The indoctrinated self

war and peace

When we perceive that there is no “self,” then we could appreciate things from a different consciousness.

“No-Self” is not a belief. We have experienced that change throughout our lives. That which we think we are is merely a mental idea, which we cling to despite the evidence that our bodies, minds and consciousness are not the same.

If we want to possess an instant in our lives and have a picture in our minds of that individual who has been, then we will suffer in the attempt to stop the unstoppable.

We are never the same and to stop that through a belief becomes the obstacle to experience something different.

Our society is attached to this mental idea of self.
Psychology depends on it as well as religions.

It is the “self” who is punished, saved, rewarded, etc. It is the “self” wanting to exist unchanged despite change.

It is obvious then, that in the realization of no-self, the concept of “others” becomes antiquated.
Helping “others” is only an ego driven task at that point. Hard to swallow, when we have been indoctrinated otherwise.

Notice that this is not intellectual understanding. A Ph.D. is not required to understand this.
We need to experience it.
As mentioned before, consciousness changes by itself, so change is guaranteed as long as “we” allow it to naturally happen.

To be able to acknowledge that change, to embrace it without being attached to the “old” ways, is a “test” in our ability to empty our minds.

An empty mind has the capacity to understand new things. A mind full of information is an obstacle to perceive “newness.”

That mind full of information, can only understand if something “makes sense” according to its previous indoctrination/information/teaching/ belief.
That information which at one point was helpful to realize things, becomes the obstacle for newness later on.

Mental Addictions


When a recurrent compulsory thought appears in our life which has the force to determine a behavior which is believed to cause pleasure, relief, a soothing effect or a reward, then we could be dealing with a mental addiction.

In an addiction a “rational person” turns irrational. A life which is managed by the belief of an existing self, becomes out of balance, out of control in order to fixate its efforts to acquire that which is believed to bring relief, pleasure, reward, peace of mind, soothing effect, etc.

The way our society deals with mental addictions is by denying the triggers, which are believed to be the cause of the addiction.

For example, let us take a look at sex addiction.
A sex addict will be told not to watch TV or to have a computer so “temptations” do not occur.
If that addiction is dealt in a religious setting, then the idea that the “body is ugly, full of disgusting fluids” will be told as to create distaste in the addict.
The promise that there is something “better” than the pleasure from the body will be expressed as well.

A person who practices celibacy as denial of sex, could believe that “he needs to protect himself from the impure environment by avoiding triggers and situations which could become a temptation.”
Praying could help in this case, … “And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

A mental addiction appears when there is a great mental identification with a “self.”

The solution of that mind problem has been to use the mind to deny itself.

What are the typical cliches used in that “solution”?
Use your will power to “fight against it.” Believe that a higher power will help you. Cover your senses. Think about something else. Surround yourself with like-minded people for support.

Those “solutions” are only a band-aide waiting to fall off the wound.

The problem, the addiction hasn’t been cured.

A mental addiction appears when we are incapable of living in the “now” due to a life, which is lived mostly in the head.

Let me illustrate.

Charlie “Mind” meets a girl. Charlie does not notice the first instants. He does not become aware of the “thinking.”
If the mind takes over as it is the case with most, labeling will happen: “ My gosh, She is beautiful/ugly” from that point the thought has been started into duality.

Something pleasurable will need to be repeated. That means, the movie in the mind will repeat and many plots will be added to that movie to make it exciting, “new.” That repetition will make sure that the thought will linger even without our conscious will.
From this point on, we could discover many things about our own minds. That is our own inner work.

The “experts” whether religious or scientific, are about denial of the triggers, “Don’t do this, don’t think that, Do this, do that, etc.” It is the “black or white” mentality, which will lead someone into the experience of duality: Success or failure. Success through repression, failure through feeling guilt. Either way, the “problem” still remains.

Let us take a look at another Charlie…. Charlie “feelings.”

Charlie Feelings meets a girl. Charlie appreciates her through his feelings. A feeling invades his heart and a smile comes out. That feeling will be completely felt without thoughts or beliefs coming to his mind. Without judgment. Charlie Feeling will move into something else in the day as he lives the “now” but he chooses to maintain the feeling while meeting other people throughout the day.
Feeling is what gives fulfillment. The mind is trying to obtain that fulfillment by mentally repeating the experience or acting that out compulsively.

Going further into feelings we may find out that if the feeling that we develop before meeting anyone is strong and we feel fulfilled, all we need to do is to maintain that throughout the day. Strong awareness is needed for that. That is the reward of our own internal work. Life will be impregnated with our feelings.

With feelings we can appreciate life and the different scenes, the uniqueness of those.
With thoughts we do not “feel anything.” We separate through the mind and we look to experience only one aspect of duality. We choose what we believe to be pleasurable and reject pain. Pleasurable/rewarding/a relief is that which needs to be repeated continuously in the mind, that is an addiction.

