The “truth” may be falsehood


Do you know the meaning of “truth”?
It is a concept. Something for the “I” to feel good about. A word that implies “righteousness.”
“ I am telling you the truth.” Rather than, “I am telling you what I perceive to be factual.”
“Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.” That is a historical fact. It is in every book. It is the “truth.”

The “fact” may be; Christopher Columbus did not “discover” anything. Many “Americans” living in America knew America at that time. Moreover, they did not call it America.

Christopher Columbus “discovered” America for “Europeans” (Notice how “I” artificially divide people) who did not know about America. We do not know if Columbus was in fact, the first one in the “new world;” but the “truth” can be manipulated in many ways.

Be aware of anyone who claims to have “the truth.”

A religious “leader” had an experience. His consciousness changed. Followers appeared because they wanted the same for them. Therefore, the answer must be, in following him.
That is the assumption.

Forget that everyone has different experiences.
Forget that consciousness is beyond the handling of an “I.”
The “I” trying to change itself to have the same qualities as the religious leader, is the fake trip of a second class actor who is unwilling to look at himself.

Following is the opposite of self-realization. Nevertheless, the paradox is that following may be necessary as a “tool” to experience for yourself . Therefore, to follow is not “bad.” Consciousness will change to another experience, by itself. Consciousness does not change through intellectual speculation.

When we forget about concepts such as searching for the “truth,” we may actually experience something useful without using a label to describe it, to tell others “I found it.”

Observe how existence is not depending on anyone. It “is.” However, when the “I” asks: “How did I get here?” The “I” is unable to see that it is separating from everything else at that moment, and by “creating” that separation, it needs to find a way to preserve itself for “everlasting life…”

“How did I get here?” just shows the type of consciousness someone has.

No “practice” of a particular action could change someone’s consciousness to make someone “better.”

What is “better”?
What “you” think it should be? What “others” have told you about? What you have learned in society?

Observe how we create the problem and the solution. Both are coming from the same consciousness.

Observation. Awareness.

If you are aware of your addiction, on how your addiction adds suffering to your life, at that point we could go deeper into discovering how that “I” comes into being. Observe it in action without adding any “moral” statements. Become aware of how your mind changes “its mood,” on how the “I” is looking for satisfaction because something else is lacking in your Life. That is the point: To discover.
Then you will realize about what is throwing you out of balance. At that point, healing happens. The sources to heal will appear. You have gone through the full path, the experience.

Without observation it may go something like this: “That addiction is bad. You will go to hell if you keep on doing it. You are bad. God will punish you. Ask for forgiveness. Whenever you feel the temptation to “do it,” fight against that. Don’t let the devil win. Look for support, people to help you. Ask the experts. Get some medicine. Do something….”
Guilt and shame will be added every time you “fail.” Worthlessness will be felt every time you are compared against a “success” story.

Observation. It is so “natural,” so “intuitive” but our beliefs, traditions, moral standards, etc. are “against that.”
We must learn what “teachers” tell us. We must “do” what is known to be traditional.
We must bear the weight of not being a “cookie cutter” entity.

Shall we react? Shall we get together and fight it? :-)
No action is necessary. It is not about “doing.”
Observe, become aware, accept what for others is “normal,” appreciate it, open your consciousness to the enjoyment of being alive.

It is a game. Play it. Don’t take it seriously. Assimilated it. Smile, don’t hold on to the past so you are ready for the next experience…fresh, anew as if you just awaken from a long and deep sleep…

The tools of the Life walker


Ananda is not sharing stuff out of his intellectual, analytical abilities. That is all theoretical stuff, everything depending on “critical thinking” skills.

We need to go through the experience to understand. We need to “pay our dues,” for that change of consciousness to happen, that change comes with inner openness, readiness, just as a mature fruit in a tree. The limit is made by our belief system whatever it may be. That belief system is another way the “I” has to survive.

A belief system is like a baby crib. It protects the baby while the baby “is” a baby.
Once the baby grows up, then the baby crib becomes a nuisance, a limit, an obstacle.

Teachings, teachers, beliefs are just “tools” which serve a purpose in our lives.
Take the tool, use it and then discard it. Move on. It is critical to have a sense of timing, for many times we may abandon the “tool” before we are ready due to some inner need; but when we abandon the “tool” at the right time, then there is no looking back.

We could understand that “past is past” and the person living “now” is not the one from before.

