The gift of self-realization

Self-realization is a gift to mankind. The “I” offers itself to be no-self.
The “I” with all its tricks, desires, wants, plans, etc. will go away little by little creating pain and agony in “going away” from Life, just to be someone different, unknown, mysterious.

That offer is not related with an ulterior motive. It is to be part of the Totality through a particular role, according to time.

In a way self-realization is unpredictable like death. We could plan all we want for the future, but when the time arrives, there is no going back.

While experiencing this “death,” there is very little interest in any hopeful belief system for the future; in the “after life.”


Being one with Life is not in the future. It is right now.
The wonderful “I” with all his beliefs of salvation and a better Life in the future are left aside to embrace what is now. Fulfillment, enjoyment, appreciation of Life are in the “now.”

Here there is no praying necessary, nor any special offers to the Gods to be made. There is no promise of any kind to no one.
Life has no promises other than being what is, thus a feeling of appreciation to Life is the ingredient to enjoy it.
We are free.

Do we want a method to reach “heaven”?
Self -realization.
Do we want everlasting “insurance” and good “karma”?

Do we want to be happy in this Life?

Then, why is it that Self-realization is not being preached to others, why is it not being taught to others rather than beliefs in everlasting life in the afterlife?

We cannot teach it or preach it. It is not something to be taught or learned from a book. No one knows how to get “there,” even if there is experience of it.

That is why there are so many beliefs and so many holy books instead. Those are things that most everyone could understand or interpret, the method to “get there;” to attain that “special” state, everyone wants to play it safe by following a “planned out” trip to “Heaven,” “risk free.”

All you need to do is to believe, to follow, to entertain yourself with the thought that you are getting there, becoming, arriving … soon…

If there is no method, if there is no way to proactively pursue and obtain that self-realization, what could be “done” to attain it?

Nothing. So enjoy what is.

It is not about “doing.”
It will happen when we are ready, not before or after. “Being” ready is not about “doing” things.
When we have gone through the experiences of the pendulum of Life from one extreme to the other, and our capacity for experiencing suffering has reached its peak, in the depth of that darkness; perhaps light could be seen.

As the “I” takes that helping light to move out of that space of suffering, the “I” perhaps will realize through the experiences of Life, that there is only suffering because there is “I.”
That is a day to celebrate!

The very thing the “I“ has been struggling to and searching everywhere to attain, is in the absence of that “I.”
The medicine resides in the disease.

Suffering= “I.” Pleasure= “I.”
Thus, duality = “I.”

Nevertheless, observe how our society from time immemorial, has been trying to build up that “I,” through beliefs in the eternal permanence of that “I.” Isn’t that ironic?

Some say “Life is suffering.”
That is nonsense; although many are repeating and spreading that line of “spiritual wisdom.”

Life is.
Life is the mirror of the “I.”

The “I” suffers.
How is the “I” capable of being one with Life?
Through no-I.
It does not mean that we shouldn’t feel pleasure or pain. NO! It means that while experiencing those experiences we could understand the “I.”
The trauma of the experience, the anxiety, the neediness, the “I cannot live without it” state or the “I need more of that;” those are the ingredients which acknowledge a well built up “I.”

If we stop the urge out of compulsion to practice asceticism or if we go all out for it in full indulgence, both extremes will increase our experience of suffering. It is the “I” driving the show.
Do we see that?
Thus, the middle-way… which is not “middle-way,” but there are no words to express inner balance within Life.
The word is harmony. Behind that word there is absolute emptiness.

Ohh.. now I get it! That is why the “I” cannot “do” anything to become one with Life!
Because anything the “I” does, takes the “I” away from Life. It is the doing of the “I” which gives greater presence to the “I.”

You said it. However, know that it cannot be said. For everything which is said, it is half-truth and half-false. Duality within words.
Words are only deceiving pointers to a place with no name.
Do you see the “truth” of this article?
See its “falsehood” as well.
The “truth” cannot be written in words.

Until July 6th! :-)

A bit of craziness for the mind

The first aspect that will be tested in the path of a new consciousness, will be the mind.
The mind full of beliefs and static idiosyncrasies has the baggage, which will need to be emptied.

As those beliefs are left aside, space will arrive in our consciousness. Then, the next step will need to be experienced: The cleaning of our emotional paraphernalia.