Nevertheless, pain cannot be avoided as an experience once the “self” has chosen pleasure. Duality 101. :-)

Feeling beyond thinking


Living life to the fullest means the capacity to enjoy every moment of it for “what it is.”

Perceptions of reality are there all the time.
What do we do with them?
Do we create a philosophy or a religion out of “our” perception? Or do we want to spend our time, searching for the “truth”?

Those perceptions are there to be enjoyed while they last. There is no “purpose” other than our own, so why not enjoy it?

When we label those perceptions and compare them with our own expectations, then that perception becomes a belief and that belief will be part of our personality. We are building the “Self.”

Expectations become beliefs.

A life, which is full of thinking and thoughts, is ready-made to support the existence of the thinker, the “self.”

“I think, therefore; I am.”
That phrase by Rene Descartes has become the basis of Western mentality. The “I” exists because the “I” is the thinker.
Doesn’t it seem logical? :-)

However, that “I” is living miserably because of its “own” thinking which cannot be stopped.

A child does not have that “problem.” His thinking is minimal. His innocence is there to protect him.

An adult who was indoctrinated into the belief of the existence of the “I” as the only “reality,” has lost the zest for living.

That is the modern man searching for security and comfort. Searching for pleasure and power, searching for immortality and looking to possess someone who he believes to be the ultimate “boss” in the Universe, God… for in that way, “He is alright,” saved, redeemed, etc.

That thinking is dualistic. That man will be trapped with his own expectations and beliefs. Isn’t that obvious?

What is the solution?
Shall we “think” about a solution?

Feel life. Feel your own being without the enclosure of the word “I.”
Be natural, in Nature… get acquainted with “it” again.

Joy resides in feelings not in thinking. As our feelings increase our thinking will diminish. Balance will come back again to our lives.

This feeling is not something that we could artificially focus on something or someone. It comes naturally, for life itself, for the Totality.

The separation of Godly and Evil exists only in our minds.
Nature, the Universe does not operate through that “black or white” morality.

A “free man” is the one who can enjoy without the mental blockages of beliefs, fear and ego driven traumas, someone who has the innocence of that child, to live life spontaneously without hurting the “others;” for he is in tune with life itself…while at the same time, having the courage to conquer his inner dragons… one by one, through carefully looking at the mirror of relationships.

“I feel, therefore I enjoy Life.”

Enjoying the game of changes


Could we perceive that consciousness keeps on changing without our “doing” something?
Could we perceive that “goodness” is not a definition but a state of consciousness when the Universe, life flows through us in different ways and at different times and the “I” allows it to happen?

Could we perceive that even though the body transforms and the physical manifestation ceases to be, consciousness remains and will manifest again in a different form?

We are the same Ocean of consciousness manifested in different ways and into different beings according to the plot in life.
That plot could be described as the plot of oneness, which is perceived as many.
Expansion and contraction. One to many. Yin and Yang.
Are these “concepts” opposite or complementary?
They are both and none of them at the same time. All according to our own perception.

The eternal game of immortality is the game we play.

We don’t perceive the little changes in between but the contrast.
Day changes into night. Many could understand that. This is the contrast. But to be able to perceive the different changes of the morning into the afternoon requires an aware individual. Many are oblivious to that.

Most minds dwell in that contrast. The “black or white” mentality.

What is the obstacle in being aware?
The strong perception of self.

It doesn’t matter how many books or religious talks we hear. It does not matter if we have external practices to “purify” ourselves. None of that matters although it is part of the path that some individuals have to go through in life to realize the self. To go out of the self just to come back to it.

Self-realization could be paradoxically, no self.

In the meantime, the game of life goes on. Some may want for a God to protect them, to make them feel especial and loved. Some may look for that in human beings. Others may look for some other type of fulfillment from “others.” Once life provides that, the search continues on… the “self” is not satisfied.

The duality of the “self” and “others” is very strong.

No self. Empty. Pristine. Innocent. Wonder. Joy.

The dynamics of love, resides in the art of enjoyment.

What is there beyond duality?….Non-existence? what EXISTS then?

A question from a reader.

What exists is your perception.

Duality is a perception which rejects by conveniently separating experiences in life. Let me give the classical example:


There is a glass of water. The water fills up the middle of the glass.
Is the glass half full or half empty?

The example above in the traditional consciousness, is full of duality. You are made to choose between two apparently opposite states (fullness and emptiness.)

In life “at the office” this is the type of indoctrination that we go through and we apply the same to everything in our perception of life.

If you perceive the glass “half full,” you get the label of being a “positive thinker.” Otherwise, you are “negative.”

Do you see how duality is still there? (Positive vs. negative.)

Moreover, a workshop in “positive thinking” will be created so our rejection to the other half (negative thinking) is granted. When there is rejection of one side of duality, paradoxically, we will experience that rejected side as well, for our perception of duality is just a perception and life itself is… oneness.
Be aware of your thoughts. Don’t label them or judge them. Be in tune with your feelings and be part of the Totality.

