In Tune with Life

So you grew up in a nice family or a not so nice family, then you had a nice childhood or not so nice, then you had relationships, jobs, money, kids, (Nice or not so nice) became older, had diseases, watched TV, went to Disney World, etc. … then “You” die.

Everyone more or less will go to the same experiences, but some will make “big traumas” out of those experiences, thus; those experiences will be felt with greater strength.

Lighten up! Don’t take it seriously… It is just a game.
All your beliefs go with you. All your dramas go with you. All your needs and wants. Paradoxically, all of that stuff gets released when “you” are no longer there.

That is one of the main teachings that Life has for “us.”

When “you are,” you have. When “you” are not, then you don’t.

Some say that it is “better” to pretend not to have all of the above experiences while being “alive.” The paradox is that by doing that, “you” are anything but “alive” even while living.

Every one of us has a mission in Life. We could observe those things that are happening to us from different viewpoints, take any perspective… Just don’t hurt yourself.
But if you do, that ain’t bad. It is a learning experience.

At the end whether you go left or right, you will end up in the same place… just like everyone else. (Like my rhyme?)

Do you see that? No? Oh… “Your” belief will “save” you. I see. The “I” must continue.

Life is such an interesting experience!
“You” are exactly right now, where you wanted to be.
Nevertheless, your experience as it is right now, is exactly what is needed for the Totality, the Universe.

Experiences do not last forever and every experience has the potential to change our consciousness one bit at the time.

When the “I” feels overwhelmed by uncertainty, by an emotional sensation while singing in the back of our minds: “I can’t get no satisfaction,” it is at that point where the door of not being that “I” may open.

Are you scared? Are you afraid to open that door?
Who is afraid?
Find that one. Get to know that one, to be free from that one.

You see, we have been taught to avoid “bad company.”
That is childish. As you are, so your company will be.

Start by hanging out with “you.” Get to know that “I.”

“But …why bother with that?”
So, “it” cannot be.

Do you know what is like to be alone? :-)
That is to know the one, who does not allow you not to be.

A riddle?
Just like Life. A riddle made to be remembered, until we forget. :-)

Life, Religion and Spirituality

As humans continue to mentally divide things and conceptualize things, then complications arise in our perception of Life.

Religion and Spirituality are concepts created by human minds. Those concepts do not exist, just as when we say: “He is German.”
Humans have made up those concepts. Yes, they have utility. Yes, they are necessary to live in our current society; however, those labels are merely a conduit for separation: German vs. Non-German.

We could continue that separation which will bring antagonism at one point in time. Humans are unable to live life without conceptualizing things, separating things when there is no separation.

“So… What is the problem with that?”
Evidently we BELIEVE that there is a separation, which is supported by those labels. The extreme of that belief is to kill someone just to defend a label.

Want to take your life away just to defend “your” flag from getting in the hands of your “enemies”?

If you do that, as a reward you will be called a “hero,” your picture will be posted in different places and perhaps remembered by your peeps for one day in a year.
But you will be dead. What a deal!
Some call that to be “immortal.”

That is the power of labels.

Do we see that?

Is the solution to stop labeling? :-) Are labels “bad”?
If you say yes; you are still in the “black or white” mentality.
By all means label, use words; BUT watch out for the feelings behind them. What do you feel when you use a particular label?

That is it. We are on the same page now.

The same holds true for the concepts “Religion,” and “Spirituality.”

We could write anything we want about those concepts. Even perhaps go for “Spirituality” as being “better than” Religion.
There is no point in that. Both are just labels.

Do you want to be labeled as Democrat? Or Republican? Do we want to write a dissertation about which concept is “better”? or more convenient? Or holier than thou?

That is a nonsensical game. Once we BELIEVE that game to be true, then our consciousness will act based on that belief.
To be awakened, aware means to realize that those labels are only material for separation when there is none.

There is just Life.
To be able to look at Life with wholesomeness, we need to integrate all the different pieces together, the different “isms” which believe to be “better than”, or the “truth.”

To go beyond the label is the first step to perceive something different.
Religions, spirituality, dogmas, beliefs, worship, top down hierarchy, rewards, afterlife, punishment, guilt, fear, shame, self righteousness, commandments, morality, codes, rigidity, power, etc.
All of those words go together in the same bag of goodies. Some call that bag as “religion,” others “spirituality,” yet others “government” and even society.

Life. That is all. That is the “Now.” Your experience in this moment without labeling it. Your continuous balancing act to glide in Life, as a Pelican glides in the sky. Aware of your feelings at every moment.

