What is better?

What is better?

To inhale or to exhale? To go right or to go left? To go up or to go down? To stand up or to sit down? To give or to receive? To learn or to unlearn?

Looking for the “right” answer, our lives get caught up with something which cannot be divided. Then we find our morality based on duality, our “spirituality” based on the nourishment of the ego, our Gods and Devils fighting for our loyalty…

Isn’t it true that if we inhale, we must exhale? For how long can we stand up without sitting down?

A religion, moral code, law or tradition may imply the following: “To stand up is the right thing to do.” “Better dead than to sit down.” “We should give to others. We shouldn’t receive from others…”

I read someplace that “Light will drive out darkness.” The implication is: Light =good, Darkness=bad.

Light does not drive out anything. Light and darkness are different intensities of the same thing.  That is a process… It is not a light switch to turn on or off. As  Life changes; then the intensity will vary. Light will change into lesser light until it becomes darkness. In turn, Darkness will change into lesser darkness until it becomes light. It is cyclical, like everything in Nature, in Life.

Is there a need for an “I” or ego to do something about it by speeding things up?

No! That change just happens; but yet moralists, extremists, religions and dualistic minds are lost in the misunderstanding of praising one side of duality and rejecting the other side.

Let me call Darkness with the label “Evil.” Let me support the “good” idea of getting rid of evil. Let me fight against evil, let me reject evil with all my soul, with all my heart…” I”  am sooo “good.” :-)

As long as Good exists, there must be Evil.

Darkness cannot be darkness all the time, for there is always change.

Darkness will change… It may not change when “I” want it to change, for there is a process, which needs to be respected.

What do “I” DO to make that change?

BE the change.  Become aware of your own process by letting go of the burden of ideas, beliefs and past traumas. That “doing” is true “spirituality” (just to give it a label) for it is living Life in freedom.

Free to enjoy, free to smile, free to wonder, free to BE.
That is all. Everything else will take care of itself, by itself.

“But what about the poor children in Africa, or the needy in a third world country… “I” need to DO something to help them… I cannot be sitting here just watching, doing nothing!”

If it is in your heart to ACT, then ACT. But do not keep count of your “good” deed, your legacy, for then that will be enhancing your ego…then you will not be DOING this for “them” but for your own sake. Don’t do it because it is “morally right,” for then your DOING is driven by your egotistical belief, your idea of what should be “right.” Do it out of your BEING compassion… BUT, do not make yourself believe that “You are compassionate.”

Let it BE, let it express without any further thought, any further belief  or any idea of how “good” or “spiritual” or “angelic” you are… You are not what you believe to Be.

Throw away your baggage, your learned ideals, your beliefs.

That true BEING is raw, unrehearsed, authentic, honest…that BEING has the heart of an innocent child.

“Religious spirituality” is so caught up with trying to be “good,” that it does the opposite in a human mind.


Because of its intrinsic rejection of what they consider to be “bad.”

Everything is relative.. and that is an absolute… :-)

Those who can understand, will. Those who cannot understand…will do it at another time… their own time.

Until November 30th! Going for a vacation… :-)

The duality of giving and receiving

Who is giving? Who is receiving?
That “I” is the separation between 2 things which cannot be separated. When there is BEING, there is no giving nor receiving… but giving and receiving are already there, like the 7 colors of the rainbow are there, already in the sky.
Does it make sense? No?? That is because there is no EXPERIENCE but only thinking.

At which point the “I” who is busy giving, could think: “I am giving too much”?
At the point where the “I” is not receiving.
When the “I” gives with the expectation to receive, then that giving is not truly giving, but exchanging: “I scratch your back, if you scratch mine.”

To “give is good…” We may have learned. Isn’t to receive “good” as well? :-)
When our minds are full of duality, the act of giving will be praised. The act of receiving will be played down.

The religious teaching of “giving yourself,” is not accurate. Who wants another “self”?
It is more accurate to say “ Give no-self for everyone to receive.”

The thoughtful desire to give will bring ego to the surface, and so the thoughtful desire to receive.
Thus, when the “I” is not in between giving and receiving; then giving and receiving are the same thing. Synonyms, equals.
Does it make sense? Could we see things from an “out the box” perspective? :-)

When giving becomes receiving, then receiving will be giving. :-)
“How is that possible?”
When there is no “I” in between.

Many times I speak about the “I” but a month ago “I” was surprised when someone said to me, from an honest place: “What is the “I”?

