that experience of being distracted, cannot be labeled as “bad” for it was “good” after all… :-) Got to love paradoxes, by now! :-)

The above is truly begging for the following question: ;-)
How can we know “ourselves” if we are influenced by so many perspectives and beliefs?
1. Unlearn those beliefs
2. Let Nature itself teach you, for there is no difference between Nature and “you.”
Ask any bird if in doubt …. :-)

From life at the “office” to living Nature


“Life at the office” is the term used to describe our worldly experience of a man-made world away from the laws of Nature.

When our mind is immersed in the “world at the office,” then our understanding of the Universe and the way Life operates will be very limited.

Anne wanted to “improve” herself. Anne was taught that “knowledge is power” so she went to the bookstore where she found plenty of books. Anne decided to go for “Self help” under that, she found “spirituality” and in another subsection, there was “Western,” “Eastern” and “New Age,” thought. The labels were neatly divided into different religions and philosophies and then into different authors.

Anne felt a bit overwhelmed that she had to read so many books to “help herself.”

Anne decided to hire someone, a local Guru who she heard “talks pretty good stuff” to “coach” Anne into getting certified as a “spiritual life coach,” so she can become a teacher to “make the difference in the lives of many.”

Anne heard: “You could be what you want to be. Your past does not determine your destiny unless you decide that. You could follow a proven path to help your clients to reach their goals.”
Anne then had a successful training in the “Secret” and in metaphysical studies.
Anne became a proven knowledgeable Guru of life… She was certified and she went through rigorous training… :-)

The above scenario illustrates our belief in the “world at the office” to understand “self-help” or “spirituality,” which Avyakt7 likes to call “living life with joy.”

Obviously, there is no way that any sort of “book learning” and “certification” could give anyone the wisdom coming from insight.

But… what about if Anne joins a religion?
What about if Anne stays in that religion for 30 or more years? Could she become a “true” spiritual guru?

Of course she will. The followers of her path will be her audience. She will be the example of dedication and love to whatever they believe is worthwhile in life.
Certifications are not required here, but unbreakable loyalty to a dogma is the most important valued item.

However meaningful that may be, it does not mean that Anne will experience the art of living life with joy, that is to be “spiritual.” :-)

That cannot be learned by following a particular path, for life is greater than just one path.

Something outlined to be followed to reach “illumination” will present the typical duality: Acceptance of “my path” and rejection of other paths.
Isn’t it? Do we see that?
If you hear someone who is representing any religion, once you heard that person; you have heard more or less all the followers who belong to that path.
You know their definitions. You know their philosophy. You know what they believe in. You know what they represent.

The structure, the dogma becomes very important to repeat. Repression will arise in that circumstance and with that the inability to perceive Oneness.

The “world at the office” has taught us: “This is good, that is bad. This is right, that is wrong. This is moral, that is not. We have the truth, they do not. We have God with us, they do not. We will go to heaven, they will not. Our ideas are correct, theirs is not.”

The Universe, Nature, life, does not support that segregation.

The experience of the path of “certifications” or the path of “loyalty to a dogma,” both are good experiences.
The issue resides in the belief that “we have found the truth.”
That is the biggest illusion. That is the greatest ego builder there is.

If we would like to understand life, Nature, the Universe, that means to become it, to be that truth, not to talk about it.
For that, we may need to observe.
To observe we may need to clean our minds from previous learning.
That cleaning is personal. Every one of us has different experiences, different beliefs, different emotional issues, different traumas, etc.

In other words, as our minds become “pure” by dissolving all the previous learning, we have the space, the openness to observe and learn from Nature itself.

That is the meaning of being born again.

It is evident that no bookstore or teacher is going to teach us that, because all we could get from them is more information (books, CDs, DVDs) that will cloud the mind with preconceptions of life…. of Nature.

However, if the above is just accepted because Avyakt7 says so; that is a big illusion as well.
It has to be realized. It has to be the product of our own experience. It has to be the fruit of previous search, of previous experiences of looking for answers… This is the “homework” that may need to be done so the next chapter starts afresh.