If a Pelican had beliefs, perhaps a pelican wouldn’t be able to dive into the Ocean to eat; for Pelicans are only “supposed to fly.”
That is how some experience Life.

Understand, love and accept what you are now

What “you” are right now is the product of many, many experiences from many, many lives.

“But… That is reincarnation… There is no scientific proof of that..”

In a family all siblings are different even though brought up by the same parents.
Suzy likes beets but she hates carrots. Her sister, likes carrots and hates beets.
What is the scientific explanation of that? :-)

What “you” are now, is constant change.
Because our consciousness is different at every point in time due to different experiences, it is impossible for everyone to have the same change to the same extent, as to be the same.
In limited words, “All sinners cannot become virtuous at the same time.”

“This is the only time to change. It is now or never. Don’t waste your time. Convert to our religion. Just believe in so and so and you will be saved.”

That is a huge misunderstanding.

Consciousness cannot change by accepting a religion or philosophy. However, the experiences through that religion or philosophy will help in the process of transforming our consciousness.
A religion or philosophy or guru is not the “solution” but an ingredient into the “solution” which will emerge upon each one of us when our time arrives.

That is the reason why, there is no religious path or philosophy which could be labeled as the “true path.”

Spirituality cannot be separated from Life itself.
In short; to learn to live life in balance, in joy… That is true spirituality.
That is why any religion dealing with the future; such as heaven, and a promise of salvation; is not interested in the “now,” (for that “salvation” is in the future,) therefore; beliefs are born as the main way to understand Life “now.”

“What do you mean?”

Your life “now” should fit into the belief of a future.
Heaven is the goal. Act like a heavenly being now.

In theory that may sound good. That is a nice belief.
In practice, it does not work like that.
To act is not the same as being it. Actions are according to our consciousness and not the other way around.

To act heavenly even though our consciousness is not there, is to start our journey into exploring self-dishonesty.

“But… I want to be an angel!”

Understand fully what it is to be a human being first.
That is the “now.” The future will come as a consequence of that.

This is not intellectual understanding. It is living life in awareness.

Therefore, to become conscious, aware is the first step. A belief system is not interested in that.
A belief system is only interested in beliefs about the future.

The discovery of “being” a human being is forgotten to embrace a futuristic ideal.
The “Now” is suppressed in order to live the futuristic ideal.

Life is greater than any belief system.

Sexuality as a Taboo

If yesterday’s writing was understood, then there will not be an issue in understanding the following.
Notice how the limits made up by our belief system, our upbringings, our moral values, all of that make a barrier to open up our consciousness into a different frequency.

Is masturbation good or bad? :-)

Notice how that question will bring your taboo, your belief. You may feel uneasy through that question.

The above question is very childish. It clearly shows that we are still labeling actions as “good or bad,” labeling based on our belief system.
Nothing wrong with that labeling, however; it shows clearly our state of consciousness.

“Johnny, to masturbate is very bad. Don’t do it or you will ….”

A moral statement has been imprinted into little Johnny’s mind.
Life may present different circumstances.
Johnny may experiment and let go. All by itself; without the sense of guilt that a learned, rigid human law may bring.
Or… Johnny may grow up with fears, shyness and a strong sense of “righteousness” at all costs due to his belief in sin and virtue. Johnny may not be able to find a partner. Then, Johnny will feel trapped, guilty.

The energy of sexuality when stopped through a belief will explode inside his body causing a disease for Johnny’s lack of adaptation.
At that point, Johnny may either destroy himself through repression or go the opposite way; he will be a rebel, a “liberal” negating every moral code out there, just to do what he “feels like.”

Is Johnny being “good or bad”?
Still that question denotes that childish black or white mentality.

To believe that an action is “good or bad” in itself, shows clearly our lack of understanding and observation of the way of Life. It is not about labeling Life, but feeling it.

What is the intention that Johnny had?
At that point, we are going away from the control of a “black or white” moral code, and going into our inner feelings.
We could lie to the whole world about our intentions, but those intentions and nothing else, will direct the consequences of an action.

That is why, feelings are so important. Your feelings show your intention.

Observe that sex is neither “good nor bad.” It is the feeling, the intention of the person what brings the consequences in someone’s life.
That feeling is not something that we could accommodate one day and say: “I feel love for you, that was my intention;” for the one who observes himself, that person may be able to find a different intention underneath: Doubt, frustration, anger, even fear. Self-Honesty is required to find the feeling. The consequence is always consistent with that intention.