The mind is mostly related with this lifetime. Emotions come from many experiences before that.

An emotion is a trigger waiting to be pulled. The consequence is a reaction that will affect our psyche and the way we feel about Life.
A feeling is an untainted manifestation. As we live Life, as the “I” appears, those feelings become traumatic experiences, which have the power to determine our behavior. Those are emotions.

As we can see, it is very little that can be done by “changing our thoughts” only as the panacea for becoming “spiritual.”

In my experience, it will come a moment when those emotional traumas will need to be released. It is like a feeling in the chest, which brings a sensation calling for the need to cry without a reason.

At that time, Life will provide the necessary help to continue with this experience of inner knowledge and complete release. The inner pipe is clogged up with many sensations.

At that time, we may experience our inner voices looking to come out. Truly, there is a small step between releasing long held emotions and craziness.
I could understand now, how some people who have experienced traumatic experiences such as being left by a loved one or losing their work which gave them an identity, or any other “big” change in Life, could be affected by their emotions to the point of experiencing craziness.
To release emotions we will need to be situated in a consciousness of inner care; by knowing that this particular emotion had a purpose at one time, but in order to change in Life, it will need to go away. It is a thankful release.

After this cleaning episode which may last many sessions, a feeling of happiness for the sake of it, without a “reason;” may be experienced as the untainted feeling came back again to our awareness.

That is known as being emotionally in balance. The task is to be aware of it, by cleaning our minds and emotions from that time onwards.

It is in that new space, when the mind will still play tricks. The mind, will bring old sensations of pain or memories which evoke sadness.
This is the process of healing. Nevertheless, the mind will keep on bringing those sensations.

What to do?
Because that comes from the mind, it is important to get out of it.
How do we do that?
By occupying our minds with nonsense. That is right, get out of that state of stationary sadness by thinking stupid things, acting crazy with yourself.

Nonsense becomes a very important aid.
The mind, which is accustomed to linear thinking and logical stuff, knowledge and all of that, will be challenged with nonsense and the mental anguish will go away right there.
The mind needs to be cleared that way. Do something crazy once in a while :-) it is good for you!

As Carl Jung mentioned: “ the pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right or wrong.”
As I can see it, “Right or wrong” are inventions of the human mind but not of the mind. Life is neither right nor wrong. It is “what is.”
A teaching imbued with “right or wrong” is obviously not reflecting Life. Being one with Life, requires to reflect Life.

Do you mind your mind?

Life will teach us. Life will shape us, according to what it needs to be. According to the need of time.

We could change our beliefs 360 degrees by “surrendering” to the immense weight of Life over our shoulders. That is the hard way.

What makes it so hard?
I could say the “I,” but today I will be more specific.
Our minds.

The mind is very limited. The mind will gather information through our senses and make up a reality of its own.

So you lost your $300 sunglasses. Did it come to your mind that they were stolen?
Did you believe in it, just because of the “evidence” of mingling with some people who looked “fishy” to you?
At that point, the mind has created a reality, which will have greater strength if those sunglasses represent something important to you.

It is the downward spiral from there.

One day you may be looking for some change under the driver’s seat of your car… and there you found your sunglasses!

The trivial example above, illustrates other important aspects in our Lives.

We may need to check the facts before feeding our being with nonsense created by our minds.
Once our mind is convinced that “we know” without being actually sure, we may make a great mistake, which is not “bad,” but it could be a costly lesson in Life.

Remember the “benefit of the doubt”?
That is of vital importance.

To acknowledge the fleeting nature of the mind, is to understand that the mind is like another sense organ.

There are “visual” individuals out there. Their eyesight becomes the most important ingredient in their “reality.” Life will teach them that there is more than “visual effects” in Life.

Similarly is with people who are unaware of how their lives are being run by the limited information the mind is able to acquire.

It is not a matter of being the “master of the mind,” but to simply acknowledge the limitations of the mind. Become aware of it.

Have you ever been swimming in deep water and enjoying the experience, until a thought arrived: “Sharks.” At that point, the mind created the movie of a shark opening its mouth looking for you… Just like “Jaws.” How did you feel right after that inner movie show?
Scared. Tense. At that point the fun was over.
Nothing happened, but the mind sent its signal, which the “I” believed.