At that point, we acknowledge change in Life and with that we will move into a different experience.
To “be born” again is not a small thing. It is a total change, which cannot happen if we are still clinging to the past or past experiences.

That is how we could understand how absurd it is to be “worry” about the future. By all means work to get your 401K to make sure you have something when you turn to be a grandpa, but don’t stress it, do not make it a “life or death” situation, don’t be worried about being “ahead” of the game…

Every experience that you experience is exactly as it is needed for you to become one with your destiny.

Ehem…isn’t that predestination?
Only if there is an “I” speaking, thinking, trying to make sense. Otherwise, it is Life itself. At that point, we could trust life and then relax, unwind… enjoy the moment.

How could you enjoy Life if you need to “do” something all the time?
Beat the Smith’s. Get ahead. Go to heaven. Fear God… I mean, “Love” him.

At the end of the road, believe in anything you want, do whatever you want, find the purpose that you want… Still You will be looking for “something.” The “I” is insatiable.

It is all according of what it needs to be. We cannot separate from Life even if we believe to be separated. Living in separation, we may perceive life as hostile. Seeing the bird catching the fish to eat it, may be perceived as cruel, but…all of those are just experiences to experience, to live… which are not affecting the fact of our immortality.

“That is not a fact… It hasn’t been proved!”

That my friend, is something that you will need to find out for yourself. Your God cannot help you. Your 401K cannot help you neither your Life insurance. If you have not experienced it, the above is just another belief for you, which will not let you sleep at night for fear of going away, of dying or even for those who are ready to take their life away at any moment, it will be just a by product of not finding meaning in Life.

It is the “I” wanting to survive and giving up in desperation.

When the “I” changes into “no-I,” what you are, what you think you are, what you believe you are, has no longer meaning.

That is why, self –realization cannot be taught to the masses, it is not something to be learned by following a religious group, but something that happens when you are ready through the assimilation of Life experiences, ripe as a fruit and then Life will provide the “tools” for you to know.
Is that the ultimate? Is that the destination? :-)
There is no destination. It is an ongoing ride through different neighborhoods, through different landscapes. It is all newness all the time.

“No-I” goes back to “I,” automatically. Just like day goes back to night.
There is no need to miss anything. It comes back without “doing” anything.
Knowing that, you can relax.
Enjoy the experiences, enjoy the ride… :-)

The “God has said it” law


When we awaken into the consciousness of oneness, we could understand how the “I” came into being. Then, we can understand how important it becomes to observe emotions which arise as “creations” of the “I.”

Shall we say that the “I” is an illusion?
Let us not be “black or white.” The “I” is a “reality” for many. It is paradoxical.
The “I” exists but it doesn’t. It all depends on the location of our consciousness, which is not dependent on the “I” to change, but it will change by itself, for it is change itself.

However, it is in this consciousness of being an “I,” how the search for safety and comfort appear.
The world and Nature seem like a hostile place for the “I” to exist. The “I” has to fight, conquer, show, teach, and convince… obviously, many things to “do.”

Nevertheless, the law of the “stronger” appears. It is an “I” against another “I.”
Wouldn’t it be nice to be “right”? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that there is a higher entity which supports our wishes, laws and moral standards?

That is how God appeared. We created him. God is a consequence of the search for survival of the “I.”

Yes, I know… You had “experiences” with angels, divine beings, etc.
Weren’t those “God”?

Yes and No. :-)

When something out of the ordinary appears in front of us, we call it “divine” or “diabolic.”
That is the issue. Labeling defines. It is merely unique.
If we need to identify that which was unique in our experience, we will label that according to what we know, to what we have been taught.
“God” is a nice label. If many have similar experiences, then that “ holy club” becomes unique and therefore, the “I” will ascend to a very special level.

Do we realize that the “I” is growing its size, due to that “experience”?
Probably not.

Let me go into the “spiritual experience.”
As mentioned before, those experiences are meant to begin a “new” path, to begin a new consciousness. Those experiences are “tools,” for change.
Nevertheless, most will react in the following way:
“I am especial. A chosen one. God has contacted me. Since he came through this religion, idea, philosophy; then that must be the “truth.”
Do we see the flaw in our “logic”?
It is called assumption.
From that point on, it will be about worshiping, believing in things, finding emotional comfort and self-righteousness.
All of the above strengthens the consciousness of the “I.”

If we are able to observe such a diversity of consciousness, ways of living and viewpoints in Life; how is it that we could believe that there is only “one” way if all of the different flavors in Life are showing us the oneness of all?