Sex is an enhancer, a pinnacle in the enjoyment of Life which is able to produce Life, when our intentions move with uplifting feelings.
Most of the time, sex is “used” as the pill, the drug to “make us happy” to “get off” from that recurrent energy, as when someone eats something for the sake of putting something in their stomach rather than enjoying every bite of it.
See the difference? It is the intention even though the action is the same.

A human being in balance acknowledges all energies, which will go in tune with his nature at a particular time. To adapt to different changes in Life is the art of letting go of some things and to accept another things. It is in that frequency how adaptation happens and a human learns to live in harmony with himself.
That is health and to be healthy.

Observe how different societies have tried to control human beings by controlling the sexual impulse. From denying pleasure, to manipulating people through their emotions.
Healthy? Not a bit.
Rightful? All according to a belief system.

“Wait a minute… weren’t you the same one who talked about the benefits of celibacy?”
Yes and No.
Same individual, different consciousness… thus, not the same. This blog is about the path of Avyakt7 into Ananda. This blog is not interested is selling a religion, a philosophy nor in giving “salvation to all. “ This blog is not interested in selling copies or making a profit. This blog is not looking for followers or to convince anyone.
This blog at this time, is only interested in not lying to myself and sharing that experience to those who feel there is benefit for them.

Do you see how contradictory Life could be?
To go right, just to end up left. If you label the right side as being “right,” you will suffer when it is the time to experience “left.”
Balance is to know through intuition when to go right and when to go left according to time.

“But… you should have stuck with your beliefs… you were “right” and now you are “wrong”…”
I was never right therefore, never wrong.

“But… God is going to punish you… You will not go to heaven!!!”
All you have to do, is to change your definition, your concept of God and heaven, one more time…
“But your experience with God…”
Interpreted in a particular way at that time.

“But… you had the truth and now you are speaking falsehood!”
Never had the truth, for it cannot be held or expressed in static words. No one can do that. Not even God.

If you don’t perceive how consciousness changes and that there is no point in time, when “you” are a static you, there is no possibility to understand these things for you.

You have to live it, to understand it. It has to happen to you. Feel it.

The above is one of the most “spiritual” writings that Ananda has produced so far.

The limits of adaptation in Life

All diseases are psychosomatic. Observe that there is no separation between the body/mind/soul. It is a continuous of interlaced “things.”

Your stomach hurts? That stomach is related with other bodily parts as well as with emotions/sensations. To try to separate this “reality” of oneness is to create a problem for adaptation.
When there is lack of adaptation, there is a disease.

That is why, when we say: “I am a soul/spirit and not a body,” that innocent phrase creates rejection of the body by placing it below other things deemed to be “good,” “holy,” etc.

That rejection creates an aversion to the pleasurable sensations that the body could bring for the sake of being “spiritual.”

If we label “spirituality” as the absence of consciousness of a body, we are negating the reality of the wholeness of the experience of Life.

Therefore, the question “Who am I?” is a limit for adaptation.
As we define “who I am?” that which we think we “are not” becomes the “thing” to reject, negate, forget, and even pretend that it is not there.

A definition narrows down the extension of our “knowing,” what is meant to be without borders.
When something does not have artificially created borders, it is open for further exploration, it is open for newness.

Is the “virtue” of goodness something that you value in someone?
When that goodness is limited by our beliefs and philosophies; that goodness is no longer goodness but just a “picture” instead of the “real” thing.

Paradoxically, our concepts, our “knowledge” become a limitation to adapt to the changes in Life.

As Life changes, some would like to remain static in time:
Decaying rather than evolving; while believing in the virtue of being true to a static belief.

The old paradigm of dual moral teachings based on the acceptance of what is considered to be “good” over that which is considered to be “bad,” is no longer what is required for our consciousness to expand.
Because that paradigm brings guilt and fear, which in turn will not allow us to adapt to Life’s changes.

It is not that guilt and fear are “bad,” but they have timing. Those emotions could be a protection for sometime, to avoid acting in a certain way; but as Life changes and our consciousness do not, that guilt and fear become the ingredients for our own auto destruction.

As our consciousness grows, a different perception will arrive. It is called integration.

Some people like to call integration as “There is nothing bad.”
That definition becomes the door for misunderstanding.
Let me rephrase it: “There is nothing bad, because there is nothing good.” Everything is and by being what it is, there are only consequences, which will change according to time.

There is nothing static in Life, but our concepts, ideals, standards and the way our minds understand the world.

In that dissonance, it is difficult to flow with Life when all we are looking for is for Life to adapt to our needs and wants.