The beauty of the range of experiences in life will take the “life walker” from gaining information into emptying himself from it. The “method” is according to where our consciousness is located. Some may need to gain information, others to dissolve it as beliefs.

As that emptiness is necessary for our insight to appear, we could be like those birds who already know about flying in a “V” formation without ever going to a library to learn… and that insight cannot be put into words for “others” to follow.
It is immediate, intuitive…reflecting only the moment, the now.

Levels of violence


When a country or the general agreement of the world is in non-violence, but the consciousness of the individuals have not changed, the result is “pretty talk.”

Violence has many levels and resistance arises in all of them.

Ananda observed that a girl got a fish with her fishing pole. The fish was struggling to get out.
The girl reacted with fear and amazement at the same time. Her friend; who was watching the scene was laughing out loud. After 30 or some seconds, the girl unhooked the fish and it was let go. The fish was thrown almost lifeless into the Ocean again.

Was that violence?
The consciousness of those girls is unable to perceive suffering and struggle from another being.

The girl’s intention may not have been to torture the fish, her intentions may have been to have “fun.”
“After all it is just a fish and the laws do not prohibit to torment a fish,” she may have learned at school.

Human laws and beliefs are of no consequence in the way life operates.
This issue is related with consciousness.

In Nature there is killing, although that is not the label used.
It is called “eating to survive.”

Humans may have a different view on that. Killing for profit may be just called “earning a living.”

As we can see, there are different perspectives according to different states of consciousness.

It is the way it is, but certainly there are consequences.

There is violence in a family, when someone’s perception of an issue in life is not acknowledged but rather “corrected” to fit someone’s view of what is correct under the threat to punish them, to disinherit them or to cast them away.

There is also personal violence when any level of our being is not fully respected. For instance the pursue of the “perfect body” through exercise and diet could bring a disease, it could bring an injury. That is unnecessary suffering, but our consciousness may not be able to catch that and rather use the masochistic cliché: ”No pain no gain.”

Asceticism is another way of inner violence if the body is not accepted in all its wholeness and holiness but rather when is viewed only as a means to obtain something in the future such as “illumination.”

Our thoughts could bring violence when there is rejection of what is for the sake of what “should be.”

As we could see violence exists in many levels and that is why it needs to be observed and understood.

Typically we have been taught to react.
There is a reactionary mentality in society because changes do not happen “right now.”

Malcom X, a human rights activist; is quoted as saying: “ I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American Black’s man problem just to avoid violence.”

Malcom X was assassinated.

Many times we forget about timing and that every occurrence in life does not happen all of a sudden but it has a process for being built and a process to disappear. To respect that process is to align with Nature, the Universe.

Changes will happen, because life is change but the greatest and most influential change, is the change of consciousness.

Question by reader: Daydreaming, jealousy and pleasure



“Let me share my today’s experience. I felt good for an event for which I should not feel good. I heard about a girl who Is going through rough patches in her married life. Around 2-3 years back there were talks about our marriage among our relatives but that did not happen. I was quite neutral about this outcome.
Now my question:
How to avoid this jealous feeling when I trying to experience the moment I m just feeling happy. I don’t mean that I want to feel sorry for her, but still it can’t be happiness because of her misery.
how to put strict ban on daydreaming. I am not able to do that cos it gives me pleasure.
Thanks in advance.”

Thank you for your question for the common good.

Happiness is a label. The feeling of happiness is not a label.
When we are referring to the label, there is an opposite: Suffering. That is duality.

When we live in the moment, happiness as a feeling “is” when “we” are not there. There is no duality. If “we are” there duality will be there as well.
Please read the above paragraph many times until it makes sense.

When “we are” there then the whole web of relationships based on “I” will come up such as: My wife, my pet, my country, etc.

There is an experience that someone is experiencing. Why that experience has to be “yours”?
It will be “yours” if there is an “I” in between. Add the “social conventions” that we have learned (feel bad or good in certain situations) and then you have a good motive to strengthen the livelihood of your ego.

Feel empathy if you would, but happiness is not dependent on external situations.

If the above does not make any sense, there is no problem. If you would like a method to understand the above, stop looking for there is none.
It just happens when you are ready.

Observation is needed to become ready.