The “I” my friend is not something to define. Do you have beliefs? That is “I.” Do you have an idea of “righteousness,” how things “should be”? That is “I.” Do you have values, traditions, taboos, hangups… That is the “I.” Do you enforce your “I-ness” upon others?
That is a bigger “I.”
Do you look at the mirror and do you see “You”? That is the “I.” Do you think that you are “someone” or “no one”? That is the “I.” Thinking creates the “I.”

But the “I” is not “bad.” It is just a bit overweight, heavy. By eating too many ideas, beliefs and moral standards on a regular basis, the “I” has grown in size. That is why, the “I” cannot understand BEING without “being” the separation between 2 things: Up and down, low and high, right and left, good and bad, right and wrong… giving and receiving. :-)

Why “giving” became “better” than receiving?
Because the “I” needed to become altruist, elevated, better, someone.

But “No-I” is the opposite of “I”?
No! “No-I” is the idea to express what is not “I.” But “No-I” is not an idea.
Does it make sense?
No? :-)
Perhaps some other time…

Sexuality as a regenerator of the Being

The polarity of having sex and not having it, is the journey when sex becomes a problem, an outlet for repressions or a solution to find love.

The way we “look” describes the way we “feel.”
I am not just talking about on how the body looks, but deeper than that, is our vibrational energy.

“What is that?”
Let us say that you are interviewing people for a job. You have standard questions and all of them answered “correctly.” How do you select an appropriate candidate?

Some may talk beautifully, if we are only listening to words. The “right” answer is there.
But, they will not be able to hide their anxiety, their “A” personality vibes, their insecurity and their level of fear. For someone who is conscious, aware, those things become clues, which are beyond rationality.

Those vibrational states cannot be changed by following a “method.” Those are there as a consequence of living Life; that is, our attitude towards our experiences in Life.

For most, sexuality is an outlet for inner violence. There is an energy exchange and the purpose for most is to release that energy in a violent way.

There are many levels of violence.
The way we eat could be violent. No time to taste and to enjoy our food, but it is a matter to swallow it with anxiety (labeled as hunger for many) that is violence, for we are not taking care of ourselves, we are not aware of our need for enjoyment and nourishment.

Similarly is with sex.

Excitement, arousal could be turned into a violent act to “get off,” to satiate the itch, to release the pressure.
Nevertheless, in the enjoyment and relaxation, in the state of giving and receiving energies, in the rhythmic breathing and conscious slow movement, lies the energy which is able to regenerate the self, to reconstruct it.

The above is not a “technique.” The above is the “natural” outcome of being at peace with himself/herself.

That “peace” comes from openness. Less beliefs, less taboos, less emotionality, less traumas and less anger.
That is why, it is not a “technique” for everyone to follow.

Therefore, the level of enjoyment and regeneration that sexuality is able to fulfill is proportional to the level of “inner work.”

For many, sexuality is tinted with trauma and the need to release. Pleasure is mixed up with guilt and violence.
That state couldn’t be any other thing but the outcome of our vibrational state.

Nevertheless, it is in the build up of that pleasurable energy how the first chakra will be energetically connected with the 7th, that energy could be exchanged and expanded, to take the pressure off the first chakra.
When we go beyond the excitement and the sense of touch while enjoying the experience, is when that energy transforms itself into those “good feelings” that everyone is looking for.
We are energy, because Life is energy. Feelings are energy.

Sexuality then, is no longer something bringing contradictory feelings and emotions, but it is a source of regeneration, closeness, enjoyment and… love.

We will look as we feel. :-)

Re-defining God

Grew up with the religious belief that God created everything and gave us free will; then I was introduced into the opposite belief: God did not create anything and we were all predestined.
Went from one extreme to the other on that belief.
I went through the full experience… The full polarity on God in one lifetime.

Could God create the Universe and not create the Universe at the same time?
Could God give us free will and predestination at the same time?

Isn’t the definition of God: Omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient?

Thus; if God created everything, then God created the Devil. He created his own nemesis.

“No! The Devil was an angel who used his free will to become the Devil.”

Isn’t God omniscient? He knew what was going to happen with his creation. Thus, God created temptation, God created salvation, damnation and Hell… Isn’t that God sort of Devilish? :-)

If God did not create anything and we are all predestined… That God doesn’t fit the previous definition of “God.”
What could be the task of such a God ?

“To give us knowledge… as it is written in holy books.”
Sorry. That is not in the definition of God.

Knowledge only brings intellectual understanding.
Intellectual understanding does not bring a new consciousness.

“But…Why is a new consciousness important?”

Without a new consciousness, we cannot go to “His” Paradise. We cannot become “angels.” We cannot be “holy…” All of those “nice words” wouldn’t have any meaning.
Without a change of consciousness we can only pretend to be “good,” act agreed upon “good” actions but our thoughts, our feelings and our intentions will be as they typically are for most: Bad thoughts, ill feelings, hidden intentions..