Every “difference” is part of that Oneness. Every variety of consciousness is part of it.

“But… there must be only one righteous way, the Godly way according to his words…”

If your consciousness is still there, you will not be able to understand what Ananda is conveying. Yes… you are intelligent, prepared, educated. You just have different life experiences than Ananda.
Just allow your consciousness to change when it is the time.

“NO! I cannot let the devil take me away from God!”

Great! Stick with it.

Life will change. “You” will not.
You will change… but “You” will not.
Your stubbornness may take you to heaven in the future, but before that; it may take you into repression and rejection of Life “now.” Way to go! (To heaven..)

There is a religious idea sold out to us. It is called “Martyrdom.”

“Christ died in the cross to save us.” The fact is, he died in the cross because he got in trouble with society at that time. They were not ready to understand him, to go over their beliefs and then 2000 years later, we continue, “repenting from that sin” which none of us here today committed.

That idea of “martyrdom” will make us believe that our suffering is an example for others. It is just another source of admiration, of ego-boost.

The robe of “God” could be wore by anyone fit to it, just like there are many who could fit into the Santa Claus outfit.
Yes… He is still Santa… but No! He isn’t. It all depends in your belief.

We could be children of God, but before that… we are Life itself. “Being” Life.

Emotional comforts


What is the “origin” of thoughts? That is a typical question from a typical thinker.
When we understand Oneness, we could observe that thoughts as everything else; are “part” of that Oneness. Because language is meant to separate “things” as thinking does, it is impossible to “define” and to verbally explain what can only be directly perceived.

The other day I was speaking with someone who shared her experience with me: “ As I was walking I experienced that everything was me. The table, the tree, the bird. There was no difference.”

That Oneness “expands” into many things, many beings as our perception could perceive.
When a particular manifestation acquires a personality through separation, through THINKING, that is the point where Ego develops.
As that “personality” evolves, solidifies, becomes “real,” then an emotion is born according to the consciousness of that “personality.”

Here is a typical life story. Some experiences are perceived as “good.” The ego thrives. Becomes “bigger.” Other experiences are perceived as “bad.” The ego reduces its size.
Thus, there is expansion and compression. A perception could be intensified by a person, to the point where his body and mind become affected. A disease appears.

Is that “bad”? That is the way Life has to show us a different “reality.” Reaching a limit is many times, the point where change starts to happen. That is why, every experience is important as it is. “Good” and “bad” are infantile labels, which only supports the existence of our ego.

When the ego wants to survive and fight, then anything that assures its existence becomes “good.” A comfort.
If eating brings pleasure to deal with the traumatic experiences of the ego, then “more” is “better.”
If a religion brings the comfort of knowing that “I” will exist in the afterlife with God, then that becomes an emotional comfort.
If a person arrives in my Life to save “me” from “feeling” lonely, then “Love” becomes a label to cover my own neediness. To hang on in a relationship, which is emotionally disturbing, is the proof of that emotional comfort which the ego craves to maintain.

To control things, to maintain the “status quo” or to fight to keep them in a certain way, is another emotional comfort desired by that ego.

Do we see how emotions are entangled with ego?
Why do women appear to be more emotional than man?
Because in our society a man is taught not to show his emotions. To repress them. That is a sign of “weakness.” On the other hand, a woman could show those. “The weaker gender,” is the label used.
In most chauvinistic societies, all expressions have a gender. That is a way to control.
A sexual man will be labeled as a “stud.” A sexual woman, a whore.

That type of mentality serves the purpose of perpetuating differences, classes, and antagonism. The “solution” is not to “fight against it,” but to be aware that this exist, to acknowledge it and to move on. As the consciousness of individuals change, then a “moral” standard today, will change tomorrow.

It is violent to pretend that “everyone” should do something to change, which we perceive as “good,” “moral” or “Godly.”

An emotional comfort is a personal seclusion from accepting Life in its Totality.

To peel the layers of ego is not something that could be done by understanding a book written by an “enlightened one.” It is not something which happens when we believe on a God or when we ask for his help. It is not something that happens when we “act” to conquer “the ego.”

None of the above will help. There is nothing that needs to be “done.” Other than becoming aware that it is there.

If there is a pothole in front of us and we become aware of it, we automatically avoid it. There is no thinking needed. If we don’t avoid it, we will learn through an experience.
Everyone will have a different experience.