The “I felt good for something that I shouldn’t” is unnecessary. Observe that “you” felt good when someone you knew was not doing well. That is all.

Now, do not put a label such as: “I am bad” or an emotion such as “I feel guilty.”
That stuff will take you away from observing what is.

You already found the emotion behind it: Jealousy.

That means that your self-worth was increased in your mind when the girl who apparently was going to be your wife in an arranged marriage, had a rough time in her marriage with another.

Perhaps you think that you are neutral about this, but deep inside, you have some lingering emotions.

If you are single and have nobody with you yet, the thought of being “Mr. right” for her or for someone will bring many fantasies. It just happens to be her the focus of your fantasy.

That is something that you will need to find out by observing your own situation.
If you are in a relationship with someone, perhaps it is not that deep for you and the emotional outlet is there with the thought of her.

That is all.

Observation without judgments is very important to understand the issue.

That understanding will bring your own liberation from daydreaming, nevertheless; because you enjoy the movie in your head, it still will happen unless you become aware of the moment that it is occurring.

It is in the awareness right in the moment, when it is happening how you could decide to go on with the fantasy or choose to play “Nintendo” instead. :-)

Without that instant awareness the fantasy will go on.

Note that daydreaming brings an emotional rush, which has the potential to bring you “up” or “down.”

In a way, you are having a “relationship” with her although it is all in your mind, the emotions that you feel are real and that is what brings the need to repeat the experience, which you call “pleasurable.”

With those emotions, you may feel alive.

Our minds could create a world for ourselves, a world to suit our emotional needs when these are not fulfilled in the “real world.” However, a relationship with someone comes down to sharing things:
Washing the dishes together, paying the bills, taking the garbage out, doing something for each other, having fun together, growing together etc.

If that is not happening, then it is all in your mind and if you are aware of it, then the fantasy will stop as when we wake up from a dream.

Non-violent resistance


In Nature, lack of flexibility, openness or suppleness equals a short life span when facing another force of Nature.

The beauty of martial arts is to deflect a force without spending much energy.

When 2 forces collide, the stronger one will prevail.
Physics 101.

That is why most value force, strength to overcome an issue. Nevertheless, the stronger force will be diminished as well.
In human terms, there will be damages in both sides.

“Non-violence” is resistance. Since it is resistance, it will receive damage.
That has been the teaching in history.
Gandhi and Luther King applied non-violence as a form of resistance. The result is that there is still people fighting for their “freedom” or a better way to live or not being discriminated against.

Gandhi and Luther King were both assassinated.
Cause and Effect.
Many people lost their lives through that “non-violent resistance.”

Gandhi was disappointed once the British left India for religious wars were taking place among “his people.”
In India, fights are not about the “color of the skin” but it is all about religion.

Paradoxically, India is known for its tolerance of faiths… :-)

In the USA as well as many Western countries, the “color of the skin” has much importance even nowadays.

Even though the issues haven’t been resolved, those issues seem to be “better” that is, more “tolerable.”

Tolerance is not a virtue. It is self-deception.

Perhaps another “non-violent resistance” is needed?

It is not a matter of “doing” something. It is a matter of collective consciousness.

Some “maverick” individual has always influenced collective consciousness. It just takes time to “catch on.”

Humans are unwilling to learn from the lessons of Nature… or even history. Individuals who are concerned with the well-being of “their people” are unable to perceive the Oneness of all.

Courage is not just a display of our views into the world with the willingness to “fight for that,” to resist.

Courage is about-facing our own fears. To take a closer look to our own beliefs, to dismantle them and then to act when the time is right.
To wait for the right time, takes courage. :-)
A “good idea” is only “good” at a particular time.

Change will happen for life is change.

In history everyone will defend their own group however we want to divide it:
A color or “non-color” person will speak up for their group. A religious head, will do the same to defend the interest of their dogma. A political brain will act in the same way hoping that the masses will pick “right” rather than “left” because they are “right” and the others “wrong.”

Those defenders will get “peace” prizes.
Those defenders will get kill when violence and death was experienced by followers.
When they are dead, they need to be remembered.
Worship time.
That is the history of resistance in a nutshell.