That is why, when someone talks about the law of karma under the perception of duality, by labeling actions as “good” and “bad” that is a very infantile way of looking at things. Actions are neither “good or bad” by themselves. That is why, in the oneness of life our intentions are important, our feelings… for that drives the action. We cannot pretend to “act good” when our feelings are not like that. That is why, to act in accordance with the need of the time, to be in tune with the Universe and Nature is in itself what may need to be done without further labeling.
The common good.
A Human being will not be able to experience that while trapped in the duality of individuality vs. the collective.

That is why, it was mentioned that we need to go beyond that perception of duality.
Basically, there is no need to take sides, to be in favor of something or against. That is duality. Our society may pursue this duality, but a “life walker” should be able to be there without being there…out of duality. :-)

In the example of the half empty and half full glass of water, someone’s perception could be to observe a glass with water and air. It is neither empty nor full.
That mind will not take sides by labeling empty as “bad” and full as “good.” That is the origin of rejection.
It simply, “is what it is” without any further labeling or judgment.

When we truly understand that we are dealing with perceptions in life and what matters is not what our senses are able to perceive but rather how do we feel about our perception, then our consciousness may start changing.
Do I reject? Do I separate? Do I take sides?
I am caught in duality, if so.

To perceive something and enjoy that perception while it lasts, is to maintain that joy like a little child; who is joyfully riding in a train in Disneyland’s “Magic kingdom:” The scenes will change continuously and the child will just smile throughout the ride… enjoying the experience while it lasts. :-)

Being Self-less


As the “sense” of self acquired life through our identification with something, then it was “thought” that this “self” needed to be controlled to live in society, as a group.

The “group” acquired greater importance over the “self” and thus, religions and moral teachings fully embraced the duality of the individual versus the collective or group.

In that context, to be selfish meant to think only about the benefits of the individual and not the benefit of the group.

That is a childish consciousness which brought about the conflict between the existence of “good and evil.” That is the same consciousness which brings about the conflict between the individual and the collective.

Please be aware that the origin of embracing the self and being “selfish” as well as denying the self and being “self-less,” originates in the belief of the existence of “self.”

As we have shared in many articles already, the “self” does not exist as everything moves continually. It is just a perception. There is nothing static in an ever-changing world. Life changes all the time.

In a different consciousness, to be “self-less” is neither to benefit one side and not the other, but to live in that spontaneity beyond the duality of “benefit” and “non-benefit” and to be part of the flowing current of the Universe.
It is impossible to predict the behavior of someone who is self-less, for his behavior is in tune with the need of the time.

The above could be misrepresented by individuals who are not being honest. The above will be misunderstood if someone is looking for a static formula of what is “good” and what is “bad.”

That is why it is better to indoctrinate someone into the “black and white” mentality. It is easier and safer.

We cannot recognize what is to be self-less until we are completely aware of the self in all aspects of living.

Without that experience, to be “self-less” will be understood under the same “black or white” mentality.
That is, to deny the self in all aspects with the belief that this is to be “good.” That is why saints have sad faces. :-)

It is neither in denial or in indulgence how we know virtue. We need to go away from duality itself to see something different.



Honesty is not just a word. It is the key to live in balance, acceptance and joy.

Honesty is not related with following a particular dogma, code or commandment.
Honesty is not related with living within a box of restrictions to be “saved.”
In fact, every attempt to restrict consciousness by external ways is a step away from being honest.

Many will define honesty as being “true to themselves.”

That definition is “good” for a life which is restricted to the mind and thinking.
There is nothing static that could be called the “self.”
The “self” is always changing, evolving.
Self is not, but consciousness.

To be honest is to live in spontaneity that is to honor the “truth” of the moment.

Every time we build a “self,” an identity about ourselves and try to hold on to it, there cannot be honesty for that image of the self is a static picture, which remains alive only in the mind.

When we live in the mind, we believe that the pictures going on in the TV screen are “real.”
When we live in the mind, our sentiments get shut down as an old pipe full of corrosion, which does not allow feelings to run free from beliefs and traumas.

When our mental life becomes intense, then mental sickness will appear: Obsessive compulsiveness, manic depression, bipolar states and general psychosis.

That mental trap will bring a person to an isolated “reality” which only strengthens the idea of a “self.”
The self thinking thoughts about itself is the vicious cycle.

That is the state of consciousness of many at this time.

Honesty cannot live when we live in our minds.

Without honesty, there is no acceptance of life as it presents itself. It is in that rejection when joy cannot blossom, then joy becomes just another concept.

Arranging our world in pretty labels to live by, in pretty beliefs to think about and in pretty concepts to recite and “teach to others,” we may live our lives struggling to maintain that “self” even though it does not exist… but only in our minds.