“The pothole is bad. You must never step on it.” That is a “black or white” perception, which only assures fear and creates a moral standard, which does not exist in Life.
A pothole is a pothole. Society may teach us to label it as “bad,” but for the one who is AWARE, “good and bad” are just point of references with static limits delimited by a belief system.

As a friend shared with me: “Sometimes you are the bug, another times the windshield.”
Life changes. Emotional comforts do not.

Your “feeling” may be an emotion


Sit down. Relax. Unwind. Observe “your” thoughts.
Are “you” willfully thinking those thoughts?
No. They just appear.

The above could be called one of the greatest discoveries of self-realization. Anyone can do that. Anyone could take the time just to observe their “own” thoughts, but as long as we have a belief that there is a need for a “creator” for things to exist, we will not understand the above.

“I think therefore I exist.”
That will be our motto. The “I” is the “creator.”

We will say: “I am thinking. I am creating “my” thoughts” and then as I become more “spiritual,” I will be thinking that “I” need to change my thoughts.
“Change your thoughts to change your life,” will be our motto.

The above is “spirituality for the masses.”

Nothing wrong with that; but perhaps we find greater depth by finding the time to be alone and just observe “ourselves.”

A thought is a reflection of emotions, for most individuals.
A thought is a reflection of feelings for few individuals.

We hear, “You are peace, you are love, you are happiness.”
Those are feelings, which are not in the realm of the consciousness of the “I.”

In the consciousness of the “I” we have emotions.

Emotional individuals usually have an incredible amount of thoughts. They are “thinkers.”

Anxiety, apathy, obsessiveness, attachment, fear… those are typical emotions which most individuals are not aware that these exist in themselves. Some will label these as: Being concerned, being detached, being focused, etc. It is in that re-labeling how we miss the opportunity to be AWARE of these emotions, which are coloring “our” thoughts.

Ego is very emotive. An emotion will give someone a “high” and a “low.” Some label these as “positive” and “negative” emotions; however, observe that lost in that duality, we choose one (positive) over the other (negative,) when in fact; both are coming from the same place.
An emotion is dualistic, just like the ego.

An emotion will hold experiences in Life as “traumatic experiences,” if that experience was not enjoyed by the ego. That experience when is unable to be released, will be detrimental to the body /mind.

Inflammation of the body in different ways: Through the experience of heat, fever, tiredness or lack of energy or even through cancer is mostly an emotional trauma, which is not released, “healed.”
The “fight against cancer” is in fact, healing emotions. We could destroy the “bad cells” but our “unhealed” emotions will make that experience to happen again.

The “no-I,” the feeling is experienced when our thoughts are calm, when there is no anxiety or stress. That state is known as “meditation” for the masses.

It is in that tranquility how we could experience a “feeling” such as bliss and the name used for that will be “spiritual experience.”

A healthy human being is someone who “thinks” very little, that is the “I” does not need to appear all the time. The “little voice” talking to us, is not present as much. It is in that state when we are able to OBSERVE and feel.

Do we see the relationship?
More thoughts, less feelings.
More thoughts, greater ego, more emotions, less observation.
More emotions, less feelings.

If what you think or believe does not agree with what you feel, that means that your emotions are creating the reality of your thoughts.
Those emotions are the manifestation of your ego.

When we are able to feel without the “filtering” of emotions, there is no need to think, in other words; “my” thoughts will be the same as “my” feelings. When we operate in that way, we operate with honesty in Life.
Some may call that Harmony or Balance.

Love is not an emotion. “Love” as an emotion will be dualistic: Euphoria and depression will be experienced. Hate, attachment, dependency, neediness will be experienced.

Joy is a feeling.
When we enjoy Life, then we could know Love… but before Love, there is Peace.
When we find Peace, we find Love… and when we find love… we find Joy.

Here the Paradox:
“You are love,” they say.
Yes, “you” are, when “you” are not. :-)

A Pelican: The Guru of balance


Ananda enjoys going for a bike ride early in the morning by the Bay, as the birds awaken the daydreamers with their melodious self-made music.
Going out on a ride will be followed by coming back. That is self-evident. However, what happens in between is part of the newness that Life brings at every moment.

Ananda was riding his bike with the wind. Coming back, he was riding against the wind.
Both are experiences in Life, the completion of both experiences is what brings “insight” as “knowing” but never as the ultimate “truth for everyone” to follow. Everyone needs to ride their own bike and their experience may be different.