There is nothing extraordinary in defending your own group. Extraordinary is to live without the separation of groups, of limits… into Oneness… and that is natural.

Nevertheless, things change all by itself: A thunderstorm goes away by itself. The “great flood” lasted for 40 days.
When the collective consciousness moves to a different state, then all of a sudden, a “crazy idea” becomes a “great idea.”
A maverick… becomes the “new savior.” :-)

There is nothing wrong or right in life


Betty had many diseases. She wasn’t able to explain why. Her eyesight started to fail when she was a teenager. Even though Betty was very feminine, she had the “classic” behavioral energy of men: She wanted things her way. She fought with whomever to put anyone in “his or her” place. As a teenager, Betty was fun-loving, disrespectful of authority and daring to the point of not caring about her own life.

Because her pride was shattered through the thought of losing her eyesight, Betty started looking for solutions and answers… Betty had extraordinary psychic abilities and was able to see things and communicate with beings, which many others couldn’t.

It was in that search when Betty joined a religion, which practiced extreme asceticism. Those practices and beliefs helped Betty to tune down her innate aggression. Betty was able to transform that aggressive force in her for the common good. Betty used her communication skills to mingle with people and to make them feel important and content by increasing their self-respect. This practice allowed Betty to transform her own manipulative ways.

Once that transformation took place, it was time for Betty to continue in her path. She changed the isolated ways of living in asceticism into integration with society… That is into Oneness…

Isn’t Betty’s life so “good” and “righteous” so far…? :-)

Betty was able to overcome her own limits and became an example for others. Betty was growing her consciousness by the experience of going from one extreme into another just to know her own limits and her own balancing act.
Betty was becoming one with life. She was finding herself.

One day, Betty had an appointment with a doctor who practiced a “bio-decoding” technique. Betty wanted to know about the origin of her current diseases, which came strongly with emotional episodes.

This doctor had the ability to tap into Betty’s psychic gifts during the session.

Betty discovered that in her “last life” she was a man by the name of Nicholas. In that life Nicholas owned a trucking business. Nicholas was very good at “doing business” but he was a daring troublemaker at the same time.
Nicholas committed suicide at the age of 46.

The discoveries that Betty had through this session agreed with many of her dreams in the past and with her tendencies. Betty had an unusual love for motorcycles and big trucks with noisy engines.

Betty discovered that those diseases and losing her eyesight was a consequence of her own actions in the past, but at the same time, those diseases were the ticket for her, to discover who she was and to “divinize” her tendencies.

If we look at the life of Nicholas, many could say: “ He lived a bad life. He was “wrong” by committing suicide.”

Those comments and judgments are worthless gossip out of ignorance.

When we see the continuity of life, that is the unlimited part of life beyond the “Me” at this point in time, we could discover that every single experience is completely necessary as it is.

Betty had the strength and aptitude to discover herself, although in a manner which could be described as “painful” by some but everyone has a different path in life.

“Right and wrong” are labels expressing duality. In that labeling we are only concerned about the human laws.

The universe is not bound by human morality.

“Right and wrong” are terms used to bring guilt, shame and to teach humans in a certain state of consciousness, to fear consequences: Punishment.

As we dissolve all dualities from our psyche, we should be able to discover greater Oneness.

The world at the “office” may thrive with “right or wrong.”
The critics, sitting comfortably judging others may feel important by playing Judges of someone’s destiny.

“Talk” doesn’t matter if we are not able to see the complete movie of life.

Of course, the skeptics could say: “Avyakt7, I thought that you are against beliefs… reincarnation is a belief…”

Avyakt7 is not against anything. Avyakt7 merely dissolves his own beliefs.

The story above is a true story. It is the experience of someone who I know. That story is true for her.
As far as Avyakt7 is concerned, that story merely supports an insight: There is nothing wrong unless we view it that way. There is nothing right, unless that is our belief… nevertheless, there are consequences in life.

Life is way more than going to the office and watching sitcoms at night. Life is more than devotional practices, worship to get something out of a belief.

To be able to see life, we may need to remove the lenses with different colors before our eyes… and just take a look at life without any judgment in our hearts.