The unchecked mind could make of the “I” his greater believer.

When the mind is “out of control,” the mind could run the life of a person. What is pleasurable for the mind will be maintained and supported even though that could mean self-destruction.
A mind out control can create any fantasy, any mental situation; all it requires is for a believer to support its existence.

Do we understand now, how some individuals are looking for “peace of mind”?

The nature of the mind is to run from place to place by showing us our emotions, our deepest fears, likes and dislikes.

It is not a question of “peace of mind,” but just to observe that the mind is like a child running and jumping all according to our current emotional baggage.
If we believe in the stories of that child, we will discover that we are living our own reality away from “what is.”
That dissonance may be the starting point to look for inner answers.

Peace is not of the mind.
Mindfulness is beyond mind, into no-mind.

From “I” Into ONE

The “good deeds” of one consciousness does not apply necessarily to another type of consciousness.

When the “I” is of most importance, then “helping others” is seeked out as the opportunity to show our care for mankind. After all, we may need to demonstrate to ourselves and the world that “we are good, worth of being in Paradise!”

In the consciousness of Oneness, there is no such a thing as “helping others.” There are no “others” as everything goes back to the whole rather than the part. That is the meaning of being part of the “common good.”
Help is there, but there is no “I” helping “others,” a “Me” helping around.
The action is the same but not the intention.

Is it hard to grasp? No worries. It is nothing intellectual. It is a question of feelings.
Yes, our language is designed to separate, but our feelings are not.
To feel we need to go beyond the separation of time.

Want to be tolerant when dealing with someone? That is to be “good,” right?
“Look, I don’t care what you say… but let me swallow your words anyway, for the sake of being tolerant, in that way; I can add a golden star in my chart towards “my” earning Paradise…”

If we could see how the ulterior motive arrives every time we would like to be “good,” we could catch our 2 faces, our dishonesty.

Oneness is more than a concert in the Park where everyone hugs and hold hands together, it is way more than a belief system promising Paradise and what not, when “you die,” it is more than a meditation with the promise of continuation in the “afterlife.”
Oneness is not Life insurance for the “I.”

“No… I don’t want to change what I believe. I have found the truth.”
Sure. Do you realize about the truth of your own change? What are you going to hold on to? Ideas, dogmas, intellectual musings, beliefs, spiritual experiences?

Those things do not change. They are static …whereas Life is change.
Is your truth reflecting your change?

“What change? I am the same. It is good to be that way.”

Right. “You” are different than Life. You cannot be One with Life.

Some start their spiritual career by choosing “good” over “bad.”
When that idea is challenged by another human being, it is easy to brush it aside, but when that idea is challenged by Life itself, there is no option but to listen.
There is either change with Life or “You” die in the attempt to hold on to your ideas and beliefs.
Either way, the “I” will die… Funny, huh? :-)

From the standard of “good or bad,” the “change” is into : “No absolutes.”
By saying “No absolutes,” we are still living an absolute in the mind. We went from one extreme into the other, which will teach us to trust Life. To trust change.

At that point, perhaps we will realize that rather than putting significance to our own morality and changes interpreted through our thinking, we could look inside into our feelings and connect without words and structured beliefs into “what is.” That requires another consciousness.

We may discover in that, the “One” in everything.

Your Life is just you.

How do you like your life? Pretty good, huh? :-)
Do you want to “make a change”?

Who is making the change?
The “I” ?
Based on what?
Your previous experiences, your education, your beliefs, your ideas… your baggage.
Can we call that a change?

Do you feel lonely?
That is your Life.
That is you. No difference.

Do you want to change that?
Do “something,” right? Join this group, call that other group, talk to your buddies, be social etc.
Observe that to “feel alone” hasn’t been changed at all.
All the “doing” has only dissipated the feeling of loneliness.

All the “doing” is “good,” but it should reflect a change in “BEING” to be true.

Are you worried?
Change your thoughts! Right? That is what “spirituality” recommends… Change yourself, just “do it.”

No, my friends. That is a dishonest game.
“I” think this thought, but let me suppress that and put this other “good” thought instead.
“I” am changing… :-)

When we discover the wall of pain sitting in our hearts, which is not allowing for the air of Life to arrive and nourish our cells, at that point; in that awareness, we may stop “doing things” and allowing for that wall to be taken down little by little through the cleansing waters of our own tears coming from the heart.