“… I need to practice to have positive thoughts and positive feelings.”

We cannot change what we ARE by practicing. DOING does not change BEING.
How could we go to “Paradise” pretending to be something that we ARE not?

Do you see my logic? Do you see my reasoning?
That is knowledge. It is utterly worthless when it comes to change of consciousness.

“OK…What changes consciousness, then?”
Living Life.
The experiences of Life itself will bring change of consciousness when we allow it, when we align with Life.

Define your God. Worship Him. Love Him.
Nothing wrong with that.
Just remember that your God is only your God, not necessarily everyone else’s.
Definitely, the “One” is not the only One.

Perhaps in this understanding by going beyond deep beliefs, we could begin to explore consciousness and to trust our Life path, which has been set up for us to travel. There is nothing “special” to DO but to enjoy the journey; for wherever it may take us, it will be without doubt, what we need in our Life process.

“What process?”
Going North, just to come back South. Experiencing day, just to experience night.
Do we see how insane is to label one side of the duality “good or bad”?
That only will bring fear, shame, guilt and low self-esteem.
All fears will vanish, when we open up. :-)

Going to Heaven will take you to Hell as well.

Society and religions have enhanced the perception of the “I” by offering to the world their teachings based on duality: Heaven with Hell, Sinner with Saint, God with Devil, Creation with Destruction, Body with Soul, Pure with Impure, Passing with Failing, Salvation with Damnation, etc. That was the beginning of insanity.

The “I” becomes bigger and stronger when a “choice” is given to decide between the apparent opposites: If you want “Heaven” then, you must follow some rules, which will avoid Hell.
As the concept of “Hell” became fearful, then the masses wanted an “authority figure” to determine what to DO, how to BEHAVE.
That was the beginning of “practices,” labeled as “spiritual practices.”

It is in that misunderstanding, how living Life became a matter of DOING due to fear, what it is considered to be “right.”

A concept was sold and the solution was with the seller.

Every single religion has teachings. Every single teaching as it stands today, has been grossly misinterpreted by followers who did not experience a change of consciousness similar to their founder, but rather; offered loyalty to their religion by DOING and BEHAVING the way their religion expected. As more people “join,” more laws are necessary.

That “loyalty” offers continuity of teachings as static pieces of information, which are unable to change despite the changes in Life. That posture then becomes a dogma.

Therefore, choosing one concept such as “God” implies the rejection of the opposite “Devil.” It is that rejection which will make up insane minds.
Insanity will be proportional to the degree of obsessiveness to attain a concept such as God, Holy, Soul, etc.

Many may have experiences with the spirit world, but the LABEL used to describe that experience is what creates the duality; in that duality lays rejection and with that the inability to change consciousness. We are stuck in that consciousness no matter what we DO or how we BEHAVE.

Every religion believes to have the “truth,” but that is another concept to entertain ourselves, for it has the duality of falsehood.

Observe that a “truth” it is only so, when it can be perceived due to a particular state of consciousness.
When consciousness changes, so the perception of that “truth.”
For we can only perceive “reality” from a perspective, which is not absolute. Perceptions come, perceptions go…
That is why BEING has far more relevance than any “truth.”

God and Devil, Body and Soul, Pure and Impure, etc. are the SAME concepts, the same thing. What is the difference?
Degrees of it. The 2 extremes have labels (God, Devil) but nothing in between. That was explained in the article about “polarities.”
Some believe that God is a person an entity, a soul, a spirit…The label “God” is what shapes their experience and creates a duality in their lives.

The journey of a person is to experience all of those degrees in between the extremes for that is how consciousness will change naturally.
For instance if you pick to go “south” rather than “north.” Eventually by going as far as we can go “south”… we will reach “north.” We could reject “north” all we want, but our obsession of reaching as far “south” as we can, will lead us into “north.” Nevertheless, “north” and “south” do not exist, they are merely concepts.
Do we see that? :-)

Ahnanda speaks about these matters from his own experience.
By having gone “north” and “south,” all there is to it, is to smile at such a “fun” trip that Life has offered.
What is the outcome?
To be able to smile. Free and unencumbered, with a new consciousness… like a child. :-)

Do you know if you are aware?

Many times we could read or hear that “spirituality” is about awakening.
That is not just “spirituality.” That is conscious living. To live Life in consciousness.
Life is far greater than just “spirituality.”