In a sentence, it is the drop of water wanting to control the Ocean.
Isn’t that ironic? If not plain stupid?

Appreciate your own Divinity

“ I am breathing,” we say.
In fact, there is only breathing. The “I” is not doing a thing. Breathing just happens.

What makes it tick?
That is a question without an answer. It does not matter. It is an utterly meaningless question.
Do we see that?

But… why?
I could come up with every single theory. I could come up with every single belief and every single concept to explain breathing, how it happens and how it begins… God could give you the “answer,” but still an “answer” is not what is important.

What is important?
That breathing exists. Acknowledge it. It is an experience. When we are aware of that experience, we could begin our “knowledge” about breathing.
Knowing its length, its depth, its relaxing properties, as well as how emotions appear when there is a lack of flowing movement in our breathing.

“Knowing” is Being it.
Then we could observe “our” stomach, lungs, thoughts, feelings and posture, become aware completely of that which we call “I.”

Isn’t that an amazing, divine being?
Are you in awe of experiencing a body through senses, thoughts, emotions and feelings through this human experience? Are you in elation when you recognize the “I”?

No? It is the same old thing to be aware of that stuff?
We take for granted what it is, a wonderful experience.

It is through this “falling in love with your divinity,” how there could be an appreciation of another. You are unique and so is that one.

It is through appreciation of that divinity how a magical source of inspiration appears.

Why is inspiration so important?
Because it drives our life. It teaches us without a willingness to teach. It is no longer about following to become someone. It is no longer about the greed to “have it,” to “be it” just to feel important.
Inspiration is the nutrition of the soul.

Look at the Ocean. Isn’t that a source of inspiration?
Isn’t that the moment when appreciation is born all by itself in a natural way?
That appreciation is necessary to relate with everything in Life.
“Being good” is no longer a moral duty or an obligation, because of a promise, a code of conduct or something external.
That inspiration is natural, subtle, gentle. There is no effort or learning required.

Become immerse in the stillness of the Ocean. That is called “contemplation.”

As our world of movement meets stillness, then stillness will appear, all by itself.
The mind used to moving from place to place, only needs to be united with the stillness of the Ocean to taste that sensation beyond the perception of an “I.”

It is at that point, when we meet Oneness.
“I am everything and everything is I.”

In that wonderful feeling we may need to peel off the language barrier, the “misunderstanding” which separates:
Let us take away the “I.”

“Am everything and everything is.”


It is in that nonsensical phrase, full of grammatical errors where we could find the deepest meaning of Life.
No need to look somewhere else.

Processing Life

Every change has a process in Life.
We live in constant “processes.”
Are you ill? Want to be healthy?
There is a process that needs to be respected, care for.
It is like training. When we train our bodies to perform, it is not a linear process of “improvement,” but it is a process of assimilation.
As the body assimilates the stresses put into it, then the body can adapt and overcome.

What is illness?
When we fail to adapt to changes.
What changes?
A new situation, a new circumstance or a recurrent issue, which we are unable to process.

A change of consciousness happens in the same way, it is imperceptible to the senses, every day there is a small change until we realize that something is different in us, at that point we may label that as “something is wrong.”

Observe how the label interferes with the process itself. In our mind, we have a little picture of what we wish to obtain.
That little picture is not reality but merely our own perception of what it “should be.”

Hunger will drive us to possess the picture of a “carrot.” We want a carrot not a picture, but until we find the one looking exactly as the picture, we will be disappointed. That picture has the power to propel the donkey “forward.”
To reach that carrot is simply impossible, for our ideals will not match what is. The picture is not the thing.
Moreover, if we think that we have already reached that carrot, we will be sorely disappointed to taste its emptiness. That is the significance of Dis-illusion.

It wasn’t what we thought it was. We lost the enjoyment of the “reality” of the process, for the idealistic objective.

Some say the “problem” is to have desires and wants. That is not it.
The issue is to have a mental picture of something, a definition, a concept to strive to.
Want success? Define it. Did you get it?
What is next?
You got the picture.

A ripe fruit is ready to be eaten. It has timing. That timing needs to be respected.

Many times, we may want for things to change immediately, right away as if we were entitled to control Life to fit our wishes.

Observe that change is a process in itself without a particular destination to fit someone’s wishes. It is that range of experiences, which are necessary and able to give us the insight to flow in Life, be Life itself.

There are neither books nor rules. There is no method. No need to follow anyone.

The Universe is like the still waters of a lake on a sunny afternoon.
What you perceive in it, is always a reflection of you.