We built the wall without help, without “doing” things. Similarly, is the process of disintegration.
Do you believe that this wall is protecting you?
Let go of that belief.
Do you believe that Life is harsh?
Look at your own harsh feelings.

Life is not only a mirror but it is “you.”
“You” can change that “you,” but that wouldn’t be called change.
Let it happen.

The Oneness of light and darkness

We perceived light and then perceived darkness. We saw 2 separate things.
We labeled light as “good” and darkness as “bad.”
With those labels, our perception of “morality” arrived and people divided themselves into “sinners” and “saints” to feel shameful or to judge others based on their value system.

The division progressed, as a “God” appeared to support a moral system and to condemn another.
That is how “being better than thou” arrived. We became engaged in building a “cookie cutter” society which kills all possibilities to explore being yourself… All in the name of “being righteous” instead.

As some individuals were busy selecting “good” over “wrong” or light over darkness, some realized that it is artificial to say that light is “good” and darkness “bad.” After all, if light exists it is because of darkness!

Then it is a matter of balancing light and darkness to feel “right,” was thought. Balancing the “opposite” was the perception to live by.
That was thought to be more “elevated” and “good.” :-)

Then came Oneness.
Why do we perceive light and darkness as opposite or complements?
When we perceive them as opposite, we have the fight of supremacy, “good” against “evil.”
When we perceived them as complements, we have the quest for inner balance. Out of balance= “bad.” :-)

What happens if we perceive them as One?
That will be an inner lie! Everyone knows that light is different than darkness!

But… few know that they are One indeed!

Let me explain. What makes day and night or light/darkness?
Timing. It is the same manifestation. The Earth rotates in its axis, that rotation, which is related with time, makes the difference. Day and Night is rotation, movement, change… See? :-)

“But… Someone is making that movement to happen!”
You are expecting that “someone.” That is your belief system.

“ Yes, but light is better than darkness. We should make this world better.”
Better?? It is what is! Enjoy it!
“Come on! People are suffering! There is hunger, war and loneliness…
That needs to change!!”

The problem is when the “I” wants things to fit his perception, his moral standards, his ideals… When the “I” interferes in that way, the “I” creates more of that which he wants to get rid of.
Because the “I” is different than the “other” there is opposition. Because of opposition, there is suffering, hunger, and loneliness…

Can’t we see that?

“ OH, I get it! then… I need to change myself to change the world!”

You have not understood. :-(

Here we go again… Life IS CHANGE.
Oneness is to be part of it, to integrate in it, to love it.
Be part of the change, allow it to happen.

“But… how do “I” know if that change is not good for ME?”
You have not understood. :-(
Here we go again: Life IS CHANGE.

And here… the deep riddle for Y’all:
Light and darkness depend only on the eyes looking at. But, “What is” is not depending on a pair of eyes.
Thus, Light and darkness are ONE.

Love: Your higher consciousness

When we look at the immensity of the firmament in a night with no light
Just to see a far away star, through darkness, distance and time;
Behold! That is what makes the heart alive, joyous and fine.

The star may be unreachable to the physical hands, but the spontaneous feeling in the presence of that light, is enough to fuel and ignite the strength of our own might.

Love is the force igniting all lights through the recognition of our own nature.
Just like God, the inspiration is the star; but the task is to find our own light.

We are all candles.
A candle has no light, until love touches its heart.

That flame becomes a light on Earth, just as the one living up in the sky.

Darkness, distance and time, become the villains to overcome. But all it takes is an ignited light.

A candle refrains to be ignited. The fear to be burnt alive is the mental pain and illusion stretching the distance of the path.

Until the candle recognizes its nature, which is to give light.

Love is that light sharing brightness and warmth to all close by.
That light is just like the one of the star.

What is darkness, if not the opportunity to be bright?

But…How to overcome distance and time between the candle and the star?

Lighten up. :-)

If we are love, we are empty. The path is to become empty, from the fullness of the “I.”
An ignited “I” is an empty “I.”
It is through that emptiness that we could recognize our own light.

Acknowledge the “I” fully, just to abandon it.
Find the “I” just to leave it behind.
Embrace that “I” just to let it go by.
It takes pure love, pure light to walk the path, of waving hello just to say good-bye.