Have you noticed when your consciousness changed from being a toddler into a teenager?
That is because there is no division between toddler and teenager. It is a continuous.
The words “toddler” and “teenager” could be used to explain things intellectually, but observe that by taking those concepts to be literal, we are creating a separation which does not exist.

Let me use the word “karma” now, to explain a belief.
If you are suffering from a disease now, that is the consequence of your past karma. Correct?
Disease = “bad;” therefore, that disease is “punishment,” “settling karma.”
Actually the “big picture,” the “unlimited vision” is not related with seeing Life as a fearful trip where “righteousness” is all what matters. That is just a religious perspective, which is different from what Life shows.

“Karma” is actually continuity. Our perception of “good, bad” is the opportunity for change. Life changes.
A disease now is the opportunity to appreciate health, to be able to be in tune with it.
When we appreciate the disease for giving us the chance to be in tune with health; then we are ready for change. When we reject the disease, we will suffer our experience.

“Why is that necessary?”
Because we weren’t conscious of being healthy.
“Is that bad?”
No. Lack of consciousness will take us into being conscious again. That is the trip, the journey.

We go from one extreme to another. It is in that awareness how appreciation arises.
How could we appreciate day, if we don’t know night?
If we learn to appreciate both; then we understand the continuity, change that will happen. Life is not a traumatic experience anymore (as the ego will see it) but just an experience to be enjoyed, appreciated, play with and let go. That is to be in the “now.”

However, that experience could be surrounded by “man made,” “artificial stuff,” such as beliefs, dogmas, moral standards, traditions… Please remember this: Nature… Life is not bound by Human laws, beliefs or traditions. It is not bound by your belief of a rightful God, for Nature, Life, the Universe, “His” creation… is not bound by those “rightful” laws.

When we are appreciation, then there will not be the experience of duality, choosing or having a preference; for we will know that everything changes at its own time.

What is to be awake then?
To be conscious of the process, the change. We are Life itself, not something separate.
To be conscious that this change will happen whether the “I” want it to happen or not.

When we are change itself, what could the “I” hang onto?
Nothing. Except a belief… and that is why, as we become more awake, deep beliefs will go “naturally” away… That is the change.

Re-learning to play in Life

All wrapped up in beliefs, hang ups, dogmas, moral standards, traditions, emotional traumas and perspectives… the inner child is unable to enjoy Life.

The innocence of the child is replaced by the self-righteousness of the “I,” who is not looking to play, to enjoy, to give himself… but to be “right.”

Without a healthy inner child, there cannot be enjoyment of Life.
Enjoyment is not just pleasure… but pleasure is part of it. Enjoyment is the ability to taste the “now” as it is, to wonder, to smile… and to move on “naturally.”

Enjoyment is not something that could be learned through a method, or some spiritual practice; but it is the outcome of unleashing the inner child from the oppression of the compulsive “adult,” who is only interested in “righteousness” for the sake of looking holy, saintly, moral, conservative, a “good example for others.”
When following by the “dot” a made up moral standard, law or tradition without the ability to move as circumstances dictate… is when the inner child is lost.

Someone who is used to follow a paragraph of law for the sake of being “right,” is compromising his intelligence and his originality just to fit in, to feel accepted.

Without intelligence and originality, we have a society of robots, unable to feel, unable to leave their minds aside, unable to be aware of themselves.

It doesn’t matter what type of “practice” someone in that state may perform, as holy as it could be; that practice is not considering the mental, emotional and physical health of the individual and thus, it will not be effective.

Where do we start?
Obviously, the starting point is to unleash the inner child in the “now,” for without enjoyment of Life, all we will have is the promise of the future; “the future will be better.” That could be the “biggest lie,” a person could rely on. Some like to label that as “hope.” A nice label for uncertainty. An empty promise to exchange the “now.”

The “sin” entails in not living the present for the sake of a “better future.”

Observe a child. As the number of “Do’s and Don’t s” increases; emotional trauma will increase.
As the number of beliefs increases; fear will increase.
As his actions are catalogued as “right or wrong,” judgment will appear in his mind.

Isn’t there anything “right” that our society and “spiritual” community are doing for our upbringing?

Nothing “right” nor “wrong.” It is the awake individual who will have the courage to step out of the cycle, not as a rebellion or as an antagonist step, but as a “natural” step as when we go from kindergarten into first grade.
An awake individual is aware of his own process and that awareness will give him openness to understand anyone else’s.

If that “natural awakening” doesn’t happen, then we have idealists or intellectuals pretending to know the “solution” of the “problem” as if they were trying to escape from quicksand… When in reality they are trapped, deep in it…
Because their consciousness is the same despite their intellectual ability, their talk will not match their walk.