On the way out, it was an effortless ride. Although, it felt hot as the temperature went up. On the way back, it was an effort to pedal, but it was cooler and breezy.
Just like Life.
Today your grass may be greener but tomorrow it will not.

Both experiences are just that, experiences which in “reality” are just “One” experience. Going out and coming back is the trip of Life.

Ananda hasn’t said anything extraordinaire up to this point, but he had…. :-)

“Going out was so easy. I was sweating like a pig, but it was nothing…. but, coming back… that was cruel man! I wanted to quit!”
Sounds familiar?
It is called comparison.
Judgment is included in that as well as a teaching for humanity, that is …everyone else:
“Do not ride against the wind.”

Ananda stopped by the beach to go for a swim. He observed a pelican teaching him what balance is all about: There is a time for gliding and another for flapping. That harmonious combination gives that gracefulness in flying. Funny, the pelican didn’t say a word of wisdom in its teaching.

I could hear some human teachings:
“Don’t be lazy. Make effort all the time. Flap your wings until there is nothing left. Go against the wind or with it. It does not matter. If you look tired is not “good.” Always have a smiling face.”
“Don’t do a thing, man. Let everyone else do it for you. You need to learn how to use people to your advantage. There is always a sucker out there…”

The “black or white” mentality.

The pelican kept flying. You couldn’t see a smile in its face, but a sense of elegance, distinction and confidence.

The pelican does not know what those words; elegance, distinction and confidence mean. The pelican “is” all of that without knowing. Isn’t that paradoxical?

Shall we teach a monkey to “become that”?
If the monkey could observe. If the monkey could know by experience what harmony is, then perhaps the monkey will be ready to learn.

What about if we take the monkey to a school to learn all those things?
Information is not the “thing.”

“Scientific research has proven that 20% of white adult males between the ages of 30 and 45 years will not complain when riding against the wind. That is when riding on a wind of 8 mph coming from the East in a fairly cloudy day with 90% humidity.”

Now you “know.” Your experience may be different but a researcher knows best. :-)

In Life, we will go out just to come back. If our mind rejects one side of the trip, we have created a duality.
“Going out is better. Always select it. It is heaven. God will be with you.”

For those experiencing coming back in their trip of Life there is “hope:”
“That suffering in pedaling will have a reward in heaven. Don’t stop. Keep moving until you cannot pedal an inch.”

Observe. Be in tune with those who are less intelligent than you. Those who have fewer degrees than you, those who do not have God in their side… those who do not think but who feel Life at every moment, that is those who “live in the now,” without knowing what in the heck that is.

A teacher appears everyday in Nature. When the student is ready to observe, the teacher appears.
How do you recognize the teacher?
There will not be any teachings for you.

“Black or White” morality.


Killing is “bad.”
The bird killed the fish to eat it.
Was that “bad”?

A human killed a fish (the “sport” of fishing) just to throw it away for he had many already with him.
Was that “bad”?
Intention before action.

Shall we put everything under the umbrella that “killing is bad”? Make a commandment for all?
That is the “black or white” world. The mentality in that world is a consequence of having ideals, moral standards that are completely incapable of changing according to time and the circumstances. That inflexibility cannot flow with the changes in Life.

That is the religious view of “good and bad” based on actions which are qualified as moral or immoral, good or bad, pure or impure, virtuous or sinner.

Trapped in that mentality we are unable to observe that Life does not work in that way.

“Your” God, “Your” morality, “Your” ideals, “Your” virtue… it is all tinted by the “black or white” mentality.
Do we see that?

Want to be a “vegetarian”?
Define it. Defend it. Make yourself look “good,” “humanitarian.”
Want more followers, more adepts? Then, you are “especial.”
“Black or White” mentality. Vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian.

Want to be a “vegan”?
Define it. Defend it. Make yourself look “good.”
Want more followers, more adepts? Then, you are “especial.”
“Black or White” mentality. Vegan vs. non-vegan.

When humans lose the sense of balance which animals in Nature have, at that point all becomes a “black or white” matter of fact.
Is a bird a vegan? A vegetarian?
Do they live their Life based on definitions and concepts?
They live according to their nature, for in Nature, they have a particular task as we are all One.

That is why, even though the bird kills to survive, that is not “bad.”
Humans on the other hand…..
First acknowledge your own nature. Then acknowledge that it will change. Then acknowledge that a definition of yourself through a label only limits your own understanding.

Of course, the above is not for everyone. Ahnanda does not share “spirituality” for the masses.
Those who are meant to understand, will.